Meeting Minutes

Minutes - LoT WG Meeting 2/26/2010

This meeting convened at 10 AM with Judith Hiott, Janice Sutton, Jeannie Colson, Betty Thompson, Edward J. Smith, Tracy Holtman, Margaret Sylvia, Chris Peterson and Kevin Marsh present. Kathy Broyles and Beverley Shirley were absent. Mike Avila, Jay Velgos and Susan Bennet each joined us for a portion of the meeting.

Welcome and introductions

Review of goals from last meeting - Judith Hiott
– Emphasis on 4 goals measuring use, effectiveness, participation and brand awareness.
– Presentation at TexShare Advisory Board and good question from Sue Phillips about the future relationship between LoT and Navigator

Progress report since last meeting - Kevin Marsh
– Press release prepared on Widgets and full-text filtering
– Formed an EZProxy subcommittee to iron out configuration problems. Members are Kevin Marsh, Jay Velgos, Tracy Holtman, Edward Smith and Margaret Sylvia
– Usability support from the UT iSchool iXLab – MOU in work. Discussed whether continued development of current software was justified, but tabled that discussion until after the Navigator demo.
– Discussed urgent need for better logging support to be developed by Index Data. Concern was expressed the Index Data work for OCLC may distract them from meeting our needs.

Demonstration and discussion of Navigator ILL system - Susan Bennett
– Talked about the separation of “discovery” and “ILL management” functionality, with discovery using a version of the WorldCat Local software.
– Ability for libraries to add local subscriptions only by purchasing the full WorldCat Local service at a discounted price.
– A five year rollout plan will have Navigator in all TexShare public libraries by 2015.
– Many discovery features like support for authenticated links to native interfaces, etc remain to be seen.
– Navigator availability for TexShare academic libraries unclear, Susan will look into pricing for this from OCLC.
– Prospect is there to unite all TexShare libraries in one discovery environment in 5 years, if the discovery tools/features are all there.

Marketing challenges and ideas – Mike Avila emphasized targeting specific messages to specific audiences. Kevin Marsh emphasized the need to market the concept, not just a product. Starting with using information to improve life, the use of reliable, published information, finding indexed information in “databases”, and then one-stop discovery from diverse resources. Many librarians and most users are unfamiliar or unconvinced about these ideas, and there are no familiar terms that serve to easily convey the concepts.

Afternoon Brainstorming session -

“FREE” or “Already Paid For”
[Start Here]
Start with “Knowledge is Good” and build a case for using info, published info, indexed info, federated info from there.
Use “trustworthy” not “authoritative”
Use “one-stop finding” not “federated searching”
Keep it brief
Focus on Why not What
Avoid focus on features rather than benefits, too formal, too wordy, and unformatted/misformatted e-mail.
Promote concept, not platform
Need an elevator pitch

Adult Learners – see LoT strategic plan
Receptive small library staff
Early-Mid-Late adopters need separate messages. See book “Crossing the Chasm”
Users by area of interest – Genealogy, Medical, News, Business (financial, employment), Consumer, Home/Garden improvement, Entertainment
Librarians or users – both! Separate messages. Users want content, don’t care about method.

YouTube highly valued – tell the story of database use
Facebook page with widgets
Other “Web 2.0” social network tools
e-mail – brief and general with links to technical details
use listserves carefully, no broken HTML
Journals and newsletters, Texas Libraries, system newsletters
See study “How e-mail marketing is used”
System meetings – show YouTube video then give elevator pitch, followed by discussion. Non-technical.
TCCJCL-TCAL fall meeting – mostly community college libraries

Promote the concept, not the platform
Get pro/student/expert marketing science help. RTF/Communications students? Business/Marketing?
Pilot city – city-wide access by IP, no ID needed. Round Rock?
Branding – need a single service name for patrons Re-brand with site re-design?
Quote users in marketing materials
Reach customers to bring librarians along
Reach librarians (that are open to the concept) to bring customers along
Librarians have limited available attention

Some targeted messages:
Target: Ref. And Academic librarians
Message: Federated searching is a good place to start. Easy and Comprehensive

Target: Small town librarians (and users too)
Message: Build the concept:
Knowledge is good
Published info gives real answers to real questions (Contrast with the limitations of the open Web/Google)
One-stop finding

Target: All librarians
Message: Tell and show users
Place links and widgets on Web site
Buy in and Believe

Next meeting – Schedule further in advance, meet by teleconference in early June.

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