New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! ProQuest End of Year Offer (Order Forms due June 25, 2013)


SCELC is pleased to announce a new end of the fiscal year offer from ProQuest. Many of the resources in this offer represent some of ProQuest’s best archival resources. This offer features a number of products, including some new offers, such as:

1. Historic Chinese Newspapers
2. ProQuest Pre-Med Lite and Pre-Med Premium
3. Women’s Wear Daily

In addition, nearly all of the ProQuest Historic Newspaper collections are offered at very substantial discounts, as noted below.

These products are described briefly, below. Please be sure to review the attached PDFs for more complete details.

Note that if your institution is not a SCELC member, to participate in this offer your institution will need to become a SCELC affiliate. TexShare members may do so at All others may apply at

Please note that all orders are due by 7 pm CT on Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

Description & Content (description provided by ProQuest)
ProQuest Historic and Current Newspapers Offer
The offer is for NEW SALES only. No renewals.
Perpetual, Subscription, and Continuing Fees are each discounted.
40% for 1-2 titles purchased.
50% for 3 or more titles purchased!
Special offer on Gannett titles: up to 50% discount on any of the six Gannett titles; if 3 or more are purchased, the discount can be 60%.

Note: Only the New York Times and the new Historic Newspaper (HNP) – Chinese Collection are excluded from this offer. Please see attached Historic and Current Newspaper PDF for more information about this offer

ProQuest Pre-Med Lite and Premium
ProQuest Pre-Med Package offers pre-med students access to journals and books to help them effectively conduct their research and write scientific manuscripts for publication. Complementary to the hospital experience, pre-med students will get additional training using medicine and psychology videos provided in the Pre-Med Package.

PAO Foundation Collection
Product Description
Periodicals Archive Online is a major electronic archive of over 700 complete journal backfiles within the arts, humanities and social sciences. Content spanning two centuries is available, amounting to the equivalent of 1.7 linear miles of shelving in total.

Content Description
Currently over 700 journals, across 37 key subject areas and in a range of languages, are covered from volume 1, issue 1 to the end of 2000 or the final issue (whichever is first).* Each journal included is either scholarly in nature or of significant value to researchers.

* The end date for the most recently added journals is extended to 2005. Flexible purchase or subscription models are offered for acquiring Periodicals Archive Online content: Purchase perpetual access to multidisciplinary collections of journals

• A collection of 12 English-language titles from China spanning over a century of Chinese history from 1832 – 1953.
• Provides valuable insight into the political and social life of China during the turbulent period in modern Chinese history.
• Included in the collection are noteworthy titles like the North China Herald, The China Press, The China Critic, and the China Weekly Review.
• Coverage includes the Taiping Rebellion, the Opium Wars with Great Britain, the Boxer Rebellion, and the events leading up to the 1911 Xinhai Revolution – and the subsequent founding of the Republic of China.
• Coming in May, the Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection is presented on the ProQuest platform, and is cross-searchable across all ProQuest Historical and Current newspapers, as well as other historical resources.

Meeting the needs of your fashion and business researchers for fashion industry trends and news will soon be made easier with the forthcoming release of ProQuest’s new digital resource Women’s Wear Daily. More than 100 years of fashion’s daily record have been digitized and are ready to explore.

Everyday, fashion industry insiders turn to Women’s Wear Daily as the authoritative source of breaking news, business coverage and trends in the worlds of fashion, beauty and retail. ProQuest, in collaboration with Condé Nast, is making the entire run of Women’s Wear Daily available in online, digital format, allowing users fast and precise searching of 1.1 million images, including rich, high-resolution colour pages from every issue published from 1910 to recent.

Product Description
The complete history of Women’s Wear Daily (also known as WWD) from its inception in 1910 to the present day. This archive database provides a wealth of information to researchers and students of fashion, the retail business and twentieth-century material culture. This well-known publication in its field has been called ‘the Wall Street Journal of the fashion world’ and ‘the Bible of fashion’ and is the newspaper of record for the industry.

Available approximately August 2013
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Immigration: Records of the INS, 1880-1930
This module presents the investigations made by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) during the massive immigration wave at the turn of the twentieth century. The files cover Asian immigration, especially Japanese and Chinese migration, to California, Hawaii, and other states; Mexican immigration to the U.S. from 1906-1930, and European immigration. There are also extensive files on the INS’s regulation of prostitution and white slavery, and on suppression of radical aliens.

As noted under “Order Form and Setup” below, all prices are custom quotes for this offer, reflecting the discounts here:
Pre-Med Lite and Premium – 25% off
PAO Foundations – 25% off
Historic Chinese Newspapers – 15% off
History Vault: Immigration – 15% off
Women’s Wear Daily – 15%/ Pre-Publication special!
Historic and Current Newspapers – Please see above

If your institution is interested in exploring ProQuest contents on a trial basis, please contact the SCELC office or Karen Bosserman at ProQuest, whose contact information can be found below. You can also sign up for a free trial at the ProQuest website:

Order Form and Set Up
We have not attached an order form to this offer, as we will provide on-demand custom price quotes for any of the products described above. If your institution is interested a price quote, please contact the SCELC office by email at Once you are ready to order, send a message to and we will promptly reply with an Order From. Please note that all orders are due by June 25, 2013.

ProQuest End of Year Offer 2013

ProQuest Historic and Current Newspapers Offer 2013

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