Study Reports

A Study of Public Library Development in Texas [in pdf format] by Himmel & Wilson Library Consultants. The report was prepared for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and approved at the TSLAC Commission meeting July 28, 2003.

Site Visits

List of libraries visited by the consultant team during the data gathering phase of the public library development study. The purpose of the site visits was to provide a reasonable sample of the range of facilities, services, technology and overall conditions that exist in the Texas library community. Visits included focus groups, library tours, and brief sightings.

Focus Group Attendance

Who attended the public library development focus groups? This link includes information about focus group attendance by library size, library type and system.

Where and when were the focus groups?


Report submitted by the consultant team to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission on April 1, 2003. The report contains information gathered from public library focus groups.


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