New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! SIPX (Order Forms due April 17, 2013)

SCELC is excited to offer an opportunity to acquire SIPX, a new service that originally began as the Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange. Tested real-time at Stanford, SIPX offers a revolutionary solution to complex copyright management issues posed by the electronic resource environment. SIPX provides tools and technology that helps with course rerserves, e-reserves, and copyright royalty transactions at the individual user level. SIPX also provides a means to place the library front and center with the provision of your e-resources, so that your end users will clearly understand and appreciate the library’s central role in providing access to digital content. Finally, SIPX also provides useful usage analytics.

SCELC is their first consortial offer, and we offer SIPX the opportunity to bring this service to the diverse private academic library market represented by SCELC libraries. Please take a close look at SIPX if you have experienced concerns with copyright issues with the usage of digital content.

Please note that this offer expires at 5 PM on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

Description and Content (provided by SIPX)

SIPX (pronounced “sip-ex”) is an exciting new company based in Palo Alto, CA. Backed by leading venture and institutional investors, the SIPX mission is to simplify the complex processes involved in legally accessing digital content. The SIPX technology platform lowers copyright liability while highlighting the value of the library; works with LMS, MOOCs and more; offers open royalty-free as well as pay-per-use content options; provides valuable usage data; and saves money otherwise spent on unnecessary content purchases, such as where licensed content is already available from the library but not known to the students and instructors. SIPX provides a service that is seamless, comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost-effective for universities, publishers and students alike. Building on research conducted by the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX), SIPX is dedicated to supporting the growing use of digital course material in higher education today.

Please contact Franny Lee or Eric Chao for pricing

There are multiple components to SIPX pricing:
• SIPX specific fees
• Third-party copyright fees

One SIPX fee is an Implementation Fee that varies depending on whether your institution maintains a Learning Management System (LMS). A second SIPX fee is a Service Charge.

Finally, there are Third-Party copyright fees, which are service charges for pay-per-use transactions. All are detailed below.

SIPX Fees:

  1. Implementation Fee with an LMS: discounted to $2500 ; this reverts to $5000 list price subsequent to the deadline for this offer
  2. Implementation Fee without an LMS: discounted to $1000 for this offer; $2000 subsequently
  3. Service Charge: 40 cent SIPX service charge per transaction to access pay per use content. Note: all library-subscribed content or open content is free, and this 40 cent fee would not apply in those instances

Third-Party Copyright Fees:

  1. Copyright royalty fee for non-subscribed content. This fee is passed through to the content provider; SIPX is merely the channel for passing through this cost.
  2. Pass-through transaction processing fee (e.g. Paypal) for any given transaction

To summarize, the SCELC offer provides the following advantages:

  • If you order within 30 days, and you agree to a September (or earlier) launch date, SIPX will discount your implementation fee by 50%
  • In conjunction with SIPX, SCELC can establish a payment program to bundle the costs for the Service Charge and Third Party Copyright fees noted above. Much like our Get It Now offer, SIPX will report all charges to SCELC and, on a monthly cycle (12x/year) SCELC will bill your library for your SIPX charges.
  • SIPX can set a maximum not-to-exceed cap for your library, so that end-user payments will supplant library payments when and if your budget for SIPX charges is exceeded
  • SIPX provides a real-time interface that reports your usage level and charges, so you won’t be surprised at the end of each semester

Webinars / Live Demonstrations
To learn more about SIPX, you can be notified of webinars or obtain a live demo of the system. Contact Franny Lee for further information.

Order Forms
Please contact Franny Lee or Eric Chao for an order form, which is due back to the SCELC office via fax (888.715.7167) or email ( by 5PM on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.

Questions about this offer? Please contact the SCELC office, or Franny Lee, SCELC’s SIPX rep, at the following:

Franny Lee
VP University Relations & Product Development

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