Meeting Minutes

TexShare - Library of Texas Working Group
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM September 18, 2008

The September 18, 2008 user group meeting focused on marketing LOT. Improvements that the group charged Kevin Marsh to work on included:

  • Limiting searches to full-text articles.
  • Creating database search groups that will further delineate article from book searches.
  • Using freely available API’s to bring book cover art into LOT.
  • Continuing to simplify the LOT search interface in the direction of a more Google-like experience.
  • Making individual library pages more customizable to match the library’s Web site look and feel.
  • Exploring better ways to authenticate small libraries for the service.
  • Testing OpenURL functionality with a Houston Public Library link resolver.

The working group approved necessary development of LOT if the ILL working group wants to test using LOT to mediate interlibrary loan.

The group prioritized LOT user groups as follows for the purpose of targeted marketing of the system:

  1. 1- Medium to large public libraries
  2. Small to medium academic libraries
  3. K-12 libraries and students (acknowledging that database access will be through public libraries for the foreseeable future)
  4. Small public libraries
  5. Large academic libraries

The working group agreed to brainstorm marketing ideas via email until we meet again in January 2009.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith Hiott

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