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Print Resources and Documentation

OCLC Glossary
Navigator Glossary
Resource Sharing Glossary
Batch Processing Glossary
CatExpress Glossary
NRE-VDX Glossary v8

Navigator/NRE User Manuals
NRE-VDX WebAdmin Manual Managing Requests v8
NRE-VDX WebAdmin Manual Searching v8
Navigator Implementation Guide
This document is a resource to help guide your group through its WorldCat Navigator implementation process. Its content and the information you begin to define with it serve as a bridge to move you through early planning, configuration, and rollout. We encourage you to keep a printed or electronic version of it as a ready reference throughout the implementation process.
Navigator Quick Reference Guides
Creating Requests on Behalf of a Patron
Texas Barcode Prefixes
Searching for Requests in NRE
Accessing Statistics through OCLC Usage Statistics
Accessing Statistics through NRE
Shipping Items to Borrower
Receiving an Item from the Lender
Returning Borrowed Items
Checking In
Borrowing Work Queue
Lender Work Queue
Search Tips for Texas Group Catalog
Trouble Shooting

Batchload Documentation
Batch Services User Guide
Sending Batchload via FTP
Sending Batchload via PSWeb
Sending Batchload via III\
Batchload Checklist

Authentication and EZProxy Configuration EZProxy is used for authenticating your patrons to Navigator so that they can place requests from the Texas Group Catalog.  If you choose to submit ILL requests for your patrons, you will not need to set up EZProxy.

Texas Navigator libraries can receive a no-cost EZproxy license here, note in the comments field you are a NRE library.