Sam Houston to Texas Congress, January 11, 1843,

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who returned, the number of deaths,
the no. and naming of absentees, and the cause of absence;
and necessarily have apprised the Ex. of the con-
dition of J. Antonio Navarro. Owing to this de-
linquency, the Govt. yet remains without
any official intelligence; and could
only be dependent upon rumor for any
facts which it might desire to obtain
and which would be necessary for its action.
Had the individual whose duty it was, reported
every fact, the records of the country
would have been more complete
and the narrative would have furnished
data which might have proved
useful to the country if it were possi-
ble that a similar expedition should
ever again be contemplated. Though it is
presumed, that while the recollection
of the recent adventure remains, the
Govt. will neither project nor carry
out a similar scheme.

No rational being could suppose that for this Govt. to attempt by any
direct means the procurement of the
prisoner's release,
it would not add to the
rigor of his confinement, and

Sam Houston to Texas Congress, January 11, 1843, A.J. Houston Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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