The Working Group was convened at the TSLAC on June 8, 2001 at 10:45am.

Members present:Ellen Safley, Chair, Miguel Chavez, Sarah Ferguson, Curt Holleman, Kathy Hoffman, Joseph Muniz, Susan Soy. Louise Foster and Clara Mounce were unable to attend; however, Louise Foster's points and comments were used in the final tally because her materials were available to the rest of the group. Bonnie Grobar represented TSLAC.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the evaluations of the 12 applications for the FY2002 TexTreasures grants. Panel members had previously studied and awarded points, according to established procedures, for each application.At this meeting, each application was discussed and reviewed, the points for each tallied, and then the grants were ranked according to those points. The total amount available for grants is $100,000. The total amount requested by the applicants is $206,549.The recommendations will be presented to the TSLAC Commission at their July meeting.

Issues Discussed

Group has only 9 members. Need to start the process to find a new member, perhaps from a small community college and possibly from West Texas.

In the future, the Panel would like a brief report on how current grants are progressing prior to the review meeting for the new cycle; this would help in the review process.

Panel needs an opinion on the legality of using grant funds for attorney fees and procurement of copyright clearance.

Grant guidelines and procedures need to be reviewed and perhaps revised to deal with funding of continuations of projects from previous grant years. Since the grants are envisioned as "seed money" should continuations of projects be given the same weight as new projects? 

Panel agreed to continue working on the survey to identify valuable published or unpublished materials unique to individual libraries and unique to Texas.

The group determined that another meeting was essential to cover issues including a

thorough review of the guidelines, the creation of  a survey instrument, and other issues.

We suggested Friday, July 27th in Dallas.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.

Report prepared by Bonnie Grobar, Special Projects Coordinator, TSLAC

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