Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841

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Navarro autobiography  - Page 4

fleeing in the interior of Mexico from the persecutions of
Arredondo, my Uncle Ruiz, my Brother-in-law, the hus-
band of my sister Maria Josepha Veramundi, and myself, may
be said, wandering in the State of Louisiana. Behold
here a family divided, scattering and persecuted.
So many disasters.

For this reason my younger
and myself have lost the years of the flower
of our youth, wasting years without
selves, but in participating in the affliction of
our forefathers.

I, who have had some ideas about this
fatal year of 1813 could scarcely preserve some im-
perfect knowledge of the little I have formerly
acquired by studying. The King of Spain has
already as early as the year 1815 issued a Pro-
clamation granting Pardon to all the Insurgents
of Texas.

Among others my Brother-in-law Veramundi and myself
have returned to Bexar pardoned by the King of Spain
or by Arredondo in his Royal Name.

Veramundi had the pleasure to return
my sister, his wife and family; but [?]
the paradise, found his property amounting
to upwards of Thirty Thousand Dollars all con-
fiscated and destroyed by the King's officers. In such cir-
cumstances all his happiness consisted of returning
to Texas his native land and obtaining a royal pardon without re-
stitution of his property.

Autobiography of José Antonio Navarro, 1841, Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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