NetLibrary Now Available Through eBooks on EBSCOhost! Read Our FAQs About the Migration to EBSCOhost

Last March, EBSCO purchased NetLibrary from OCLC. In the months since this purchase EBSCO has been working to move NetLibrary from its original platform over to the EBSCOhost interface. With this move the TexShare collection of NetLibrary books are now available through the new eBooks on EBSCOhost.

The final transition to the new platform is now underway, and all links to NetLibrary will now automatically redirect to EBSCO.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this transition.

Q: What is the new direct URL for eBooks on EBSCOhost?

Libraries that maintain their own database portals should update any existing links to this new URL.

Q: Are there new MARC records available? Are they necessary?

EBSCO will automatically and seamlessly redirect URLs from MARC records from to the new platform on EBSCOhost. No new MARC records should be necessary.

Q: We currently offer a combination of eBooks through NetLibrary. Some are furnished as part of the TexShare program, others were purchased by us directly. Do both sets of materials migrate to the ESBCO platform? If so, when?

A: Yes, both the TexShare collection (28,281 titles) and any additional eBooks or eAudioBooks you’ve licensed from NetLibrary will migrate and continue to be available.

Q: Our EBSCO rep implied that all titles in our existing NetLibrary collections will become downloadable to portable devices post-migration. Have you heard whether that also applies to those eBooks we get through TexShare?

A: As part of EBSCO absorbing NetLibrary and integrating it into the EBSCOhost platform, all the titles will be converted to a more download-friendly ebook format called epub.

Ebooks purchased outside of the shared collection model will be able to be downloaded to a reader.

Due to licensing agreements, however, eBooks in TexShare collection will not be downloadable to a computer or portable reader. EBSCO does not permit downloads for shared collections because “checkout” functionality reduces the availability of collection materials for others in the consortium.

Q: What becomes of the thousands of NetLibrary accounts that were created over the years by our patrons? Will favorites and notes be migrated or disappear? What will happen to NetLibrary titles that are checked out or on reserve when the switch is flipped?

A: Personal NetLibrary accounts will cease to function when this transition is made. Users are encouraged to create new personal EBSCO accounts which will provide access not only to the EBSCO eBooks collections, but also provide functionality across the EBSCOhost platform. Among the benefits of an EBSCO personal account are private folders, saved searches, and automatic notifications when saved searches yield new results.

Q: Is the new EBSCO platform only going to handle eBooks or also the downloadable audiobooks we currently offer through the NetLibrary platform?

A: Yes. When accessing eBooks on EBSCOhost, authenticated users will have access to the TexShare shared collection, plus any eBooks or eAudioBooks his or her home library has licensed.

Q: What sort of authentication will our patrons use post-migration? We currently have users authenticate to EBSCO services using library card number. Is that the future of access to EBSCO eBooks as well?

A: Yes. Since eBooks on EBSCOhost is completely integrated into the EBSCOhost platform, whatever method you’re using to authenticate your patrons into Academic Search Complete, Consumer Health Complete, or any other EBSCO resources will work for providing access into the eBook collections. (The eBook collections will now also be cross-searchable with other EBSCO databases.)

Q: Will the simultaneous-use limits still be in effect? (Meaning: will only one person at a time be able to read or checkout an ebook at a time?)

A: Only one person will be able to browse a book in the shared collection.

Q: What is the check out period for ebooks?

A: eBooks from the TexShare collection may be searched, viewed, and browsed online, but they may not be checked out. When a user’s database session ends, any books they were viewing will become available to others.

Q: What will happen with the old NetLibrary logo on the TexShare menu page?

A: Staff are currently updating the TexShare Database portal on the Library of Texas.

Q: What if I have more questions or need technical support?

A: See for more information, or contact Alex Lawner at EBSCO, TexShare-specific questions may be directed to

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