TExpress Start-up Instructions

TExpress Courier Service Instructions

Service Provider: Marquis Messengers (MM) is the courier company that provides service for TExpress. MM also provides service for Trans-Amigos Express (TAE), the courier program for Amigos members. TAE and TExpress libraries may send to and receive from each other.

Labels: Custom printed labels must be attached to each outbound piece. Information contained on the label is what MM uses to deliver materials, so labels must include the location number and hub city abbreviation (indicated on the list of participants) for the library to which you are sending materials. It’s also a good idea to complete the date and attention portions of the label. A sample label can be found in the TExpress Shipping/User Guide on the TexShare web site.

Amigos Library Services provides courier participants with a label master, but participating libraries are responsible for obtaining blank stock and producing custom labels in house. TExpress labels are 2" x 4" and may be purchased from office supply catalogues or over the internet from CompuForms (http://www.compuforms.com) where they can be ordered in bulk at less expensive prices.

Packaging: Libraries should ship items in re-usable, string-clasp, 10"x13_" inter-office envelopes, boxes, jiffy bags, padded envelopes, and other standard ILL containers. Each outgoing package must have the distinctive TExpress label on it.

TAE Bins: You may place your collection bin anywhere in your library, however, it must be in an area that is easily accessible to couriers. Materials should not be left in controlled and/or locked areas where couriers have to wait to gain entry.

Using the Service: Detailed information about TExpress can be found on the ILL / Courier Service page.

Communication: We communicate with participating libraries via two listservs, the Loanstar list (also used for interlibrary loan issues), and the TexShare Courier list. It is IMPERATIVE that you subscribe to at least one of these listservs in order to receive the monthly newsletter and other information pertaining to the courier program. Go to the mailing lists page to find instructions on how to subscribe to this list.

List of Courier Participants: Lists of participating libraries can be obtained from the Amigos web site at http://www.amigos.org/?q=node/254

Reporting Problems: Problems/concerns occurring within participating libraries should be reported to the Amigos office (amigos@amigos.org) as soon as possible.

Reporting Statistics: Both Amigos and The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) require participating libraries to collect and report TExpress statistics on a monthly basis as follows.

  • Number of packages sent
  • Number of packages received

Statistics are due on the 10th of the month for the previous month to the Amigos office. Submit this form from Amigos to report your monthly TExpress statistics.

Contact Amigos Help Desk at amigos@amigos.org with any problems and or questions, and be sure to include your name, institution name, and location number in the body of your message.

Page last modified: January 28, 2011