New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! Springer E-Journals (Order Forms due March 30, 2012)

TexShare is pleased to announce an offer for the Springer eBook collection through the TexShare/SCELC Partner program. In addition to offering their 2012 collection at a consortium discount, Springer is also offering special pricing for its 2005-2011 eBook collection if your institution also purchases the 2012 eBook collection. This offer may be of interest to your library if you have end-of-the fiscal year funds, for it is a one-time purchase to obtain the entire Springer 2012 collection, which includes 4,725 titles across 12 subject disciplines, or the 2005-2011 collection, which includes 25,136 titles. Institutions with smaller FTEs may want to pay special attention to this offer, for the cost per title in this offer is very attractive.

Note that to participate in this offer your institution will need to complete the TexShare/SCELC Partnership documentation found here: (Your institution will need to fill out this documentation once, not each time you license something through the TexShare/SCELC Partner Program.)

Description and Content (description provided by Springer)

Springer’s eBooks are unique among STM eBook offerings, featuring an unparalleled volume of content on an expansive range of topics. The Springer eBooks consist of monographs, eBook series, Major Reference Works (MRWs) and textbooks. Springer is the largest STM book publisher, publishing more books annually than the second, third, fourth and fifth largest STM book publishers combined. Springer estimates an output of 4,725 eBooks in 2011 across 12 subject collections. Some other distinguishing features of the Springer eBooks include:

• One-time purchase and ongoing access. Like books on a library shelf, Springer eBooks are perpetually accessible.
• Unlimited concurrent usage and remote access. If a class, program, or institution needs access to an eBook at the same time, all patrons will have access. Regardless of location, IP-authenticated patrons will have full access to a library’s Springer eBooks.
• No digital rights management. Springer eBooks feature unlimited downloading and printing, and can be read on any eReader. Chapters can easily be incorporated into course packs, and are even eligible for inter-library loan.
• Free OCLC MARC records. Discovery is vital, and usage studies indicate more than half of Springer eBooks usage comes from OPACs. One-third of usage comes from Google, Google Books and Google Scholar, where Springer is full-text indexed. If patrons are IP-authenticated, they can get one-click access from Google directly into Springer eBooks.
• Print-On-Demand eBooks. Patrons have the option to order a personal print copy of any Springer eBook that a library owns for $24.95 through Springer’s MyCopy option. MyCopy editions of Springer eBooks are soft-cover grayscale print copies which arrive in about a week, and are paid for by the end-user, with shipping and handling included.
Please see the attached proposal for a more complete description of the contents of this collection.

Pricing is based on Carnegie tiers divided into four tiers or bands:

2012 Full Collection (4,725 titles):
Baccalaureate Institutions: $10,500
Masters – Small: $12,600
Masters – Medium: $15,750
Masters – High and above: Custom Quote

2005-2011 Full Collection (25,136 titles)*:
Baccalaureate Institutions: $14,700
Masters – Small: $17,640
Masters – Medium: $22,050
Masters – High and above: Custom Quote

*Note that these prices are valid only if your institution also purchases the 2012 eBook collection. If your institution is only interested in the 2005-2011 collection, please contact your Springer representative, who is listed below.

If your institution is classified by Carnegie as a Masters/High or higher, please contact Kim Hill and she will work with you to determine a custom quote at the SCELC discount.

SCELC Surcharges
As detailed in the TexShare/SCELC Partner Program Guidelines (, SCELC also passes along a small administrative surcharge for the administration of its contracts. This surcharge is the same surcharge SCELC charges its current, dues-paying members, and these fees are SCELC’s primary source of operational revenue. For the Springer eBook collection, SCELC will charge your institution 1% of your cost for the Springer eBook collections. In addition, SCELC adds a $50 partner transaction fee for database/ebook packages for non-SCELC members.

Order Forms
Please contact Kim Hill or James Wiser for an order form. Order forms are due back to the SCELC office by March 30, 2012. Please fax this order form to SCELC at 310.471.0123.

Trials may be available on request. To set up a trial, please contact one of the Springer representatives as noted below.

Questions about the Springer 2012 eBook collection offer? Please contact the SCELC office or your Springer representative:

Kimberly Hill
Academic Licensing Manager
Master’s Large & High Research Institutions (TX)
(212) 620-8410

Josh Helmin
Account Manager
Associates to Master’s Medium Institutions (TX)
(646) 201-8899

SCELC Contact:

James Wiser
Assistant Director
SCELC – Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
(310) 728-6798 (ph)
(888) 715-7167 (fax)

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