Pledge Drive to Retain Statewide Access to HeritageQuest and Digital Sanborn Maps Databases

Pledge Drive Information

The core package of TexShare Databases has been renewed for the July 2005– June 2006 subscription period by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, in partnership with the TexShare Advisory Board, the Electronic Information Working Group, and TexShare member libraries. The core set of databases will continue to be available to serve eligible patrons of Texas libraries.

However, even with the money collected from fees, the state budget will not stretch far enough to renew the HeritageQuest and Digital Sanborn Maps databases. We need your help to retain statewide access to these databases. Digital Sanborn Maps is included as part of the HeritageQuest contract, so each single pledge will apply to both databases simultaneously.

TSLAC asked for your help last year to continue funding HeritageQuest Online due to budget cuts in the 2004-2005 biennium. Last year, genealogical societies, libraries, and individual genealogy and library supporters successfully contributed $250,000 to sustain access to HeritageQuest Online through July 31, 2005. The state’s budget has not improved. In fact, state agencies were instructed to submit budgets for the 2006-2007 biennium that were 5% less than the previous biennium.

Genealogy is America’s number one hobby. Access is vital to the genealogists that use your library for research. HeritageQuest provides electronic resources for genealogists with complete census indexing and remote access allowed for researching genealogy from home. Retaining access to HertageQuest means that the Texas Digital Sanborn Maps, which provides digital access to more than 2118 large-scale maps of 436 Texas towns and cities, including Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, will also be available. Retaining statewide access to both databases allows your patrons the maximum opportunity to benefit from these valuable resources.

To retain HeritageQuest through July 31, 2006, we must raise $263,000. If you pledge your support, your will pay a lower price for access than if your library subscribed to these databases on your own.

Can your library, perhaps in conjunction with your local genealogical or historical society, make a pledge to help retain statewide access to HeritageQuest?

A Word document showing suggested pledge amounts to retain Heritage Quest is available for viewing, along with a printable pledge form for genealogy societies and one for libraries. An alternative participation form is available for libraries in government settings that are not allowed to participate in pledge drives.

Please fill out and return the pledge form by May 1, 2005, so that these two comprehensive resources are not lost to Texans.

Please return this form by May 1, 2005, to:

Russlene Waukechon
Texas State Library
P.O.Box 12927
Austin, TX 78711-2927



If insufficient funds are raised, HeritageQuest Online and Sanborn Digital Maps will become TexSelect databases, and your library may subscribe to either or both. As TexSelect databases, your library could subscribe to either or both databases at consortium negotiated reduced prices, but statewide access for all TexShare members would be lost.

Your library (or other community organization that may wish to pledge) will not be invoiced for your pledge amount unless we have received sufficient pledges to cover the cost of the database subscription. We must collect funds by July 2005.

Thank you for your support in providing these rich resources to your communities.

Below are links to items that are part of the current pledge drive.

Please send questions, comments, and requests for more information to: or call at 512-463-7402



F.A.Q. about the pledge drive
Current Pledge Amounts and Donating Libraries, Individuals, and Societies

Letter with Pledge Details for Genealogical Societies
Letter with Pledge Details for TexShare Member Libraries

Suggested Pledge Amounts for Retention of Statewide Access to HeritageQuest (Word Document)

Printable Pledge Form for Genealogy Societies
Printable Pledge Form for Libraries
Printable Pledge Form for Individuals
Participation Form (This form is for libraries in government settings that do not allow them to participate in pledge drives. Use of this form may create an opportunity for you to participate in the group purchase of HeritageQuest and Sanborn Digital Map of Texas. If you have questions about this please contact TexShare at

Announcing the Pledge Drive Flyer (Word Document)
TexShare HeritageQuest General Information Flyer (Word Document)
Link to Database Fees Information for FY2004 (July 1, 2004 – June 30th, 2005) Page

Please send questions, comments, and requests for more information to: or call at 512-463-7402.

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