Navigator Implementation

Navigator Implementation Process

Here are the steps most libraries will complete to implement Navigator.  The implementation process takes two to three months when all the deadlines are met on time.  Staff members spend approximately a total of 20 hrs on the implementation process during the two months.   Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question anytime throughout the process. 

The Texas Navigator Checklist will help you manage the implementation process.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Kickoff Webinar Viewing the recorded Navigator Kickoff webinar is the first step of the implementation process and can be viewed as many times as needed. Send an email to after viewing the recording and OCLC staff will send you instructions on proceeding.
  2.  ILL Agreement Form Read and complete the ILL agreement form and submit a signed copy to Sara Hayes at .
  3. Texas_Library_Questionnaire 18 or Texas_Library_Questionnaire_Biblionix-2018 : Complete and submit the questionnaire to
  4. Data Sync Collections : Add library catalog holdings to OCLC’s WorldCat & The Texas Group Catalog with the data sync service.   This step ensures your collection is accurately reflected in the Texas Group Catalog.
  5. Authentication OCLC will work with you or your IT department to set up EZProxy to allow your patrons to authenticate to Navigator.  Patrons will log into Navigator in order to place an interlibrary loan request.   Request an EZProxy at no cost here, include that you are an NRE library in the notes field.  If you choose to submit the ILL requests on your patron’s behalf, this step can be skipped.
  6. Testing Ralph Horton will set up your Navigator (NRE) configuration and performs tests to be sure your system is working properly.  This testing is done behind the scenes and you will not need to be involved.
  7. Training View the recorded Navigator training sessions and complete related exercises.
  8. Go Live! This is the date you will begin using Navigator.  If all the above steps are met on schedule, you will go live on the date indicated in the calendar you received.  However, the go live date can be adjusted if needed.