New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! Statista (Order Forms due June 14, 2013)

SCELC is pleased to announce a consortial offer for Statista, a resource that offers users a portal for downloading more than one million statistical data sets. SCELC is making this offer in partnership with Lyrasis. Together, SCELC and Lyrasis are working to broaden the publicity this offer receives so that the greatest possible level of volume discount can be reached

Please note that, while the volume discount SCELC institutions receive will be combined with the aggregate orders Lyrasis also receives, SCELC will solely handle invoicing for its institutions.

Please note that this offer expires at 5PM on Friday, June 14, 2013.

Description & Content (description provided by Statista) is the first statistics portal in the world to integrate over 85,000 diverse topics of data and facts from over 18,000 sources onto a single professional platform. Categorized into over 20 market sectors, Statista provides business customers, researchers, and the academic community with direct access to relevant quantitative facts on agriculture, finance, politics, and many more areas of interest. Sources of information include North American, European, and Asian market researchers, trade publications, scientific journals, and government databases.

With headquarters located in Hamburg, Germany, Statista was founded in 2007 and currently employs a team of over 80 database experts, analysts, editors, and statisticians. Statista has won numerous awards and recognitions, including Germany’s Startup of the Year award and Founder’s Prize offered by Financial Times Deutschland in 2008. Statista was awarded Best Reference of 2012 by Library Journal Reviews, “Institutions that purchase this product will quickly find it becoming the number one source for reference questions beginning, ‘I need statistics on…’”

A helpful review of Statista conducted by CRL librarians can be found here:

A Library Journal has also published a review of Statista, which can be viewed here:

For more information about Statista, visit their URL at

The combined Lyrasis/SCELC discounts off of list price will be determined by the total number of new subscribers from both consortia.

**25-49 new customers coming via the Lyrasis/SCELC offer = 25% discount**
50-74 new customers coming via the Lyrasis/SCELC offer = 40% discount
75+ new customers coming via the Lyrsasis/SCELC offer = 50% discount

**NOTE: Statista has confirmed that current participation is in the 25-49 new customer range, securing a 25% discount rate.**

An annual subscription to Statista is tiered by FTE-level. SCELC subscriptions, at the current 25% discount rate, will be invoiced at the following rates:

FTE Annual Cost
1-5,000: $1,200.00
5,001-10,000: $1,755.00
10,001-20,000: $3,510.00
20,001-30,000: $5,265.00
30,001-40,000: $7,222.50
40,001-50,000: $8,775.00
50,001+: $10,530.00

Any added discount rate will be announced when it is reached. SCELC will invoice your institution with the ultimate discount rate attained through this joint offer by the time it ends at 5PM , on Friday, June 14th.

Note that interested SCELC institutions are also be eligible to arrange multi-year deals for Statista, in order to avoid renewal increases over the course of the agreement. Please contact the SCELC office ( if you would like to arrange a multi-year deal based on this offer.


An IP-based trial has been set up for your institution, and it will run from now through the offer deadline of June 14, 2013. To access this trial, please visit the following URL: (your institution’s name will appear on the top left of the page)

Webinars also be available for any SCELC librarians interested in learning more about how Statista works, and how it might work for their institutions. Inquire with Mark McAdam (contact information below) to schedule a time.

Order Forms
Contact Eric Chao or Mark McAdam for an order form. Order forms are due back to the SCELC office via fax (888.715.7167) or email ( by 5PM on Friday, June 14th, 2013.

Questions about the Statista offer? Contact the SCELC office or Mark McAdam at the following:

Mark McAdam
Academic Sales Manager
Statista, Inc.
75 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004
Phone: (212) 960-8407

Eric Chao
Business Services Associate
Phone: (310) 775-9807
Fax: (888) 715-7167

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