Meeting Minutes

Minutes - LoT WG Meeting 9/13/2010

1. Nomination for Chair
a. Judith Hiott has agreed to a second term on the working group, but not as Chair
b. Edward Smith was nominated and elected unanimously; he will serve as chair for the
2-year remainder of his term on the working group.

2. EZProxy Subcommittee
a. Eddy successfully tested LoT and the LoT widget
b. Solution was updating the EZProxy config file and updating the searching syntax
c. Remaining problem: Some networks/firewalls block the port ranges that EZProxy assigns.
d. Margaret noted that EZProxy can be configured to use a single port – usually port:80 – but this setup requires a separate server from the library’s ILS Web server
e. Kevin will provide code and instructions on LoT Web site

3. Navigator Update
a. TSLAC currently working on the 2nd batch of public libraries

i. Libraries are either installing EZproxy or uploading their records to an OCLC-based, centralized EZproxy server. Note that these are used for authentication and NOT as an actual proxy server
ii. Navigator will use Z-39.50 queries to check on shelf location and circulation status of books

b. Metasearch capabilities

i. Some libraries (but not TSLAC) will begin testing metasearch soon
ii. The term “Discovery” is now generally in reference to union catalogs of databases and library collections.
iii. Harvested searches (such as OCLC’s metasearch, and other vendors’ similar products) can be faster than native interfaces.
iv. Bev asked: Do we want to wait to roll out metasearch until more databases are available? Working group consensus is roll out now; add more databases later.
v. Kevin noted that many libraries will still be using the LoT metasearch for quite some time.

4. Usability Study
Most in working group had only seen the heuristic study
Bev noted that some users may have been confused by the questions
Comments in the study indicated desire for bigger ILL buttons and more outreach.
Further discussion of Usability tabled until next meeting.

5. New Version of LoT… 3.0
a. LoT is migrating to a new back-end system (MasterKey) in order to manage costs and to simplify developer support.
b. Completion of migration: December 1, 2010
c. Prototype site is up. Kevin will send out link to customized prototype when it is ready.

i. Protype site has visually-weighted facets and shows cover art
ii. Eddy asked: Will IndexData consider the Usability Study? Kevin is using the study to guide contract requirements and implementation details. Some usability items are already addressed in the new design.
iii. Tracey and Jeannie asked: Will we lose some functionality w/ new site, such as search history and ISBN search? Kevin will check on this

6. Communication Plan
a. Taglines. Group liked “Search Less, Find More.”
b. Elevator Pitch – Generally approved, some tweaks needed to #2, more editing of librarian jargon needed for #3.
c. Facebook

i. Beverley noted that any official LoT presence is pending TSLAC’s Social Media Committee’s recommendations
ii. LoT widget can be put on Facebook pages. Kevin will provide code on LoT Web site and to Eddy.
iii. IP-authentication works with widget; others need a LoT login
iv. Christine suggested that default search widget should be public resources, not licensed ones so no login would be needed
v. Group prefers one smart search box (searching both public content and licensed content when applicable) instead of two separate search boxes
vi. Christine suggested Kevin add instructions to LoT Facebook page. Bev reiterated that this is all pending approval

7. Statistics and Goals
a. Goals stated in strategic plan are now in a spreadsheet and Kevin is tracking progress
b. Goal to for number of librarians using LoT was 20%; current survey result is 33%
c. Kevin is tracking libraries that do more than 20 LoT searches per month
d. Working Group suggested weighting goals to full-text document results rather than searches since federated searching skews session/search data
e. Suggestion to track libraries that view more than 30 search results pages/month rather than 20 searches as specified in the Strategic Plan

8. TLA Program
a. Judith has invited Marshall Breeding to be on a panel to discuss “Discovery Tools”
b. Kevin will be on the panel
c. Judith is lining up representatives from other vendors (such as EBSCO) who have similar discovery/metasearch products.

9. Next meeting
a. Special meeting specifically to discuss Usability Study-Monday, Oct. 4 at 2 pm
b. This will be a virtual meeting using the GoToMeeting software

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