TexTreasures Working Group Meeting
May 27 & 28, 2008
Austin, Texas
Capitol Extension, Room E1.018


Working Group Members: Ellen Safley (Chair), Sarah Ferguson, Kam McEvoy, Curt Holleman, Clara Mounce, Sue Soy, Cathy Hartman
TSLAC Staff: Liz Clare, Ann Mason, Danielle Plumer, Beverley Shirley

Issues Discussed:
1) The majority of the group recommended that grant funds not be used for indirect costs.

2) The group suggested making it clear that it is not prohibited to cross borders to collaborate on a project.

3) The group would like to offer suggestions for smaller institutions.
What directions should they be taking?

  1. Partnerships with larger entities
  2. Tocker grants
  3. Loan Star Libraries grant funds
  4. Give examples of how to evaluate digitization projects
  5. Give an example of a funded application

4) The following are supporting materials the group would like requested in the FY10 guidelines.

  1. Vendor information or websites
  2. Criteria used for selection
  3. Sustainability plan beyond the grant period
  4. Signed agreements & letters of support
  5. Examples
  6. Resumes are not needed

5) The group determined that it is okay to offer a potential grantee less money than requested.

6) The group recommended putting together an FAQ for potential grant applicants (including best practices).

  1. Copyright
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Digitizing newspapers
  4. Digitizing ephemera (like scrapbooks)
  5. National standards
  6. Software
  7. Access & availability
  8. Partnerships
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