Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841

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Autobiographical notes by Navarro, thought to have been written around 1841. The identity of the translator is unknown.

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José Antonio Navarro

I was born in the City of San Antonio de Bexar,
on the 27th February 1795, my father was Angel Navarro
a native of the Island of Corsica; my father arrived
in the Kingdom of New Spain in the service of the King
Been an officer and having resigned his
Settled in Bexar and married my mother
Ruiz, afterward my mother, which
lady descended from a Spanish family of
the City of Saltillo. I cannot say that my father descended
from any of the first European families, but I can
assure that his virtuous and honest life sufficiently
indicate that he appertained to those of some dis-
tinction in Corsica. My father acquired by means of
commerce in Bexar a sufficient fortune to main-
tain us with decency, and to obtain for his children
a rank and [?] which in those days of obscurity
and obstacles to American civilization, which the
Government of Spain lost sight of, may have been
calling superior.

Of the marriage of my parents father resulted six
children, who survived him. My father left Bexar
and this world on the last day of October 1808.

In consequence of the death of my father, we were left orphans
and at the side of our widowed mother we six strode. The
oldest was my Brother José Angel, followed by Maria Jose-
pha, José Antonio (the writer of this), Maria Antonia,

Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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