Meeting Minutes

TexShare - Library of Texas Working Group
March 5, 2009 teleconference

The program manager for LoT, Kevin Marsh, informed the working group about openings for a private university librarian and a public library librarian and solicited nominations.

There was a discussion of budgetary constraints for the current fiscal year due to uncertainty over legislative funding for other TSLAC projects. Previously established development priorities for full-text filtering of search results and additional authentication options for use in widgets and library Web sites were reviewed briefly.

Existing methods for creating search widgets on library Web sites were discussed and the program manager was encouraged to publicize them as soon as possible.

The working group discussed the need for both a simpler, less cluttered look to the current LoT site and possibly a separate, simpler site for K-12 patrons if they are brought in as active users in the future. Use of professional graphic design services and additional usability testing was encouraged.

The program manager provided a list of the largest academic and public libraries that are NOT currently sharing their collections in the Library of Texas. It was discussed and agreed that bringing these collections into LoT was a high priority. Some WG members agreed to contact specific libraries from the list. The need for a set of consistent talking points was discussed and the program manager agreed to provide a first draft to the group by e-mail. Other outreach methods were discussed but no specific plans or priorities were assigned.

With the uncertainty about the development budget it was agreed that the next meeting would be no sooner than Summer or possibly Fall of 2009.

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