Important Message from EBSCO Regarding Fraud and Unfamiliar Payment Channels

On February 23, 2018 TexShare received the following information from EBSCO:


On February 20, 2018, an entity other than EBSCO attempted to engineer the identity of a member of the EBSCO sales team for the purpose of defrauding an EBSCO customer.

The attempt used coercive language regarding liens, was direct in requesting payment of past due invoices, and provided a URL for online payment which is not associated with EBSCO in any way.

Please know that should EBSCO release a new payment option, we will communicate the availability of the option in advance.

As always, please be on alert and do not release funds via unfamiliar channels without verifying the payment channel with a familiar member of the EBSCO team. Remember to follow your organization’s vendor security policies.

Please report suspicious activity or requests related to EBSCO invoicing and payment to a familiar member of the EBSCO team.

We appreciate your business.

Carolyn Etress
EBSCO Accounts Receivable
877-763-6347 toll free U.S. and Canada
205-991-1221 direct

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