Alert: Update on Bowker Systems and Books in Print Database

Alert for TexShare libraries with subscriptions to Bowker products including Books in Print: Bowker systems have been closed due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Bowker is bringing systems back up following Hurricane Sandy, which devastated most of the U.S. East Coast Monday and Tuesday of this week. Unfortunately, some Bowker services have been affected, including:

• Books in Print®
• Bowkerlink
• Data services
• Resources for College Libraries™
• Bowker Book Analysis™
• Syndetic Solutions™
• PubEasy®, Pubnet® and PubTrack™

Bowker offices in New Providence, New Jersey have been closed since Monday, October 29th due to power outages and this is causing added difficulty. You may experience limited access to some Bowker products and services during this time but they are doing everything possible to address the situation and will of course email you with updates as soon as we know more.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your customers, and appreciate your patience.
Please contact if you have any questions. For Customer Service, please send a message to

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