Library of Texas (LoT) Working Group Meeting - Conference Call

August 29, 2012

Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)

1201 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701


Attending: Eddy Smith (Chair), Jeannie Colson, Judith Hiott, Larry Koeninger, Christine Peterson, Janice Sutton, Margaret Sylvia, Betty Thompson, Beverley Shirley, Jay Velgos (Guest)

Expanded Charge for Working Group.  Working group members agreed to the expanded charge that would include review and recommendations for a broad range of discovery tools and development options available to libraries. Members see the broader charge as validating exploration of a variety of platforms for an open source discovery solution as well as pursing discounted prices for commercial discovery services.

Eddy Smith announced that the Abilene Library Consortia has signed a contract with EBSCO for their EDS service that will also extend the negotiated discount to other academic libraries in Texas.  TSLAC will provide information on this discount on the TexShare web site and will pursue discounts from other discovery service vendors as well.

Jeannie Colson and Judith Hiott agreed to draft a new charge for the working group that would be discussed and finalized through e-mail discussion.  The revised charge will go to the fall meeting of the TexShare Advisory Board for approval.

Subsequent discussion through email resulted in a proposed new charge: The Discovery Working Group reviews and recommends products, policies, and procedures for development and/or adoption of discovery tools for Texas libraries.

New Name for Working Group. Working group members approved a change in name from Library of Texas Working Group to Discovery Working Group.  This change will be taken to the fall meeting of the TexShare Advisory Board for approval.

 Update on Recommended Changes to Library of Texas.

  • Ebook Search: The LoT homepage now includes ebooks as a category to search in the drop down box. Currently that category searches Internet Archives and Hathi Trust using a screen scraping technology.  Internet Archives materials are available in full text; not all of Hathi Trust items are available.  The “full text” limiter does not limit a search in Hathi Trust to full text items only.  Judith Hiott will check what connectors would be needed for the EBSCO e-books that have been purchased by TSLAC for TexShare member libraries. Houston Area Library Network (HALAN) staff have also investigated adding access to commercial ebooks to LoT.  One approach to this is to use Z39.50 to get to ebooks that are included in library catalogs.  Judith will ask Index Data for pricing for this approach.
  • Interface Look & Feel: HALAN staff have worked on a new look & feel for the LoT main search screen. The group felt that HALAN was going in a positive direction.
  • Magazine Rack: Jay Velgos is redesigning the database menu web site associated with the Library of Texas Search tool to focus on a smaller number of databases by functionality.  Development of the “magazine rack” feature, which would highlight popular magazine titles, will follow this redesign.

Re-branding LoT. The group decided to postpone a decision on a new name for LoT until the next meeting.  Beverley Shirley will send out the notes from prior discussions, and members will be prepared to discuss a new name at the next meeting.

Other.  Eddy Smith’s year as chair is ending.  He agreed to serve a second year and his appointment was approved by acclamation.

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