STAT!REF: ACP Pier Transitions to ACP Smart Medicine


Smart Medicine Logo2

ACP PIER is improving. The evidence-based point of care clinical decision tool from one of the world’s most influential physician groups will transition from ACP PIER to ACP Smart Medicine.

ACP Smart Medicine provides access to 500 clinical diagnosis and treatment recommendations covering a wide variety of medical specialties. Features of ACP Smart Medicine include:
• ACP Smart Medicine is the go-to-resource for clinical recommendations including diagnoses, therapies and patient information to support the clinical practice of physicians, internists, residents, nurses and nurse practitioners, medical school faculty and students
• Targeted content and a powerful search ensures users get relevant answers fast
• Bulleted, streamlined structure provides immediate access to hundreds of evidence-based recommendations on diagnosis, therapy, prevention, screening and more
• Integrates seamlessly with AHFS DI Essentials
• Optimized with access via the STAT!Ref Mobile App, ACP Smart Medicine automatically adopts to whatever device users are using

Please click HERE to access Smart Medicine now.

ACP PIER will continue to be available as well through the end of the year.

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