EBSCO Account Information

EBSCO’s priority is to provide TexShare customers with a secure research environment. To meet their commitment, EBSCO announced in December a series of upgrades to their platform and services to ensure they provide an optimal experience while meeting the data and privacy standards for all customers around the globe.
To help customers with the transition, EBSCO assembled the essential information to secure your account. It is important to read through carefully and start taking any necessary steps which may include:
Update your account in EBSCOadmin™ to take advantage of HTTPS (secure data transfer). Later this year it will be enforced, but EBSCO encourages customers to make this update as soon as possible ahead of the mandatory change. Customers who use proxy servers or referring URL will need to ensure that secure data transfer is supported by their configurations.
Review your current authentication methods. Customers using Username and Password should verify the password being used meets our strong password requirements.
Make sure that your users have access to EBSCO’s supported web browsers. Future updates, to our products and services, including our change to HTTPS, will require the most recent browsers for continued access.
Detailed information to assist you with any of these updates is available on EBSCO Help.

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