Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 13, 1834

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Austin was held without charges and never tried. He was held in a Mexican prison until December 1834, then released on bond but unable to leave the area. He was finally freed in a general amnesty in July 1835, and returned to Texas in August 1835.

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Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 1834

No 5

Mexico  October 15th 1834.

Mr Geo: Fisher.

Dr. Sir.

            I sincerily [sic] congratulate
you on the appointment you have received in the
Custom House of Matamoros, and hope you may
long continue to enjoy prosperity and peace.

            The experience of the last few years
has taught me a great deal. I have learened [sic]
more of mankind, and of the human passions [?]
than I was ever willing to believe before.
My frankness, and open, candid, and good
faith has involved me in many difficulties —
and my confidence in others has entangled me
very much, but all this will be usefull [sic] to
me for the future — that is — if I ever get out
of this prison, which I hope to do soon.

            Two of my friends arrived to day [sic]
from Texas, with Representations in my favor
from the Ayuntamientos of Texas and Go-
vernment of the State of Coahuila & Texas,
which I think will have a favorable effect.

            On the 6th of this Month I wrote
to my friends in Texas on the subject of re-
presenting, but as the above Representations
have arrived, it will not now be necessary
for them to do so, and I must request, the
favor of you to write to my Brother-in-Law
James Perry, care of M. A Bryan San
Felipe, informing him that the Represen-
tation sent by Mr Grayson have been received
and that he need not procure any more, as I

Stephen F. Austin to George Fisher, October 13, 1834. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #1664. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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