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Statewide ILL Coordinator, Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Sara Hayes

OCLC Support

Navigator Implementation Managers
Tom Miller
1.800.848.5878, ext. 6130

Jenny Rosenfeld

Product Manager
Christa Starck
1.800.848.5878, ext. 6335

Vasu Akkineni

Navigator Configuration
Ralph Horton
1.800.848.5878, ext. 1401

Batchload Liaison
Carol Ritzenthaler


2 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Donald Le Blanc

    If the old system, First Search, is going down the mid part of this month shouldn’t all the ordering being done now be on Navigator? How is anything I send out now going to be tracked once the old system goes down? Should I be shipping anything under the First Search website?

    Why is OCLC pestering me to sign up for their newest system?

    Donald Le Blanc
    Friendswood Public Library

  2. Sara Hayes Post author

    Hi, Mr. Le Blanc,
    If you were using WorldCat Resource Sharing as an interim ILL solution while implementing Navigator, OCLC may be contacting you migrate to WorldShare ILL. Since you are live in Navigator, you do not need to migrate to WorldShare ILL, you can use Navigator for ILL services.

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