Meeting Minutes

Library of Texas Working Group Meeting
April 12, 2011
Texas State Library and Archives Commission,
1201 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701

Attending: Eddy Smith (Chair), Jeannie Colson , Judith Hiott, Tracy Holtman, Janice Sutton, Margaret Sylvia, Betty Thompson, Beverley Shirley, Jay Velgos (Guest), Kevin Marsh (Guest)

Review LoT Status. Kevin Marsh reviewed some of the new and changed features of the Library of Texas in this third iteration:

  • The default group of resources searched is now called “My Library’s Favorites.” Libraries can customize what goes into this group. These changes are managed in the administrative module. As we have not turned on the feature to give individual libraries access to the admin module, any changes would need to be sent to the system administrator. The group discussed allowing libraries to have password protected access to the admin module however there is not documentation for the module at this time.
  • Facets on the left side of the page allow searchers to narrow down the results of a search. These only narrow down the results already displayed. LoT will only pull the top 100 (based on relevance) results from each target searched. The “source” facet will tell how many there are, but only the top 100 are retrieved.
  • To get more than the top 100 results, must go to the native interface. This can be done by clicking onto the “TexShare” option at the top right of the screen, then using the TexShare menu page. Alternately, going to the full text of an article from a LoT record will also take one to the native interface. This is a more circuitous route, however.
  • Cover art is included in the brief and detailed records where available.
  • The detailed records for items link to tables of contents, reviews, and other enhanced data where it is available.
  • Citation data for articles can be copied and pasted from the MARC record, but there is no longer a “download MARC” option. MARC records are available when we have set up “deep links” into a library catalog where the “view MARC” option has been enabled. We only deep link into some catalogs at this time. Deep links are set up in the Admin module. Not all libraries provide the option to view MARC from their catalogs.
  • ILL request function is still there and working.

Working group members commented that the new tool is much better than they old one - now people, say they will use LoT in their libraries whereas before, they were not interested. Members expressed interest in developing a feature for citation assistance. They also suggested that an EBSCO or Gale logo could be used in the cover art spot when articles, rather than books, are returned.

Review LoT Statistics. Jay Velgos reported that there was a problem with the statistical program, and so February statistics are only available as aggregate statistics for the program. We should be able to get individual statistics for libraries for most of March. Jay will send a summary of who are the biggest users and other interesting data when the logs have been analyzed and individual statistics are available.

Present the Plan for Upcoming Biennium. Beverley Shirley reviewed the current status of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) budget request. She indicated that, while funding has not specifically been set aside for LoT for the upcoming biennium, TSLAC has negotiated deep discounts for prepayment of software and hardware maintenance, so the LoT platform is assured. Judith Hiott described the partnership between TSLAC and the Houston Area Library Automated Network (HALAN) to pilot a project for providing support to libraries using LoT. In the pilot, HALAN will administer LoT and determine what costs are involved in doing so. HALAN’s responsibilities during the pilot are to trouble shoot, to add libraries and database targets to the tool, and to customize features using the admin module. Right now HALAN is working on restoring access to all of the library catalogs (several are failing to respond). They will then start doing outreach to libraries.

Discuss putting LoT on Cost Recovery. There was discussion in the group regarding the use of the LoT search widget and the impact on usage. There was also discussion of databases, such as JSTOR and Project Muse that should be added to the list of databases available for custom holdings. There was consensus that the basic service of catalogs and TexShare databases should be free to all libraries. Libraries could possibly be charged for their custom subscriptions, setting up tiers of fees based upon the complexity of the customization required. The group also recommended that TSLAC/HALAN consider responding to bids that are issued for discovery-type tools.

Discuss Communication Plan. Last fall, TSLAC mailed LoT promotional packages (2 posters, 20 informational cards, 50 bookmarks) to academic libraries. Text was developed for an “elevator speech” and a longer, fifteen minute talk. TSLAC still has materials to mail to all public libraries. The working group agreed that such a mailing should wait until the new TSLAC/HALAN pilot has indicated an appropriate direction and speed in which to progress with the LoT service. Working group members will review the communication plan and take up this topic at the next meeting. In the meantime, there may be opportunities to have someone speak about the LoT service at various meetings (for example there is a SIRSI Users meeting scheduled for Dallas). When these opportunities arise, we will use the electronic discussion group to send information about place and time to determine who would be available to do a presentation. TSLAC will put presentation information (a PowerPoint, an outline, and other aids) on the website and will provide LoT flyers to distribute at the event.

Moving to the Future

  • Judith will find out the deadline for submitting a program for 2012 TLA
  • Working Group will consider tailoring presentations for different target audiences, including:
    • City IT staff, who historically have been impediments to LoT participation.
    • TXDLA, the Texas Distance Learning Association
  • Next Working Group Meeting. Eddy will set up a Doodle Poll, but the consensus preference was either July or September, but not during August.
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