Library of Texas (LoT) Working Group Meeting - Conference Call
July 19, 2011
Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)
1201 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701


Attending: Eddy Smith (Chair), Jeannie Colson, Judith Hiott, Tracy Holtman, Larry Koeninger, Chris Peterson, Janice Sutton, Margaret Sylvia, Betty Thompson, Beverley Shirley, Jay Velgos (Guest)

Update on TSLAC Budget. As a result of the legislated budget reductions, two TSLAC divisions (Library Development and Library Resource Sharing) have merged into a single division, Library Development and Networking. While there is no single person dedicated to the Library of Texas project, Sue Bennett (ILL), Beverley Shirley (consortia services), Russlene Waukechon (databases), and Jay Velgos (technical support) are still available to work with the Library of Texas working group and support the service. The Houston Area Library Automation Network (HALAN) will administer.

Support for software, hosting, and administration of LoT is secure through August 2013. During that time, TSLAC and the LoT Working Group will be monitoring developments with OCLC’s metasearch tool as well as usage and benefits of the LoT metasearch tool.

Review list of default database and discuss possible changes. Beverley Shirley brought up the question based on her experience with OAIster and Project Gutenberg results sometimes dominating the results screen. Others questioned the number of library catalogs that should be included in the default search. The LoT interface does not present any easy way to globally change the default databases. The group decided to discuss this again at the next meeting.  The group also requested logons and passwords to access their libraries admin modules so that they could determine how practical it would be to offer libraries the option of customizing default settings.

Upcoming presentation on LoT...share what you love about LoT. Eddy Smith is giving a presentation on LoT, and asked the working group to discuss features that should be highlighted. Included in the list that group members generated:

  • Widgets
  • Full Text only option
  • Ability to go back and forth from a menu of TexShare databases to an encompassing federated search
  • You don’t have to know where to start – you just put a search in the box
  • Availability of TDNet (a TexShare database) to locate journals by title.

Discussion on possible TLA program. The group decided to submit a program on widgets to be a NetFair session at the upcoming Texas Library Association Annual Conference. LoT’s widget would be one example used in the presentation. We would have at least two other examples.

Widget update & discussion of mobile ap. Judith Hiott (HALAN) has been working on LoT widgets.  When HALAN has developed a simpler way to provide widgets for LoT, we will update the LoT widget instruction pages on the TexShare web site. The possibility of a mobile ap was discussed; the group determined it may be easier and more useful to concentrate first on making LoT searching mobile friendly. At this time, we don’t have evidence of a high demand for mobile-friendly searching of LoT.  The group can pick up this discussion at a later date if it appears that there is such a demand.

Other business.Beverley thanked member of the working group for their professionalism and helpfulness.

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