Group Purchase FAQ

What is the STAT!Ref Group Purchase?
Each year, TexShare staff negotiate a shared license for 30 or more seats for access to the STAT!Ref online research database. The shared license begins August 1 each year and once the contract begins, no new libraries can be added. The current window for new libraries to participate in the group purchase closes on Friday, June 22.

What is STAT!Ref?
STAT!Ref is a healthcare e-resource that enables users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals, evidence-based, point-of-care and authoritative resources.  The TexSelect group purchase includes more than 60 titles. Click here to download a complete list of titles included in the TexSelect contract.  An informational video is available here.

What does a shared license mean?
Unlike the TexShare Databases which provide unlimited access to member libraries and their patrons, the STAT!Ref license caps the number of simultaneous users. The upcoming contract will permit a minimum of 30 simultaneous users. Depending on the number of libraries participating in the group purchase, this number may increase.

How much does it cost to participate in the group purchase?
Buy-in costs for the STAT!Ref group purchase are computed with a similar weighted formula as used for the TexShare Database fees. Because the license has a fixed cost based on the number of seats, actual fees for participating libraries cannot be computed until after this open enrollment period.

Why is the deadline on June 22?
The number of participating institutions in the group purchase will determine the number of seats in the license and the number of seats will determine the total cost. This deadline permits TexShare staff enough time to determine the details of the license and STAT!Ref personnel enough time to set up the accounts so that access for participating institutions can begin on August 1.

Who do I contact for more information?
Contact Russlene Waukechon at or 512-463-7402.



Page last modified: June 11, 2012