Texas Summer Reading Programs (1958-2015)

TSLAC sponsored the Texas Reading Club from 1958-2012, and hosted Texas Teens Read! from  2008-2012.
Read the overview articles published in the Texas Library Association's Texas Library Journal:

Collaborative Summer Library Program Themes From 2013 to 2016

The Texas State Library joined joined the national Collaborative Summer Library Program in 2013.

  • 2016
    On Your Mark, Get Set...Read! (Children’s and Early Literacy Programs)
    Get in the Game - Read (Teen Program)
    Exercise Your Mind. Read! (Adult Program)
    On Your Mark, Get Set...Read (All Ages Program)
  • 2015
    Every Hero Has a Story
    (Children's and Early Literacy)
    Unmask (Teen)
    Escape the Ordinary (Adult)
  • 2014
    Fizz, Boom, READ! 
    (Children's and Early Literacy)
    Spark a Reaction (Teen)
    Literary Elements (Adult)
  • 2013
    Dig Into Reading (Children’s and Early Literacy)
    Beneath the Surface (Teen)
    Groundbreaking Reads (Adult)

Texas Reading Club (1958-2012) and Texas Teens Read! (2008-2012) Artwork and Themes

Slideshow that shows poster images from 1968 to 2008. Examples of titles inlcude Be a Readasaures, Jungle Journey, Come to Chimera, Sports Splash, Space Capers, and Magical Mysteries

View a Gallery of Texas Reading Club Artwork from 1958-2008 - The Texas Reading Club (TRC) was designed to encourage youth to read for pleasure, retain learning gained during the school year and to promote the role of public and school libraries in early literacy, K-12 and beyond.  Each year, a theme was chosen and a programming manual was created by Texas librarians to aid in planning and educational programming.  The State Library also provided posters, reading logs, bookmarks, and certificates to support the program.  The Texas State Library began contracting with nationally-acclaimed illustrators of children's books to create artwork for the Reading Club in 1991.

The purpose of Texas Teens Read! (TTR) was to encourage teens to read during their summer vacations and become lifelong readers and library users, to establish the library as a safe and engaging space for teens. A statewide theme was selected annually and a handbook was created to assist libraries in planning their summer programs.


Texas Reading Club and Texas Teens Read! Program Themes, Artists, Artwork, and Manuals

  • A unique theme was selected annually for the Texas Reading Club and manual with programming ideas for children based on the theme was published beginning in 1968.
    • A chapter with bilingual programming ideas for children and families was added beginning in 2001.
    • A chapter with programming ideas for teens was added beginning in 2002.
  • Beginning in 2008, a separate annual theme was selected for Texas Teens Read!, a manual with programming ideas for teens was published, and unique artwork was created for teens.
  • The Texas Reading Club and Texas Teens Read! programming manuals from 2002-2012 are available on the Texas State Library website. Click on the links below to view the programming manuals, artwork, and more for each annual theme.
Year Texas Reading Club Theme/Artist Texas Teens Read! Theme/Artist
2012 Get a Clue...At the Library (PDF)
Bruce Hale
TSI: Realm of the Unknown (PDF)
Kim Doner
2011 Dig Up a Good Book (PDF)
Keith Graves
Going Global, Staying Connected! (PDF)
Christy Stallop
2010 Catch the Reading Express (PDF)
Kim Doner
Within Arms Reach: The Future Is Yours! (PDF)
Angela Martini
2009 Libraries: Deep in the Heart of Texas! (PDF)
Joy Fisher Hein
Time Twistin' TTR.09 (PDF)
Emily Fiegenschuh
2008 Texas Reading Club Jubilee: 1959-2008 (PDF)
Janet Stevens
Game On! (PDF)
Rod Espinosa
2007 Sail Away With Books! (PDF)
Diane Stanley
chapter - "Sail Away with Your Imagination" (PDF)
2006 Reading: The Sport of Champions (PDF)
Frank Remkiewicz
chapter - "Reading: The Sport of Champions!" (PDF)
2005 Go Wild...Read! (PDF)
Michael Austin
chapter - "Get Wild...Read!" (PDF)
2004 Color Your World...Read! (PDF)
Diane Greenseid
chapter - "Color Me Cool!" (PDF)
2003 Mission Possible: Spy a Book! (PDF)
G. Brian Karas
chapter - "Operation: Top Secret!" (PDF)
2002 Read Across Texas!
James Warhola
chapter - "Travel Quest: Moving Without Motion" (PDF)
2001 To the Library and Beyond! (PDF)
Mark Teague
 2001-2002  The Bilingual Chapters of the 2001 and 2002 Texas Reading Club Manuals are compiled into a PDF at Digame un Cuento/Tell Me a Story: Bilingual Library Programs for Children and Families (PDF), with content authored by Elida Guardia Bonet, Paola Ferate-Soto, Josefina Rodriguez-Gibbs, Nohemi Lopez and Maricela Moreyra-Torres.
2000 Invent the Future! Read! (PDF)
Brian Floca
1999 Open a Book~On With the Show!
Raúl Colón
1998 Furry Tails! Funny Tales!
Lynn Munsinger
1997 Incredible Dream Machine
Alexandra Day
1996 Ready...Set...Read!
Kevin Henkes
1995 Once Upon a Planet
Denise Fleming
1994 Familiar Faces...Faraway Places!
David Wisniewski
1993 Lions, and Tigers, and Books...Oh My!
Felicia Bond
1992 Discover the New World of Reading
Steven Kellogg
1991 Camp Wanna-Read
James Marshall
1990 The Secret Code Is...Read  
1989 Creature Features  
1988 Trailblazers, Stargazers  
1987 Animal Antics  
1986 Celebrate Texas  
1985 Awesome Adventure  
1984 Magical Mysteries  
1983 Reading Rodeo  
1982 Space Capers  
1981 Monster Madness  
1980 Sports Splash  
1979 In Search of Texas Treasures  
1978 Come to Chimera!  
1977 Jungle Journey  
1976 Movin' On...Then and Now  
1975 Cross-Country with a Hero  
1974 Take a Giant Step  
1973 Be a READasaurus  
1972 Climb a Little This Summer  
1971 Dangerous Mission  
1970 There is No Frigate Like a Book to Take Us Lands Away  
1966-1969 Vacation Readers Go Everywhere  
1965 Open Your Future - Read  
1964 records unavailable  
1963 Read! The Fifth Freedom...Enjoy It  
1962 Read and Watch Your World Grow  
1959-1961 Texas Reading Roundup  
1958 Space Flight  


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