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RAND Texas Statistics, sponsored by the RAND Corporation, the nation’s largest think tank, now includes over 120 datasets, many of which are available only through this resource. This statistics set should interest any institution with an interest in researching economic, government, geographic, and educational data with this level of detail about the state of Texas. The number of Texas library subscribers tripled in the last year.

Also in the last year, RAND Texas added or expanded 80 databases with statistics for all 50 U.S. states. The majority of these new databases provides statistics at the state and county levels. Some provide data for cities and other governmental entities, such as local school districts, and special districts. This allows for comparisons between Texas, its counties, cities, and school districts, and corresponding entities across all 50 U.S. states.

Description & Content
RAND Texas Statistics offers a comprehensive portfolio of statistics for the state of Texas and the other 49 states. These datasets are broken down into seven categories:

  • Business and Economics contains information on employment, unemployment, industry and occupational wages, occupational projections, construction and real estate (including non-residential vacancy rates), inflation, foreign trade, retail and taxable sales, sales tax rates, gross state product, personal and per capita income, farm income, city budgets, and airport operating statistics.
  • Community includes a number of “quality of life” measures, such as crime rates, air quality, traffic, population density, and tax rates.
  • Education covers public and private Kindergarten through college schools in Texas and 49 other states. It includes enrollment, test scores, class size, student and teacher demographics, teacher salaries, district finances, and other data. Many of the databases are searchable by zip code.
  • Energy and Environment reports energy generation, sources, consumption, expenditures and prices, gas emissions, wind power capacity, and estimated water usage.
  • Government Finance summarizes federal, state, and local expenditures in Texas and 49 other states. This link includes tax rates, R&D spending, and government employment.
  • Health and Socioeconomic covers public assistance programs, such as TANF (welfare), and health care providers, including physicians and others.
  • Population and Demographics contains U.S., 50 state, county, and city population estimates, including population estimates by race, ethnicity, and age for most areas. It also includes population projections, border crossing and immigration statistics, and vital statistics.

This FREE trial period is available for every TexShare member library.

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