Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829

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English Translation

The local council in particular and of necessity for the people on the frontier and mixed with different languages and customs. I have not a person of judgement that is well informed about the National and State constitution and with the laws but what expresses himself entirely satisfied with them, and this is enough in order to prove the importance of the translation.

The thing of most importance to the people of Texas today is to regulate the business in regards to land. You and all your family should take advantage of the action in order to get lands and if you or your family wish some land in this part of the country. I offer to select it and pay the expenses to measure it and secure the titles for a portion of the land, and I can also assist you to get families to cultivate it according to law.

The best way to get lands is from the government, because the lands thus are guaranteed so you can sell them before having to cultivate them all, a requirement that the law passes on the colonists. In regard to yours I would select the land in the best passages and pay all the costs but not for the land -- this you will have to pay the government. That is to say I would pay the surveyor, the commission, and the deed and see that the land has not been occupied by others without license, that the timber has not been destroyed, and that it was cultivated according to law for one-half of the land.

That is to say you secure eleven (sitios) 484,000 acres and in this mode one half will be yours and one-half for me.

Stephen F. Austin to Navarro, October 19, 1829, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 1909/001-82.

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