New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! Mango Languages (Order Forms due October 23, 2012)

TexShare is pleased to announce an offer for Mango Languages through the TexShare/SCELC Partner program. Although SCELC recently renewed their annual subscription to Mango Languages, SCELC wants to make sure that TexShare members are aware of the consortial arrangement SCELC has with them. Several additional languages have recently been added to the Mango Languages portfolio, including a new Religious & Scholarly Language Collection, which will likely interest several TexShare institutions. As a result of these developments, SCELC wants to make sure that TexShare institutions have the opportunity to consider adding subscriptions. SCELC is running this promotional offer now, and note any new subscriptions will be prorated to align with SCELC’s July 1-June 30 contract term with Mango.

Note that to participate in this offer your institution will need to complete the TexShare/SCELC Partnership documentation found here: (Your institution will need to fill out this documentation once, not each time you license something through the TexShare/SCELC Partner Program.)

Description & Content

Mango Languages University Edition is a subscription-based product that includes a variety of resources to help patrons learn practical conversation skills for languages spoken all around the world. A subscription to Mango Languages University Edition includes lesson courses for all of Mango’s modern foreign languages, including ESL offerings. Subscriptions to Mango Languages include:

• Over 40 foreign languages to explore
• Over 15 ESL courses taught in patron’s native language
• Marketing materials to help you get the word out about Mango
Religious and Scholarly Language Collection – New! Also included is the new Mango Languages’ Religious and Scholarly Language Collection. These courses feature passages from ancient texts in Koine Greek, Ancient Greek, Latin, and Biblical Hebrew. This specialized collection brings life to documents and languages from the past, and is included with any subscription to Mango Languages at no additional cost.

For more information about Mango Languages, please visit the following URL:

Pricing for Mango Languages reflects a 10% discount off of list pricing. Pricing is based on an institution’s complete student FTE and has a minimum cost of $2000 per institution. Contact James Wiser at SCELC for complete pricing information.

SCELC Surcharges
As detailed in the TexShare/SCELC Partner Program Guidelines (, SCELC also passes along a small administrative surcharge for the administration of its contracts. This surcharge is the same surcharge SCELC charges its current, dues-paying members, and these fees are SCELC’s primary source of operational revenue. For Mango Languages, SCELC will charge your institution 1% of your cost. In addition, SCELC adds a $50 partner transaction fee for database/ebook packages for non-SCELC members.

If your institution is interested in trialing Mango Languages, please contact Franco Cucchiara at Mango Languages. His email address is listed below.

Order Forms
Please contact Franco Cucchiara or James Wiser for an order form. Order forms are due back to the SCELC office by October 23, 2012. Please fax this order form to SCELC at 310.471.0123.

Questions about the Mango Languages offer? Please contact the SCELC office or Franco Cucchiara, SCELC’s Mango Languages representative, at the following:


Franco Cucchiara
Mango Languages
Phone: (248) 254.7450 X 813
Fax: (248) 479.1757

James Wiser
Assistant Director
SCELC – Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
(310) 728-6798 (ph)
(310) 471-0123 (fax)

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