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Q&A Session, June 24th

A recording of this session is available here: Play recording.


The next Navigator Q&A session is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 24th.

There will be a brief overview of how to set up an Online Service Account with OCLC and how to complete the Bibliographic Batchload order form.  If your library is at the batchload step of Navigator implementation, this will come in handy!  There will also be time for questions.

To join the session, click on the link found on the calendar here (Meeting #711 497 796):

You may also join by clicking on the “join this session” link in the yellow box on the NRE log-in page here:

If you have any other specific questions or topics you would like to discuss, please contact me.

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of your implementation status!

A recording of the session will also be made available.

Thank you,

Sara Hayes
Interlibrary Loan Program Coordinator
Library Development and Networking Division
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
1201 Brazos, Austin TX  78701

Navigator NRE/VDX Training Manuals

Ralph Horton at OCLC posted the following message to the ILL Navigator listserv, I have linked the manuals to their titles in his email:

Hi Everyone,
I have a few manuals that I think will help you with your day to day use of Navigator NRE.

 I have attached 3 manuals:

–          NRE-VDX Glossary v8
–          NRE-VDX WebAdmin Manual Managing Requests v8
–          NRE-VDX WebAdmin Manual Searching v8

 As you know VDX and NRE are the same product. There are some minor differences in what VDX functionality is available in the NRE product, so you may find references to functionality you do not have.

 There is one new feature that will be of interest to you in NRE/VDX 8.3 called “Cancel Now”. This will allow you to cancel a request and not have to wait for the lender to respond with a yes before the request moves on to the next position in the lending string. You will see this documented in the Managing Requests manual.

 I am planning to do an upgrade after the holidays. I will work with Sara Hayes from the State Library to get the upgrade scheduled.

 As always, if you have any questions or issues OCLC can help you with just use the “Report a Problem” link and someone from the support team will get back to you.


Let me know if you have any questions,