Sam Houston to Texas Congress, January 11, 1843,

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Sam Houston to Texas Congress  - Page 2

official character, with the Mexican govt
since the capture of the Santa Fe expedition.
The relations between Mexico and Texas
have not been of such a cast
as would justify any propositions on the
part of the latter. The Ex. has not the
vanity to believe, after the reflection
of two Envoys Extraordinary and ministers
plenipotentiary, and the indignities heaped
upon our nation, that Santa Anna
would have been disposed to conduct a
correspondence of a very amicable
character. Therefore, he has not essayed to
invite the consideration of that Govt to the
affairs of Texas.

The Ex. seriously deplores the
misfortune of our fellow citizen; and if
the Hon. Congress will suggest any
means by which his suffering can be
alleviated or his restoration to liberty
procured, he will not delay one moment
in the execution of the plan. He has
never had a dollar at his command
for any purpose connected with the
Santa Fe prisoners; nor has he ever been
notified where Mr. Navarro is incarcerated
or that he has not been liberated.

Had the individual who was in
corporal command of the Expedition, on his return to the Re-
public thought proper to have reported to the
Govt. the result of the expedition, it would
have presented at once, in the accords of
the proper Dept., the number of those

Sam Houston to Texas Congress, January 11, 1843, A.J. Houston Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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