New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! Mango Languages (Order Forms due Dec 13, 2013)


SCELC announces a new Mango Languages offer.

SCELC’s previous Mango Languages offer did not include some new features now included with this latest version of Mango Languages, such as their “Journeys” modules. “Journeys” are instructional units designed to teach a particular language with a contextual and experiential approach.

Any new Mango Languages customer that subscribes before December 13, 2013 will receive the remainder of 2013 at no charge (all new subscriptions will “officially” start on January 1, 2014).

The earlier you sign up and begin a subscription, the more FREE time you’ll receive. For example, a library that subscribes to Mango on October 15, 2013 will receive the remainder of October, as well as November and December at no additional charge. The earlier you sign up, the more “free” time you’ll receive! In addition to that, all new subscribers before December 13th will receive Mango’s newest product, Mango Premiere, at no additional charge when it goes live. All active Mango customers prior to the end of December 2013 will also be grandfathered in to renew Mango Premiere at no additional cost. New Mango customers after that date will pay a separate price for Mango Premiere. (For more information about Mango Premiere, see below.)

Note that if your institution is not a SCELC member, to participate in this offer your institution will need to become a SCELC affiliate.

Please note that all orders are due by 5 pm Pacific Standard Time on December 13, 2013.

Description & Content (description provided by Mango)
Mango Languages includes 56 Foreign Language courses, 17 ESL courses, and 4 Religious and Scholarly courses. (The ESL courses are very popular and unique, narrated and taught in the native language!) Mango’s proven methodologies are designed to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation via conversational language and cultural insights in an engaging, effective platform.

As the new academic year begins and focus returns to courses, curricula and careers, Mango Languages encourages you to support the students and faculty by providing a cross-disciplinary language learning resource that everyone will love and use.

Mango Languages has tremendous popularity in colleges and universities — not just for foreign language students, but also for study abroad programs, international students, arts & humanities, business, medical, engineering, Asian/European studies and more. In this ever-growing global society and economy, graduating students will need to be bi-lingual/multi-lingual in order to excel in their careers, enhance their credentials and land the better job. Yet many students may not want to major in (or even take classes in) foreign languages. Mango is the perfect solution for either casual learning, or instructor-designed integration into classroom curriculum. Our platform offers individual usage statistics so that faculty and instructors can implement Mango usage as part of their curriculum, and keep track of each student’s language study.

In October, we’ll be implementing some new assessment and testing features, designed to help integrate Mango into classes and curriculum. We are also fully integrated with Moodle and Blackboard. We also offer the capability for instructors to create “groups” of their students. That way, for example, if you have an instructor that wants to monitor their students’ lessons and learning, they can log in and just see the usage for that group.

Here are some additional links that you may want to check out:
• Mango Premiere sneak preview Mango Premiere is new language learning module that will go live later this year, and teach language in a fun, effective, engaging way using the dialog of foreign films. The first initial release will offer approximately 20 full-length, feature films (such as the Diary of Anne Frank) and teach 7 languages, including Spanish ESL.
• Mango Academic FAQs


Pricing is based on FTE. The discount for this offer is 10%. Finally, SCELC is charging the minimum 1% surcharge on all Mango orders, thereby maximizing your discount.

A free trial is available for SCELC libraries for this offer (valid until December 27th):

Order Form

Please fill out attached order form and return to

For more information on this offer, please send your questions to, or contact our Mango representative, noted below.

Vendor Contact
Maria Josey
(855) 466-2646 x829

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