New Offer for TexShare/SCELC Partners! SIPX **E-Reserve Fall 2013** (Order Forms due Dec 6, 2013)


SIPX and SCELC are excited to offer SCELC members the opportunity to quickly come on board as a new SIPX school by using SIPX for their e-reserves in January, and at a deeply discounted price! This e-reserves only offer allows you to save time and money immediately by using the SIPX service to clear copyright for materials you place on e-reserves. You’ll save staff time in obtaining permissions and save money for your students and institution by checking existing holdings when placing items on e-reserve and by knowing (and only paying for) the exact number of students who actually retrieve each item instead of a fixed class enrollment. This is an opportunity to begin using SIPX in an accelerated and easy way that does not require integration into faculty workflows. Under this offer, SIPX will ingest your institutional holdings and train your e-reserves staff on how to use SIPX to create digital readings with SIPX links.

To learn more about SIPX, visit the SIPX website at


All SCELC members and affiliates are eligible for this offer


This offer expires on December 6, 2013
, by which time you must complete and return a signed SCELC order form to To request an order form contact:


Setup Fee
$1000 flat setup fee per institution. No ongoing subscription fee for continued e-reserves use.
SIPX Service Fee
Non-zero-dollar transactions (those that require a payment on behalf of the institution or student for copyright) will have a $0.48 per transaction service fee. Library-subscribed and open access content result in zero-dollar transactions, so the service fee does not apply.
Third-Party Copyright and Service Fees
Copyright royalty fee for non-subscribed content may require a payment. This fee is a pass-through from the content provider to SIPX customers.
Transaction processing fee
This fee is a pass-through transaction-processing fee from a payments provider (e.g. Paypal) to SIPX customers. SIPX integrates these payments into one combined payment for ease-of-use.
SCELC surcharge
SCELC will apply a 3% surcharge to the setup fee paid for this offer.


You will be required to sign a SIPX Service Agreement with SIPX directly. This will be supplied to your library upon ordering the service, but if you wish to preview the service agreement, you can request a copy from SIPX in advance, via the contacts noted below.


This offer excludes integration of SIPX with any LMS
(Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, etc). A further offer that includes LMS implementation is expected to be put before the SCELC membership in 2014. At such time, the $1000 setup fee paid for this offer can be applied to any setup fee for that additional implementation should you wish to go further and integrate SIPX into a compatible LMS and take advantage of the additional benefits of doing so.

This offer also excludes the SIPX Express Course Creation Service and additional marketing services. SIPX will provide general information on messaging to your students and faculty around the use of SIPX links in e-reserves and will provide normal support service for questions. However, if you are ready to engage with the SIPX Service in a broader way and to get the full value from supporting entire course reading lists beyond e-reserves, please contact SIPX and their support staff will help you sign up for and expedite that process.

Advantages of this SCELC Offer

• Fast and easy implementation of the basic SIPX service – wanted to try SIPX but couldn’t get buy-in from faculty and campus IT to get started yet? With an e-reserves implementation you don’t need it – use SIPX in your existing workflows by creating SIPX links within your e-reserves department and benefit from the time and cost savings SIPX can offer. Start now and use it for January classes!
• SIPX can set a maximum, “not-to-exceed” cap for your library, so that end-user payments will supplant library payments if and when your budget for SIPX charges is exceeded
• SIPX provides a real-time interface that reports your usage level and charges, so you can track on an ongoing basis what your spending and usage are throughout the semester


Mary-Lynn Bragg, Sr. Manager, Client Services, SIPX, Inc.
(650) 346-5692

Rick Burke, Executive Director, SCELC
(310) 728-6973

SIPX Fall 2013 Affiliates Order Form

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