AUGUST 6, 2001

The Texas Collections Working Group was convened at the TSLAC on August 6, 2001 at 10:45 am.


Members present: Ellen Safley, Chair; Miguel Chavez, Curt Holleman, Kathy Hoffman, Susan Soy, Louise Foster.Members absent: Sara Ferguson, Joseph Munoz, and Clara Mound.One position is vacant.Bonnie Grobar and Valerie Johnson represented TSLAC.


The purpose of the meeting was to revise the TexTreasures Guidelines and to revise the draft of the TexTreasures Survey Instrument.

Action Taken:

TexTreasures Grant Guidelines were revised.

TexTreasures Survey Instrument was revised and a final draft prepared.

Texas Collections Working Group will present at the next TLA meeting.

Issues Discussed

Beverley Shirley introduced the new TexShare Coordinator, Valerie Johnson.

Kathy Hoffman reported on attending Advisory Board Meeting to report on the selection of the TexTreasures grants.The TSLAC Commission will approve the selection of these awards.

The working group discussed awarding a different amount of money than the limit of $20,000 for TexShare Grants, but decided to leave it at that amount until the Working Group has the results of the survey.They also discussed encouraging grantees to inform their state legislators when an award is received.

The TexTreasures Grant Guidelines were discussed in great detail.Several detailed changes were proposed that reflected the working groups interest in giving priority to newer projects, in the assurance of copyright compliance, and in notification of state legislators of the awards.

The TexTreasures Survey Instrument was discussed and a revised draft was prepared.It will be distributed early in September.

The Working Group will present a program on TexTreasures Grants at TLA.They will invite past awardees of the grant to participate in the program.

Report prepared by Valerie Johnson, TexShare Coordinator, TSLAC

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