New Large Print Books Added in September 2022


LB           13707    CARELESS WHISKERS       JAMES, MIRANDA           

Charlie’s daughter Laura is starring in a local theater production, alongside headache-inducing Hollywood actor Luke Lombardi. When the actor dies onstage after drinking from a glass Laura handed him, only amateur sleuth Charlie and cat sidekick Diesel could hope to prove that Laura is innocent. Unrated. 2020.

LB           13706    CARTOGRAPHERS            SHEPHERD, PENG            

Nell Young’s whole life and greatest passion is cartography. Her father, Dr. Daniel Young, is a legend in the field and Nell’s personal hero. But she hasn’t seen or spoken to him ever since he cruelly fired her and destroyed her reputation after an argument over an old, cheap gas station highway map. But when Dr. Young is found dead in his office at the New York Public Library, with the very same seemingly worthless map hidden in his desk, Nell can’t resist investigating. To her surprise, she soon discovers that the map is incredibly valuable and exceedingly rare. In fact, she may now have the only copy left in existence… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13729    HER LAST AFFAIR: A NOVEL          SEARLES, JOHN 

Every marriage has its secrets… Skyla lives alone in the shadow of the defunct drive-in movie theater that she and her husband ran for nearly fifty years. Ever since Hollis’s death in a freak accident the year before, Skyla spends her nights ruminating about the regrets and deceptions in her long marriage. That is, until she rents a cottage on the property to a charming British man, Teddy Cornwell… Unrated. 2022.             

LB           13728    GLORY: A NOVEL         BULAWAYO, NOVIOLET     

Glory centers around the unexpected fall of Old Horse, a long-serving leader of a fictional African country, and the drama that follows for an unruly nation of animals on the path to true liberation. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13757    GOOD LEFT UNDONE     TRIGIANI, ADRIANA       

From present day Viareggio to Glasgow during World War II, a multigenerational sweeping tale of love lost, family secrets, and reconciliation over decades from New York Times bestselling author Adriana Trigiani. Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13705    CAT ME IF YOU CAN        JAMES, MIRANDA           

Charlie, Diesel, Helen, and the Ducote sisters are vacationing in Asheville, North Carolina, to attend a mystery reader’s book club event. Charlie’s dreams of relaxation are squashed, however, when an uninvited guest is murdered, and the obvious suspect might be a red herring. 2020.

LB           13680    CIRCE    MILLER, MADELINE        

Circe grows up in the court of her father, the sun god Helios. Despised by her parents and others, she falls in love with a mortal who shuns her. When she takes revenge, she is banished. Those who wish her and others harm are transformed into pigs. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2018.

LB           13755    BEAUTIFUL         STEEL, DANIELLE              

A famous, young model has her appearance forever altered and loses the people she loves most in a terrorist attack and changes the course and purpose of her life after reading a revealing letter that accompanied her mother’s will. Strong language. Bestseller. 2022

LB           13700    END OF DAYS     TAYLOR, BRAD, 1965-     

When the former head of Israeli intelligence is murdered, Mossad calls on Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill. While signs point to an Iranian-funded militia group, something isn’t adding up. It’s up to the two taskforce operators to uncover the truth before it’s too late. Sequel to American Traitor (DB 102075). Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           13702    DOUBLE JEOPARDY         WOODS, STUART             

Stone is visited by an attorney who tells him that family members from the Stone side of the family are up for parole. Stone knows what this means for the community in Maine and heads up there to take care of business. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2021.

LB           13726    FOUL PLAY          WOODS, STUART             

Not far from his New York City home, attorney Stone Barrington stumbles into trouble. A new client is in danger, and a complicated scheme threatens the safety of the city. His search to find the truth will take him to Manhattan high-rises and the Connecticut countryside. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13723    FALSE WITNESS       SLAUGHTER, KARIN, 1971-    

Defense attorney Leigh Collier has worked hard to build a life that appears normal to the outside world. But her mask of normality conceals a childhood of secrets and violence. When she is called in to defend a wealthy man accused of rape, her past comes calling. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2021.

LB           13727    FRENCH BRAID  TYLER, ANNE     

The Garrett family falls apart over the decades. Beginning in 1959, Mercy would rather be creating art than keeping house for her husband, Robin. Their teenage daughters, steady Alice and boy-crazy Lily, could not have less in common. Their youngest, David, is intent on escaping his family’s orbit, for reasons none of them understands. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           14109    IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS     FOWLER, THERESE ANNE             

“Therese Anne Fowler’s It All Comes Down to This is a warm, keenly perceptive novel of sisterhood, heartbreak, home, and what it takes to remake a life at its halfway point, for fans of Ann Patchett and Emma Straub. Meet the Geller sisters: Beck, Claire, and Sophie, a trio of strong-minded women whose pragmatic, widowed mother, Marti, will be dying soon and taking her secrets with her. Marti has ensured that her modest estate is easy for her family to deal with once she’s gone–including a provision that the family’s summer cottage on Mount Desert Island, Maine, must be sold, the proceeds split equally between the three girls. Beck, the eldest, is a freelance journalist whose marriage looks more like a sibling bond than a passionate partnership. In fact, her husband Paul is hiding a troubling truth about his love life. For Beck, the Maine cottage has been essential to her secret wish to write a novel–and to remake the terms of her relationship. Despite her accomplishments as a pediatric cardiologist, Claire, the middle daughter, has always felt like the Geller misfit. Recently divorced, Claire’s secret unrequited love for the wrong man is slowly destroying her, and she’s finding that her expertise on matters of the heart unfortunately doesn’t extend to her own. Youngest daughter Sophie appears to live an Instagram-ready life, filled with glamorous work and travel, celebrities, fashion, art, and sex. In reality, her existence is a cash-strapped house of cards that may crash at any moment. Enter C.J. Reynolds, an enigmatic southerner ex-con with his own hidden past who complicates the situation. All is not what it seems, and everything is about to change”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.

LB           14108    REPLACEMENT WIFE       KANE, DARBY    

“Can one man be that unlucky? Elisa Wright is a mom and wife, living a nice, quiet life in a nice, quiet town. She’s also convinced her brother-in-law is a murderer. Josh has one dead wife and one missing fiance, and though he grieved for them he starts dating someone new. Elisa fears for that woman’s safety, and she desperately wants to know what happened to her friend, Josh’s missing fiance. Searching for clues means investigating her own family. And she doesn’t like what she finds. A laptop filled with incriminating information. Other women. But when Elisa becomes friends with Josh’s new girlfriend and starts to question things she thinks are true, Elisa wonders if the memories of a horrible incident a year ago have finally pushed her over the edge and Josh is really innocent. With so much at stake, Elisa fights off panic attacks and a strange illness. Is it a breakdown or something more? The race is on to get to the truth before another disappearance because there’s a killer in the family…or is there?”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13735    LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY                 GARMUS, BONNIE          

In the early 1960s, chemist Elizabeth Zott has a lot of challenges as the only woman on her team at Hastings Research Institute. She falls for colleague Calvin Evans, but the double standards of the day eventually have her looking for a new chapter outside academia, hosting a television cooking show. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2022.    

LB           13734    LAST CONFESSIONS OF SYLVIA P.               KRAVETZ, LEE    

Told through three unique interwoven narratives, this novel reimagines a chapter in the life of Sylvia Plath, telling the story behind the creation of her classic, semi-autobiographical novel The bell jar. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13731    INSOMNIA          PINBOROUGH, SARAH, 1972-     

Emma Averell loves her life–her high-powered legal career, her two beautiful children, and her wonderful stay-at-home husband–but it wasn’t always so perfect. When she was just five years old, Emma and her older sister went into foster care because of a horrific incident with their mother.  Her sister can remember a time when their mother was loving and “normal,” but Emma can only remember her as one thing–a monster. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13708    BOOTH      FOWLER, KAREN JOY

During the nineteenth century, the Booths were one of the country’s leading theatrical families. But behind the curtains multiple scandals, family triumphs, and criminal disasters begin to take their toll, and the siblings of John Wilkes Booth are left to reckon with the truth behind the destructively specious promise of an early prophecy. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13759    I’LL BE YOU: A NOVEL     BROWN, JANELLE            

As children, Sam and Elli were two halves of a perfect whole: gorgeous identical twins whose parents sometimes couldn’t even tell them apart. They fell asleep to the sound of each other’s breath at night, holding hands in the dark. And once Hollywood discovered them, they became B-list child TV stars, often inhabiting the same role. But as adults, their lives have splintered. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13730    HIGH STAKES     STEEL, DANIELLE              

Jane Addison has big dreams of owning her own company someday. At twenty-eight, she arrives in New York to start a job at Fletcher and Benson, a prestigious talent agency. There she joins a group of women all facing the challenges of balancing their families, their personal lives, and the high stakes of ambition. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13676    DEADLY AFFAIR       CHRISTIE, AGATHA, 1890-1976            

In “The Face of Helen,” a night at the Royal Opera could reach a fatal crescendo for a woman caught in a dicey love triangle; “Finessing the King” delivers a curious ad in the personals that could mask sinister intentions; who’s in danger of getting stung in “Wasps’ Nest” depends on rounding up suspects and solving a murder–before it even happens. These are just a few of the tales in this collection featuring essential reading that Christie fans old and new will simply love to death. Unrated. 2022.     

LB           13733    JUST LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS         DOUGLAS, CLAIRE           

Una Richardson may finally be able to put her dark past behind her. As companion to the elegant Elspeth McKenzie, Una steps into a world of luxury and feels her heart beginning to mend. That is until she meets Elspeth’s daughter, Kathryn, who resents Una’s place in her mother’s home. As Una becomes more entangled in Kathryn’s jealousy, she uncovers the family’s dark secrets. Including the mysterious deaths of the two girls who came before her. As the walls start closing in around her, Una can’t help fearing how long it’ll be before she ends up just like the other girls? Unrated. 2022.



The author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (DB 74307) explores why we experience sorrow and longing, and how embracing the bittersweetness at the heart of life is the true path to creativity, connection, and transcendence. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           13725    FINDING ME       DAVIS, VIOLA, 1965-       

This is my story, from a crumbling apartment in Central Falls, Rhode Island, to the stage in New York City, and beyond. This is the path I took to finding my purpose but also my voice in a world that didn’t always see me. Violence, strong language, and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2022.              


A no-nonsense guide to the life you long for, even when it doesn’t go according to plan, from the bestselling author of Own Your Everyday. Unrated. 2022.


We are living in a world divided. Race and ethnicity, caste and color, gender and sexuality, class and education, religion and political party have all become demographic labels that reduce our differences to simplistic categories in which “we” are vehemently against “them.” But Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis’s own experience–of being the first female and first Black minister in her church’s history, of being in an interracial marriage, and of making peace with childhood abuse–illustrates that our human capacity for empathy and forgiveness is the key to reversing these ugly trends. Unrated. 2021.


The former speaker of the House reveals how “Big Government” socialism is crippling America–and offers strategies and insights for everyday citizens to overcome its influence. Unrated. 2022.         


Emergency medicine physician recounts his experiences working in an emergency ward in a hospital on Chicago’s South Side from February 2020 to November 2020. Topics include dealing with the onslaught of COVID-19 cases, the difference between experiences of frontline workers and administrators and policymakers, and letters he writes–but will never send–to colleagues and patients. Unrated. 2022.         

LB           13662    BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY: A MEMOIR             WANG, QIAN JULIE, 1987-            

The author reflects on the highs and lows of her experiences immigrating to New York City and growing up as an undocumented and impoverished child. She recounts her parents’ stresses, her struggles in school, and the joys that she found alongside the fears. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2021.   


Creativity defines the human experience. It sparks achievement and innovation in art, science, technology, business, sports, and virtually every activity. It has fueled human progress on a global level, but it equally is the source of profound personal satisfaction for individual creators. And yet the origins of creative inspiration and the methods by which great creators tap into it have long been a source of mystery, spoken of in esoteric terms, our rational understanding shrouded in complex jargon. Until now. Unrated. 2022.    


The author recounts the efforts of a team led by retired FBI agent Vincent Pankoke to uncover the identity of the person who betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis. She describes their findings and their profiles of potential suspects while describing wartime Amsterdam. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

New Braille Books Added in July 2022


BT           13446    MERCI SUAREZ CHANGES GEARS               MEDINA, MEG  

Merci Suarez relies on her close extended family as she goes through many changes during her sixth-grade year at Florida’s Seaward Pines Academy. For grades 4-7. Newbery Medal. 2018. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.

BT           13449    ADAM OF THE ROAD       VINING, ELIZABETH GRAY, 1902-1999      

Tale of a minstrel boy, Adam, who wanders through southeastern England in the thirteenth century. Adam’s adventures in search of his beloved father and his lost dog lead him to London, Winchester, and Oxford. For grades 4-7. Newbery Medal Winner. 1942. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.

BT           13448    LOSERS CLUB     CLEMENTS, ANDREW, 1949-        

Alec, a sixth-grade bookworm, frequently finds himself in trouble for reading instead of listening and participating in class. He starts a book club to have a place to read, but he discovers that real life can be as exciting as the stories in his favorite books. For grades 3-6. 2017. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.       

BT           13447    UNTEACHABLES                KORMAN, GORDON       

The Unteachables–the misfits, delinquents, and losers in room 117 kept isolated from the student body–never thought they’d find a teacher with a worse attitude than theirs. Then they met Mr. Kermit. For grades 4-7. 2019. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.

BT           13450    CITY OF EMBER                 DUPRAU, JEANNE           

A city planned to survive for two hundred years, now in year 241, suffers shortages–and a secret message-bearing box is missing. Independent-thinking twelve-year-olds Doon and Lina exchange obligatory jobs and make a discovery that could change their known world. For grades 5-8. 2003. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.

BT           13451    ISLAND                 PAULSEN, GARY

Fifteen-year-old Wil discovers himself and the wonders of nature when he leaves home to live on an island in northern Wisconsin. For grades 6-9. Unrated. 1988. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.

New Large Print Books Added in July 2022


LB           13841    HEART OF SPLENDID LAKE            CLIPSTON, AMY

Brianna is the only one of the Porter sisters who chose to stay in the small town of Splendid Lake, North Carolina, and help her father run their small resort until his unexpected death. She meets real estate investor Scott when he approaches her to buy the resort. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13855    CHILD OF LIGHT                BROOKS, TERRY

Human Auris has been trapped in a Goblin prison for years, with no memories of her past. She and her friends stage an escape, and Auris is rescued by a Fae named Harrow. When he seems to think she is Fae rather than human, Auris begins to question her origins. Unrated. 2021.    

LB           13837    WE ARE NOT LIKE THEM PIAZZA, JO         

Jen and Riley have been best friends since kindergarten. As adults, they remain as close as sisters, though their lives have taken different directions. The deep bond they share is severely tested when Jen’s husband, a city police officer, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed Black teenager. Unrated. 2021.              

LB           13842    LOVE HYPOTHESIS           HAZELWOOD, ALI            

To prove to her friend that she is dating, PhD candidate Olive Smith kisses the first man she sees. Hotshot professor Adam Carlsen may be a jerk, but he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend. Even though their fake relationship has a deadline, real feelings develop. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13843    ECHOES IN THE WALLS      ANDREWS, V.C. (VIRGINIA C.) 

Fern and her mother have lived as servants in Wyndemere House, the old gothic mansion of the Davenport family, for as long as she can remember. And her friendship with Dr. Davenport’s son Ryder was never a problem…until they came of age. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13840    Anxious people BACKMAN, FREDRIK, 1981-        

Looking at real estate isn’t usually a life-or-death situation, but an apartment open house in a Swedish town becomes just that when a failed bank robber bursts in and takes an eclectic group of strangers hostage. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2020. Related names: Smith, Neil (Neil Andrew), translator.    

LB           13867    IN BLOOM           MICHAELS, FERN             

“AMAZING GRACIE * Fern Michaels After years spent traveling the world as a flight attendant, Gracie Walden is ready to stay a little closer to her roots, starting with two weeks at home in Amarillo, Texas. But there’s unexpected turbulence between her mother, Ella, and her older sister, Hope-and it will lead to a revelation that changes Gracie’s life in amazing ways . . . MEANT TO BE * Lori Foster When Cory Creed was just a little girl, she knew she’d grow up to marry Austin Winston-and she made the mistake of telling him so. Tired of watching him avoid her ever since, Cory has decided it’s time to leave Visitation, North Carolina, and Austin, behind. But Austin has finally realized what Cory was once so sure of, and now it’s his turn to prove they belong together…with a little help from their mothers. THE MOTHER’S DAY CROWN * Carolyn Brown Monica Allen still hasn’t forgiven Tyler Magee for breaking her heart when they were teenagers. Ten years on, they’re back in Luella, Texas, visiting their respective grandmothers. and there’s just a white picket fence and a whole lot of awkwardness between them. Will two weeks be long enough for Monica to learn to stop holding a grudge-and hold on to love?”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Foster, Lori, author. Brown, Carolyn, author.

LB           13872    FIVE TUESDAYS IN WINTER: STORIES        KING, LILY           

A collection of short stories both fresh and previously published from the author of Writers & Lovers (DB 98766) and Euforia (DB 103589). The author explores themes of desire and heartache, loss and discovery, moments of jolting violence, and the inexorable tug toward love. Unrated. 2021.      

LB           13875    WHEN SHE DREAMS        QUICK, AMANDA            

“Return to 1930s Burning Cove, California, the glamorous seaside playground for Hollywood stars, mobsters, spies, and a host of others who find more than they bargained for in this mysterious town. Maggie Lodge, assistant to the reclusive advice columnist known only as Dear Aunt Cornelia to her readers, hires down-but-not-quite-out private eye Sam Sage to help track down the person who is blackmailing her employer. Maggie and Sam are a mismatched pair. As far as Sam is concerned, Maggie is reckless and in over her head. She is not what he had in mind for a client, but he can���t afford to be choosy. Maggie, on the other hand, is convinced that Sam is badly in need of guidance and good advice. She does not hesitate to give him both. In spite of the verbal fireworks between them, they are fiercely attracted to each other, but both are sure it would be a mistake to let passion take over. They are, after all, keeping secrets. Sam is haunted by his past, which includes a marriage shattered by betrayal and violence. Maggie is troubled by intense and vivid dreams–dreams that she can sometimes control. There are those who want to run experiments on her and use her for their own purposes, while others think she should be committed to an asylum. When the pair discovers someone is impersonating Aunt Cornelia at a conference on psychic dreaming and a woman dies at the conference, the door is opened to a dangerous web of blackmail and murder. Secrets from the past are revealed, leaving Maggie and Sam in the path of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to exact vengeance.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13869    EVERYTHING WE DIDN’T SAY       BAART, NICOLE

Juniper “June” Baker left behind the tiny town of Jericho, Iowa, when her younger brother was accused of murder the summer she graduated from high school. Now she’s back to help an ill friend, repair the relationship with her teen daughter, and settle the questions around the murders. Unrated. 2021. Variant title: Everything we did not say.

LB           13871    SATAN’S GUNS: A WESTERN ADVENTURE              CLAY, JAMES     

The devil does seem to be hard at work. Murder and mayhem strike the town of Grayson, Texas, as friends of Reverend Colt meet violent deaths. Dehner and the local sheriff must deal with a slew of gunfighters as they seek to find the person behind the hell that is devouring a Texas town. Unrated. 2022.   

LB           13852    GOLDEN COUPLE              HENDRICKS, GREER        

Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem to have it all, until Marissa has an affair. She wants to repair the marriage both because of their young son and because she loves Matthew. They hire unorthodox therapist Avery Chambers. But even though Marissa is honest about her affair, there are deeper, more dangerous secrets still hidden. Unrated. 2022. Related names:  Pekkanen, Sarah, author.           

LB           13847    TAKE MY HAND                 PERKINS-VALDEZ, DOLEN             

Montgomery, Alabama, 1973. Fresh out of nursing school, Civil Townsend intends to make a difference, especially in her African American community. At the Montgomery Family Planning Clinic, she hopes to help women shape their destinies, to make their own choices for their lives and bodies. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13878    DEATH AT THE CRYSTAL PALACE                ASHLEY, JENNIFER          

While attending an exhibition at the Crystal Palace, young cook Kat Holloway is approached by a woman in distress. Lady Covington is a wealthy widow convinced that her entire family is trying to kill her. Kat feels compelled to help. So, she escorts the lady home to discover whether she is delusional or in true danger. When it quickly becomes apparent that the threat is all too real, Kat promises aid. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13876    WE WERE NEVER HERE                  BARTZ, ANDREA

On a reunion trip in the mountains of Chile with her best friend Kristen, Emily is having the time of her life. Then she returns to their hotel suite to find it covered in blood and Kristen claiming she had to kill the man who attacked her–just as she claimed the year before. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13877    CAT WHO SAVED BOOKS               NATSUKAWA, SOSUKE, 1978-     

Bookish high school student Rintaro Natsuki is about to close the secondhand bookstore he inherited from his beloved bookworm grandfather. Then, a talking cat named Tiger appears and demands the teenager’s help in saving misused books. Translated from the original 2017 Japanese edition. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13854    RADAR GIRLS      ACKERMAN, SARA          

Daisy Wilder prefers the company of horses to people, bare feet and salt water to high heels and society parties. Then, in the dizzying aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Daisy enlists in a top-secret program, replacing male soldiers in a war zone for the first time. Under fear of imminent invasion, the WARDs guide pilots into blacked-out airstrips and track unidentified planes across Pacific skies. But not everyone thinks the women are up to the job, and the new recruits must rise above their differences and work side by side despite the resistance and heartache they meet along the way. With America’s future on the line, Daisy is determined to prove herself worthy. And with the man she’s falling for out on the front lines, she cannot fail. From radar towers on remote mountaintops to flooded bomb shelters, she’ll need her new team when the stakes are highest. Because the most important battles are fought–and won–together. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13848    PACK UP THE MOON      HIGGINS, KRISTAN          

Every month, a letter. That’s what Lauren decides to leave her husband when she finds out she’ s dying. Each month, she gives Josh a letter containing a task to help him face this first year without her, leading him on a journey to find happiness again. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13859    CAROLINA BUILT              ALEXANDER, KIANNA    

Josephine N. Leary is determined to build a life of her own and a future for her family. When she moves to Edenton, North Carolina, from the plantation where she was born, she is free, newly married, and ready to follow her dreams. As the demands of life pull Josephine’s attention–deepening her marriage, mothering her daughters, supporting her grandmother–she struggles to balance her real estate aspirations with the realities of keeping life going every day. She teaches herself to be a business woman, to manage her finances, and to make smart investments in the local real estate market. But with each passing year, it grows more and more difficult to focus on building her legacy from the ground up. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13860    FLIGHT     GRIFFIN, LAURA, 1973-              

Former forensic photographer Miranda Rhoads has moved to the seaside town of Lost Beach, determined to make a new life as a wildlife photographer. When she encounters a couple in a canoe one morning, she first assumes they’re asleep, but soon realizes they’re dead. Detective Joel Breda tries to unravel the case and is intrigued by Miranda. Unrated. 2021. 


When Crown Princess Justine of Wesloria is sent to England to learn the ropes of royalty, she falls under the tutelage of none other than Queen Victoria herself. Justine’s also in the market for a proper husband, one fit to marry the future queen of Wesloria. Because he knows simply everyone, William, Lord Douglas (the notoriously rakish heir to the Duke of Hamilton seat in Scotland, and decidedly not husband material), is on hand as an escort of sorts. William has been recruited to keep an eye on the royal matchmaker for the Weslorian prime minister, tasked to ensure the princess is matched with a man of quality … and one who will be sympathetic to the prime minister’s views. As William and Justine are forced to scrutinize an endless parade of England’s best bachelors, they become friends. But when the crowd of potential grooms is steadily culled, what if William is the last bachelor standing? Unrated. 2022.     

LB           13865    SECOND MRS. ASTOR     ABE, SHANA      

“Madeleine Talmage Force is just seventeen when she attracts the attention of John Jacob “Jack” Astor. Madeleine is beautiful, intelligent, and solidly upper-class, but the Astors are in a league apart. Jack’s mother was the Mrs. Astor, American royalty and New York’s most formidable socialite. Despite their twenty-nine-year age difference and the scandal of Jack’s recent divorce, Madeleine falls headlong into love-and becomes the press’ favorite target. On their extended honeymoon in Egypt, the newlyweds finally find a measure of peace away from photographers and journalists. Madeleine feels truly alive for the first time-and is happily pregnant. The couple plans to return home in the spring of 1912, aboard an opulent new ocean liner. When the ship hits an iceberg close to midnight on April 14th, there is no immediate panic. The swift, state-of-the-art RMS Titanic seems unsinkable. As Jack helps Madeleine into a lifeboat, he assures her that he’ll see her soon in New York . . . Four months later, at the Astors’ Fifth Avenue mansion, a widowed Madeleine gives birth to their son. In the wake of the disaster, the press has elevated her to the status of virtuous, tragic heroine. But Madeleine’s most important decision still lies ahead: whether to accept the role assigned to her or carve out her own remarkable path . . .” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13864    REMINDERS OF HIM: A NOVEL    HOOVER, COLLEEN         

Released from prison, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all went wrong, hoping to reunite with her four-year-old daughter. But with everyone against her, she turns to local bar owner Ledger Ward, who, risking everything, secretly helps her make amends. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2022.     


Rising politician Carolina Garcia-Ramirez is facing her second campaign in Boston. Her incendiary progressive politics have generated multiple death threats. Her chief of staff reaches out to Spenser for security and investigative assistance. He soon crosses paths with a white supremacist group and must save the congresswoman. Unrated. 2022. Variant title: Bye bye baby.

LB           13887    LOOKING FOR LEROY      CARLSON, MELODY        

Brynna Philips is ready to give up on love. But when her fellow teacher invites her on a trip through Sonoma wine country, she’s reminded of her first crush, whose family owned a vineyard there. Is there any chance she can find him. . . and one last chance for love? Unrated. 2022.

LB           13888    LOVE IN THE TIME OF BERTIE      MCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER, 1948-         

For Bertie Pollock, things seem to be moving along at a pace that is rather out of his control. In Drummond Place Garden, it appears young Olive has their future together mapped out, wedding venue and all. Meanwhile, Bertie’s domineering mother, Irene, is off in Aberdeen, beckoning him to come stay for a few months-and his father, Stuart, might be powerless to stand up to her. Farther up in the New Town, bumptious Bruce Anderson is up to his usual antics, scheming with some old school friends over a crisp bacon roll and a warm cup of coffee at Big Lou’s. And in the midst of it all, just across the counter, a new love story may be writing itself for the cafe’s most personable proprietor. Unrated. 2022. 


Leaving behind her husband and their baby daughter, a writer gets on a flight for a speaking engagement in Reno. Her temporary escape from domestic duties and an opportunity to reconnect with old friends mutates into an extended time away, and a descent into the past. Unrated. 2021. Variant title: I love you but I have chosen darkness.

LB           13857    SEE HER DIE        LEIGH, MELINDA              

Sheriff Bree Taggert is called to a shooting at a campground closed for the season. But when she arrives, there is no evidence of a crime except for a witness insisting she saw her friend shot. While searching for the purported victim, they find another body. Violence and strong language. 2020.


When family matriarch Orquidea Divina invites the Montoyas to her funeral and to collect their inheritance, they hope to learn the secrets that she has held on to so tightly their whole lives. Seven years later, a hidden figure begins picking them off one by one as it seeks to destroy Orquidea’s line. Unrated. 2021.             


As both a former Confederate guerilla and Texas Ranger, and now a U.S. marshal, no one knows the dangers of the frontier and cowtowns like Marshal Samuel Pritchard. A couple of wagon trains traveling the Oregon Trail have vanished and Pritchard’s got miles of bad road across hostile territory to investigate. But he must also reckon with a price on his head. Bounty hunter Captain Laird Bonner is the greatest manhunter throughout the west–and he’s as ruthless as he’s relentless in pursuing his prey. Unrated. 2021.    

LB           13844    BOOK OF MAGIC              HOFFMAN, ALICE            

The Owens family has been cursed in matters of love for more than three hundred years, but that is about to change. Jet Owens hears the deathwatch beetle and knows she has only seven days to live. She is not the only one in danger–the curse is already at work. Unrated. 2021.        

LB           13879    ISLAND COES, BEN          

Dewey Andreas goes off the grid following an attack on his life. But when terrorists blow up the bridges and tunnels of Manhattan, take over the island, and target the president, Dewey sneaks into Manhattan to try to stop them. Unrated. 2021. 

LB           13880    CLOVER GIRLS    SHIPMAN, VIOLA            

Elizabeth, Veronica, Rachel, and Emily met at Camp Birchwood as girls in 1985, where over four summers they were inseparable. Thirty years later, a terminally ill Emily sends the others a letter asking them to reunite at the camp and heal old wounds. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13882    BEWILDERMENT               POWERS, RICHARD, 1957-            

Astrobiologist Theo Byrne has been raising his son Robin alone since the death of his wife. As the nine-year-old becomes more and more troubled, Theo considers an experimental neurofeedback treatment to help Robin with his emotional control. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13884    PEOPLE WE KEEP              LARKIN, ALLISON             

Little River, New York, 1994: April Sawicki is living in a motorless motorhome that her father won in a poker game. Failing out of school, picking up shifts at Margo’s diner, she’s left fending for herself in a town where she’s never quite felt at home. When she “borrows” her neighbor’s car to perform at an open mic night, she realizes her life could be much bigger than where she came from. After a fight with her dad, April packs her stuff and leaves for good, setting off on a journey to find a life that’s all hers. Unrated. 2021.           

LB           13886    YOUNG MUNGO              STUART, DOUGLAS, 1976-            

Growing up in a housing estate in Glasgow, Mungo and James should be sworn enemies–Mungo a Protestant and James a Catholic. Yet against all odds, they become best friends as they find a sanctuary in the pigeon dovecote that James has built for his prize racing birds. As they fall in love, they dream of finding somewhere they belong. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13890    OUTSIDER: A KATE BURKHOLDER NOVEL                CASTILLO, LINDA             

An Amish man discovers a car stuck in a snowdrift with an unconscious woman inside. When Chief of Police Kate Burkholder arrives, she is shocked to discover the driver is fellow cop Gina Colorosa, whom she hasn’t seen in ten years—-and to learn Gina is wanted for killing an undercover officer. Violence and strong language. 2020.              

LB           13894    TO LOVE AND TO LOATHE             WATERS, MARTHA, 1988-             

The widowed Diana, Lady Templeton, and Jeremy, Marquess of Willingham, are infamous among English high society as much for their sharp-tongued bickering as their flirtation. One evening, an argument at a ball turns into a serious wager: Jeremy will marry within the year or Diana will forfeit one hundred pounds. So shortly after, just before a fortnight-long house party at Elderwild, Jeremy’s country estate, Diana is shocked when Jeremy appears at her home with a very different kind of proposition. After his latest mistress unfavorably criticized his skills in the bedroom, Jeremy is looking for reassurance, so he has gone to the only woman he trusts to be totally truthful. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13896    CURSE OF SALEM             HOOPER, KAY    

The small town of Salem has been quiet for months–or so Bishop and his elite Special Crimes Unit believe. But then Hollis Templeton and Diana Hayes receive a warning in Diana’s eerie ‘gray time’–a space between the world of the living and the realm of the dead–that a twisted killer is stalking Salem, bent on destroying in the most bloody and horrifying way possible the five families that founded the town. The stakes are high, especially for new friends Nellie Cavendish and Finn Deverell, both members of the Five, and this time Bishop and his wife Miranda will lead the team to hunt down a vicious killer and uncover an ancient dark curse haunting Salem. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13897    COWBOY OF LEGEND     BRODAY, LINDA

Deacon Brannock is determined to make a name for himself and the saloon he’s worked his whole life to afford. He was prepared for life in the Wild West, but he hadn’t counted on Grace Legend… Grace has always fought hard for what she believes in, and after her best friend is killed at the hands of her drunk and angry husband, that includes keeping alcohol out of her town. When the owner of the new saloon turns out to be a kind and considerate man, she can’t help but wonder if they could have a future together…if they weren’t on opposite sides of every issue. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13895    LOST MOUNTAIN PASS    SWEAZY, LARRY D.        

Kosoma, Indian Territory. The outlaw Darby brothers have been sentenced to hang until dead. Witnessing the execution are Amelia Darby, sister of the condemned men, as well as U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam ‘Trusty’ Dawson and Judge Gordon Hadesworth. After justice is served, Trusty hits the trail, escorting the judge–and begrudgingly, Amelia–back to Oklahoma. Ambushed en route, the judge is murdered and Amelia vanishes, leaving Trusty to believe she led them into a trap for revenge. Unrated. 2021.      

LB           13889    NOTORIOUS       PALMER, DIANA

Gaby Dupont knows some men shouldn’t be trusted. Ever. Especially not high-profile lawyer Nicholas Chandler, who might be helping her greedy relatives steal her family fortune. To get the inside scoop on Nicholas’s dealings, Gaby must take a job with the devil himself. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13891    22 MURDERS OF MADISON MAY               BARRY, MAX, 1973-         

While investigating a murder, journalist Felicity Staples spots the killer just before he vanishes. Afterwards, Felicity’s universe seems to have shifted slightly–many small details are wrong. She soon learns that the killer is pursuing every version of his victim across time and space. Unrated. 2021. Variant title: Twenty-two murders of Madison May.

LB           13905    OLD WOMAN WITH THE KNIFE   BYEONG-MO, GU            

“The kinetic story of a sixty-five-year-old female assassin who faces an unexpected threat in the twilight of her career–this is an international bestseller and the English language debut from an award-winning South Korean author At sixty-five, Hornclaw is beginning to slow down. She lives modestly in a small apartment, with only her aging dog, a rescue named Deadweight, to keep her company. There are expectations for people her age–that she’ll retire and live out the rest of her days quietly. But Hornclaw is not like other people. She is an assassin. Double-crossers, corporate enemies, cheating spouses–for the past four decades, Hornclaw has killed them all with ruthless efficiency, and the less she’s known about her targets, the better. But now, nearing the end of her career, she has just slipped up. An injury leads her to an unexpected connection with a doctor and his family. But emotions, for an assassin, are a dangerous proposition. As Hornclaw’s world closes in, this final chapter in her career may also mark her own bloody end. A sensation in South Korea, and now translated into English for the first time by Chi-Young Kim, The Old Woman with the Knife is an electrifying, singular, mordantly funny novel about the expectations imposed on aging bodies and the dramatic ways in which one woman chooses to reclaim her agency.” – Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13911    LAST GRAND DUCHESS  TURNBULL, BRYN            

Grand Duchess Olga Romanov comes of age amid a shifting tide for the great dynasties of Europe. But even as unrest simmers in the capital, Olga is content to live within the confines of the sheltered life her parents have built for her and her three sisters: hiding from the world on account of their mother’s ill health, their brother Alexei’s secret affliction, and rising controversy over Father Grigori Rasputin, the priest on whom the tsarina has come to rely. Olga’s only escape from the seclusion of Alexander Palace comes from the grand tea parties her aunt hosts amid the shadow court of Saint Petersburg — a world of opulent ballrooms, scandalous flirtation, and whispered conversation. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13912    VINEYARD WEDDING      STONE, JEAN     

With her long-awaited wedding to police sergeant John Lyons only weeks away, bestselling author and Vineyard Inn proprietor Annie Sutton is faced with more drama than usual. Between the hideous heirloom gown her new family expects her to wear and the challenges of bonding with John’s contentious daughter Abigail, Annie’s having serious doubts. But when the baby she once found on her doorstep goes missing, Annie has bigger concerns, including that the little girl’s pregnant, older half-sister is in no condition to hear bad news… Desperate for answers, Annie combs the island, questioning friends and even her family-to-be. Because suddenly it seems as if Abigail will do just about anything to stop her father from marrying Annie–even if it means putting a child at risk. But if scaring Annie half to death is the plan, it’s working. Nothing else matters now except finding the little girl. And if postponing her future with John–indefinitely–is the only way to make that happen, it’s a sacrifice Annie may have to make… Nothing else matters now except finding the baby. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13913    SCHOOL FOR GOOD MOTHERS: A NOVEL               CHAN, JESSAMINE          

Set in near-future America, the School for Good Mothers is a government-run reform program where bad mothers are retrained using robot children with artificial intelligence. Single-mother Frida Liu is turned in by a neighbor and must spend a year at the newly-created institution to regain custody of her daughter. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13916    HOTEL NANTUCKET        HILDERBRAND, ELIN       

Fresh off a bad breakup with a longtime boyfriend, Nantucket sweetheart Lizbet Keaton is desperately seeking a second act. When she’s named the new general manager of the Hotel Nantucket, a once Gilded Age gem turned abandoned eyesore, she hopes that her local expertise and charismatic staff can win the favor of their new London billionaire owner, Xavier Darling, as well as that of Shelly Carpenter, the wildly popular Instagram tastemaker who can help put them back on the map. And while the Hotel Nantucket appears to be a blissful paradise, complete with a celebrity chef-run restaurant and an idyllic wellness center, there’s a lot of drama behind closed doors. The staff (and guests) have complicated pasts, and the hotel can’t seem to overcome the bad reputation it earned in 1922 when a tragic fire killed nineteen-year-old chambermaid Grace Hadley. With Grace gleefully haunting the halls, a staff harboring all kinds of secrets, and Lizbet’s own romantic uncertainty, is the Hotel Nantucket destined for success or doom? Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           13898    HEALER’S PROMISE         BELLER, MISTY M.           

Levi Masters’s time as a British spy hasn’t ended, though his country’s war with America has. Overhearing a scout reveal a discovery that could give America an upper hand in future conflicts, Levi is sent to investigate. While trekking through the Canadian Rockies, he is convicted about his life of lies and half-truths. But just as he decides to embrace truth at any cost, warriors from a hidden mountain village take him captive. Village healer Audrey Moreau is more curious than afraid of the outsider. And she’s drawn to his commitment to honesty even at his own expense. But despite her arguments, the council decides he’s too great a risk. Compelled to help him escape, she sneaks him out of the village. But when Levi faces a life-threatening injury and the fierce mountain winter closes in, Levi and Audrey are forced to discover just how far they’ll go to ensure the safety of the other and the love growing between them. Unrated. 2022. 


“It’s early May in the small English village of Finch and the air is crackling with excitement: a newcomer is about to move into Pussywillows, a riverside cottage with a romantic reputation. Will the cottage’s newest resident prove yet again its enchanting ability to matchmake? But when Crispin Windle arrives, no one knows what to make of him: seemingly a loner, he repels every welcoming gesture and appears altogether uninterested in being a part of the community. Soon, the townspeople have all but dismissed him. Only Lori and Tommy Prescott, a young army veteran who recently moved to Finch, refuse to give up. They orchestrate a chance meeting that leads to a startling discovery: a set of overgrown ruins. They are, Aunt Dimity shares, the remains of a Victorian woolen mill that once brought prosperity to Finch. As the three explore, they stumble upon the unmarked graves of children who died working at the mill. Heartbroken, Lori, Tommy, and Mr. Windle get to work on the seemingly impossible task of identifying the children to give them a proper burial. And as Mr. Windle works tirelessly to name the forgotten children, he slowly begins to open up–giving the romantic cottage a chance to heal his heart as well.”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.


“Devastated by the loss of his young wife-and the life he’d always thought would be his-Sam Legend II has done everything he can to make a fresh start. As a bladesmith, all he needs is a bed, a hot fire, and enough distance from his famous family to finally indulge in a little peace and quiet. So what if it’s almost Christmas? This year, he’s happy just keeping to himself. But then fiery Cheyenne Ronan comes blasting into his home, and any notion of peace goes flying out the door. Cheyenne’s like no one Sam has ever met-and from the moment he first catches her eye, his quiet life is anything but. Now he’s hunting wanted men with the Texas Rangers, decking every hall, and sharing passionate embraces with the woman who’s set his world alight. For the first time in what feels like forever, Sam’s facing Christmas feeling like his life is full of meaning again-and that with Cheyenne by his side, love can be the stuff of Legend”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13906    CHAIN OF COMMAND   CAMERON, MARC           

A shadowy billionaire needs President Jack Ryan out of the way to implement an ambitious plan, and he knows that Jack’s biggest weakness is his family. As such, the billionaire assembles an international team of mercenaries to kidnap the First Lady. Sequel to Tom Clancy Target Acquired (DB 103879). Unrated. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2021. Variant title: At head of title: Tom Clancy. Related names:  Clancy, Tom, 1947-2013, creator.        

LB           13907    CITY OF TIME AND MAGIC            BRACKSTON, PAULA      

“Xanthe must choose from three treasures that sing to her; a beautiful writing slope, a mourning brooch of heartbreaking detail, and a gorgeous gem-set hat pin. All call her, but the wrong one could take her on a mission other than that which she must address first, and the stakes could not be higher. While her earlier mission to Regency England had been a success, the journey home resulted in Liam being taken from her, spirited away to another time and place. Xanthe must follow the treasure that will take her to him if he is not to be lost forever. Xanthe is certain that Mistress Flyte has Liam and determined to find them both. But when she discovers Lydia Flyte has been tracking the actions of the Visionary Society, a group of ruthless and unscrupulous Spinners who have been selling their talents to a club of wealthy clients, Xanthe realizes her work as a Spinner must come before her personal wishes. The Visionary Society is highly dangerous and directly opposed to the creed of the Spinners. Their actions could have disastrous consequences as they alter the authentic order of things and change the future. Xanthe knows she must take on the Society. It will require the skills of all her friends, old and new, to attempt such a thing, and not all of them will survive the confrontation that follows”–Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.           


1875. The escalating rivalry between the two major railroad companies takes a dangerous–and deadly–turn when a train is deliberately derailed. Many are killed. More are injured. And Marshal Samuel Pritchard’s longtime friend is crippled for life. The mastermind behind the train wreck claims to be the infamous Civil War criminal Jem Rupe, aka “The Trainwrecker of Platte Bridge.” There’s just one problem: Rupe has been dead for ten years…With an oath of vengeance on his lips–and a pair of Colt .45s on his hips–Pritchard sets off to find the trainwrecking fiend, whether it’s really Jem Rupe or some copy-cat maniac. Either way, he’ll have to ride the rails with some pretty deranged characters–crooked railroad tycoons, ruthless bounty hunters, trigger-happy gunfighters–before he reaches the end of the line. There’s just one way to stop a mass transit murderer…and that’s dead in his tracks. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13909    BULLET FOR A RANGER  GRIFFIN, JAMES J.           

Jim Blawcyzk is in jail in the town of Quitaque, Texas, accused of murdering a saloon girl. Someone in the town wants Blawcyzk out of the way at all costs. With his trial fast approaching, and everyone in town convinced of his guilt, Jim must somehow find a way from his jail cell to prove his innocence, and fast. With his only ally the town padre, the task appears impossible even for the resourceful Blawcyzk. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13910    MAN OF LEGEND              BRODAY, LINDA

Crockett Legend has always loved Paisley Mahone, but a family feud sure can ruin a romance. When her father turned against the powerful Legend clan, she took her family’s side and broke Crockett’s heart into pieces. Now her father’s dead and Paisley and her last remaining brother are convinced the Legends are to blame. Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13914    EVER CONSTANT              PETERSON, TRACIE         

“On the surface, Whitney Powell is happy working with her sled dogs, but her life is full of complications that push her over the edge. When sickness spreads in outlying villages, Dr. Peter Cameron turns to Whitney and her dogs for help navigating the deep snow, and together they discover that sometimes it’s only in weakness you can find strength”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Woodhouse, Kimberley, 1973- author.      

LB           13915    FACE TO DIE FOR              JOHANSEN, IRIS

“Archaeologist Riley Smith has been obsessed with Helen of Troy since she was a small girl, trailing her professor father all over the world in search of the tomb of the world’s most beautiful woman. Professor Smith put his life on the line to prove that, instead of a myth, Helen had been a living, breathing queen. Riley seeks the help of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, who has the unusual skills necessary to recreate the face that launched a thousand ships–revealing Helen’s true appearance for the first time in history. But convincing Eve to take on the challenge will be difficult because her efforts could come at great personal risk to her and her family… Tomb raiders have murdered Riley’s father, and now she is more determined than ever to reach the burial site first, avenge his death, and enlist Eve’s aid. Also on hand to help is dashing fixer and treasure hunter Michael Cade, but could he have his own secret agenda when it comes to finding Helen? Now both Riley and Eve are in danger and in a race across one of the most remote parts of the world. All they have is their trust in each other and their belief in a dream as they hunt for Helen.” — Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.


“From the New York Times bestselling author of To Sir, With Love and the Central Park Pact series comes a reverse My Fair Lady tale about a pampered Manhattan socialite who must teach an unpolished drifter from the Louisiana Bayou how to fit in with New York City’s upper crust. Somewhere between antagonistic dinner parties and tortured tux fittings, this pair of polar opposites slowly find a begrudging respect for one another–and perhaps even something more–as they adventure through the city that never sleeps”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.       

LB           13901    YOU MADE A FOOL OF DEATH WITH YOUR BEAUTY           EMEZI, AKWAEKE            

“A New York Times bestselling author, National Book Award finalist, and “one of our greatest living writers” (Shondaland) reimagines the love story in this fresh and seductive novel about a young woman seeking joy while healing from loss. Feyi Adekola wants to learn how to be alive again. It’s been five years since the accident that killed the love of her life and she’s almost a new person now-an artist with her own studio, and sharing a brownstone apartment with her ride-or-die best friend, Joy, who insists it’s time for Feyi to ease back into the dating scene. Feyi isn’t ready for anything serious, but a steamy encounter at a rooftop party cascades into a whirlwind summer she could have never imagined: a luxury trip to a tropical island, decadent meals in the glamorous home of a celebrity chef, and a major curator who wants to launch her art career. She’s even started dating the perfect guy, but their new relationship might be sabotaged before it has a chance by the dangerous thrill Feyi feels every time she locks eyes with the one person in the house who is most definitely off-limits. This new life she asked for just got a lot more complicated, and Feyi must begin her search for real answers. Who is she ready to become? Can she release her past and honor her grief while still embracing her future? And, of course, there’s the biggest question of all-how far is she willing to go for a second chance at love? Akwaeke Emezi’s vivid and passionate writing takes us deep into a world of possibility and healing, and the constant bravery of choosing love against all odds”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13903    BLUE SUMMER NICHOLS, JIM, 1949-       

“At forty, Cal Shaw has seen better days, that’s for sure, but it wasn’t always like this. He grew up with his brother, Alvin, and his sister Julia, in the small Maine town of Baxter, confident in his own capabilities, especially regarding music. He took his happy life for granted, as lucky children often do. But everything changed when he was ten and his dad died in a freak accident. Soon, trouble, mostly in the form of a violent stepfather, found a home-his home. As an escape, the Shaw kids turned to music lessons with family friend Uncle Gus, but it turns out no one can escape the violence and grief that rains down on the Shaws. Blue Summer is the story of the Shaw family’s undoing, and Cal’s struggle to grow up in a world determined to break him. Even his music threatens to take him down with booze-filled nights and one-night stands. As Cal tries to make sense of his existence, living as far away from his family as he can, a snippet of melody comes to him-timeless and haunting. But before he can finish it, his past asserts itself with a phone call that Uncle Gus is dying and it’s time to come home and face an altogether different kind of music. In this story, author Jim Nichols writes a riveting coming-of-age novel that examines the melancholy fate of a boy torn apart by loss and domestic abuse, and the justice he eventually delivers, all the while writing a beautiful melody to counter it all, a song he calls ‘Blue Summer.'”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13904    MY HEART IS A CHAINSAW          JONES, STEPHEN GRAHAM, 1972-             

In a quickly gentrifying rural town, tourists begin to die, and the tension between the community and the celebrity newcomers heads to a tipping point. Protected by her encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, Jade, of Blackfoot descent, hopes it is enough to help her survive. Violence and strong language. 2021.

LB           13600    CHOCTAW TRAIL               LEWIS, PRESTON             

Killing time in his garden outside Fort Smith, Arkansas retired US Marshal Doyle Hardy has softened up some. The brutal double murder in Shacktown shapes him up fast. Suddenly, re-deputized, he follows a trail that snakes from owlhoot whorehouses to moonshine shacks, dogged by vicious outlaws with old scores to settle. Riding the treacherous Choctaw Trail, he is sworn to ferret out the heartless killer, the hell-raiser who will force him to face the hardest truth and make the toughest choices. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13923    SWEET LIFE         FISHER, SUZANNE WOODS          

Dawn Dixon can hardly believe she’s on a groomless honeymoon on beautiful Cape Cod with her mother. Sure, Marnie Dixon is good company, but Dawn was supposed to be here with Kevin, the love of her life (or so she thought). Marnie Dixon needs some time away from the absolute realness of life as much as her jilted daughter does, and she’s not about to let her only child suffer alone–even if Marnie herself had been doing precisely that for the past month. Given the circumstances, maybe it was inevitable that Marnie would do something as rash as buy a run-down ice-cream shop in the town’s tightly regulated historic district. After all, everything’s better with ice cream. Her exasperated daughter knows that she’s the one who will have to clean up this mess. Even when her mother’s impulsive real estate purchase brings Kevin back into her life, Dawn doesn’t get her hopes up. Everyone knows that broken romances stay broken…don’t they? Welcome to a summer of sweet surprises on Cape Cod–a place where dreams just might come true. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13925    SWEET GOODBYE CORBETT, RON, 1959-

“In this thrilling new series from Edgar-nominated author Ron Corbett, the most dangerous predator in the Maine wilderness walks on two feet-and it is Danny Barrett’s job to bring him down. Something is not right in the North Maine Woods. A small family-run lumber company should not have more than two hundred million unaccountable dollars on their books. Money like that comes from moving something other than wood across the border. The first agent the FBI sent undercover was their best man-sure to get the answers that were needed. He was dead within a month. Now, Danny Barrett is taking his place. Before he was a cop, Danny grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan. He is the only chance the feds have of getting answers, but how many more will have to die first?”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13919    SHADOWS OF BERLIN     GILLHAM, DAVID R.        

1955 in New York City: the city of instant coffee, bagels at Katz’s Deli, new-fangled TVs. But in the Perlmans’ walk-up in Chelsea, the past is as close as the present. Rachel came to Manhattan in a wave of displaced Jews who managed to survive the horrors of war. Her Uncle Fritz fleeing with her, Rachel hoped to find freedom from her pain in New York and in the arms of her new American husband, Aaron. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13920    SUMMER LOVE THAYER, NANCY, 1943- 

When four strangers rent bargain-basement rooms in an old hotel near the beach, they embark on the summer of their lives. First there’s Ariel Spencer, who has big dreams of becoming a writer and is looking for inspiration in Nantucket’s high society. Her new friend Sheila Murphy is a good Catholic girl from Ohio whose desire for adventure is often shadowed by her apprehension. Then there’s small-town Missourian Wyatt Smith, who’s immediately taken with Ariel. The last of the four, Nick Volkov, is looking to make a name for himself and have a blast along the way. Despite their differences, the four bond over trips to the beach, Wednesday-night dinners, and everything that Nantucket has to offer. But venturing out on their own for the first time, with all its adventure and risks, could change the course of their lives. Unrated. 2022.


As the daughter of the famed blue-skinned Troublesome Creek packhorse librarian, Honey and her family have been hiding in the Kentucky mountains from the law all her life. But when her mother and father are imprisoned, Honey realizes she must fight to stay free, or risk being sent away for good. Sequel to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek (DB 95243). Unrated. 2022.


LB           13839    HOUSE OF STICKS: A MEMOIR    TRAN, LY, 1989-

Ly Tran is just a toddler in 1993 when she and her family immigrate from a small town along the Mekong River in Vietnam to a two-bedroom railroad apartment in Queens. Ly’s father spent nearly a decade as a POW, and their resettlement is made possible through a humanitarian program run by the US government. Unrated. 2021.          

LB           13870    IN LOVE: A MEMOIR OF LOVE AND LOSS                 BLOOM, AMY, 1953-       

The author describes the painful journey of slowly losing her beloved husband when they discovered he had developed Alzheimer’s disease. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.


In the spring of 1864, President Lincoln feared that he might not be able to save the Union. The Army of the Potomac had performed poorly over the previous two years, and many Northerners were understandably critical of the war effort. Lincoln assumed he’d lose the November election, and he firmly believed a Democratic successor would seek peace immediately, spelling an end to the Union. A Fire in the Wilderness tells the story of that perilous time when the future of the United States depended on the Union Army’s success in a desolate forest roughly sixty-five miles from the nation’s capital. Unrated. 2021.              

LB           13851    MY BROKEN LANGUAGE: A MEMOIR       HUDES, QUIARA ALEGRIA            

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and co-writer of In the Heights reflects on her experiences growing up with her Puerto Rican family in Philadelphia. She explores her own sense of home, memory, and belonging, and recounts her fight to become an artist in order to capture the world she loved. Strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex. 2021.             

LB           13863    IS THIS ANYTHING?         SEINFELD, JERRY              

The world-famous comedian and star of TV’s Seinfeld has selected his favorite material from his long career in stand-up and acting, organized decade by decade. The selections show the evolution of one of his comedy styles and insights into the unforgiving art of writing stand-up comedy. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2020.               


Author of The Sixth Extinction (DB 78463) presents an examination of whether or not humans can change nature with the intent to save it. Uses case studies to illustrate points including work to preserve the world’s rarest fish, turning carbon emissions into stone, and genetically engineering corals. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13874    SPEAK, OKINAWA: A MEMOIR    BRINA, ELIZABETH MIKI, 1981-   

“A searing, deeply candid memoir about a young woman’s journey to understanding her complicated parents–her father a Vietnam veteran, her mother an Okinawan war bride–and her own, fraught cultural heritage. Elizabeth’s mother was working as a nightclub hostess on U.S.-occupied Okinawa when she met the American soldier who would become her husband. The language barrier and power imbalance that defined their early relationship followed them to the predominantly white, upstate New York suburb where they moved to raise their only daughter. There, Elizabeth grew up with the trappings of a typical American childhood and adolescence. Yet, even though she felt almost no connection to her mother’s distant home, she also felt out of place among her peers. Decades later, Elizabeth comes to recognize the shame and self-loathing that haunt both her and her mother, and attempts a form of reconciliation, not only to come to terms with the embattled dynamics of her family but also to reckon with the injustices that reverberate throughout the history of Okinawa and its people. Clear-eyed and profoundly humane, Speak, Okinawa is a startling accomplishment–a heartfelt exploration of identity, inheritance, forgiveness, and what it means to be an American”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2021.           


A history of blindness across art, literature, and culture, exploring how blindness has been used throughout time as a metaphor for both ignorance and transcendence. Through detailed analysis and autobiographical examples, the author presents connections to the science of blindness, accessibility developments, and humanity’s larger understanding of the world. Includes supplemental material. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2021. Variant title: Personal and cultural history of blindness.


Memoir of actress famous for her roles in TV shows including Cagney and Lacey. She describes her complicated family, her struggles with alcoholism, and her fear of romantic commitment as well as her encounters with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Unrated. 2021.


Fresh out of medical residency, Dr. Benjamin Gilmer joined a rural North Carolina clinic only to find that its previous doctor shared his last name. Dr. Vince Gilmer was loved and respected by the community–right up until he strangled his ailing father and then returned to the clinic for a regular week of work. Vince’s eventual arrest for murder shocked his patients. Could their beloved doctor be capable of such violence? The deeper Benjamin looked into Vince’s case, the more he became obsessed with discovering what pushed a good man toward darkness. Unrated. 2022.


Explores how the music of Dolly Parton and other prominent women country artists has both reflected and validated the harsh realities of rural working-class American women. Shows Parton’s evolution as an artist, businesswoman, and icon. Some strong language. 2020.           


Former Uber employee chronicles her experiences working for the technology company, including the sexual harassment and retaliation she experienced as an entry-level engineer. Discusses her attempts to address issues within the workplace, going public, and continued harassment. Examines the impact on her life and career. Strong language and some violence. 2020. Variant title: Whistle Blower: My Journey to Silicon Valley and Fight for Justice at Uber.


What is it like to fall in love through the bars of a prison cell? Elizabeth Greenwood spent five years investigating relationships between incarcerated people and their spouses on the outside. She profiled couples whose love through incarceration runs the gamut in terms of sexual orientation, race, and circumstances of their incarceration. A sort of Modern Love: Prison Edition, LOVE LOCKDOWN shows the authentic faces of the husbands and wives supporting some of the 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13881    FAIREST: A MEMOIR       TALUSAN, MEREDITH    

A coming-of-age memoir from a Filipino trans woman with albinism whose story travels from an immigrant childhood to navigating the complex spheres of race, class, sexuality, and more at Harvard. Explicit descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2020.


A historian traces the life of a simple cotton bag passed down through three generations of Black women. She describes the role the bag played in each of their lives, reflecting on the experiences of slavery and uncertain freedom that so many women faced. Unrated. 2021. Variant title: Journey of Ashley’s sack, a black family keepsake.          


When Connecticut veterinarian Melissa Shapiro gets a call about a tiny deaf, blind puppy rescued from a hoarding situation in need of fostering, she doesn’t hesitate to say “yes.” Little does she know how that decision will transform her, her family, and legions of admirers destined to embrace the saga of the indomitable pink pup. Unrated. 2021.


“A definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the seventieth anniversary of her reign by a renowned royal biographer.”–Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.


“New York Times bestselling author Laurence Leamer reveals the complex web of relationships and scandalous true stories behind Truman Capote’s never-published final novel, Answered Prayers–the dark secrets, tragic glamour, and Capote’s ultimate betrayal of the group of female friends he called his “swans.””– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.    


“95 percent of the men and women who go to prison are eventually released. But then what? A gripping work of immersion reporting for readers of Evicted and Maid, Free shines a spotlight on the rollercoaster of re-entry: the exuberance of freedom, the rules and regulations that make you feel like you’re still in prison, the often dispiriting work of looking for employment and housing, and more. Veteran reporter Lauren Kessler follows six individuals whose diverse stories paint a portrait of the search for redemption that many former inmates face as they fight to rebuild their lives”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022


“The incredible true story of John “Lucky” Luckadoo, who survived 25 missions as a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot in WWII. When Second Lieutenant John “Lucky” Luckadoo-a wide-eyed 21-year-old assigned to the Eighth Air Force’s 100th Bomb Group-arrived in England, “Axis Sally,” an American broadcaster employed by Nazi Germany to disseminate propaganda during World War II, welcomed his squadron by name. “This isn’t your war,” she told them. “You don’t have any business being here, but as long as you’re here we’re going to teach you a lesson.” And they did. Kevin Maurer’s Damn Lucky tells the true story of “Lucky” Luckadoo who flew some of the deadliest missions of World War II during the bloodiest military campaign in aviation history. Lucky served with the 100th Bomber Group during the early days of the bombing of France and Germany from England. His story starts with his quest to join the Royal Air Force with his best friend before the war, through 25 missions in combat over Germany to the one mission-a raid over Bremen-where Luckadoo felt like his luck had run out. The statistical chances for a heavy Bomber crew in Europe to be lost on a mission were 1-in-10. At a 25-mission tour of duty, statistically, once a flyer made it to 10 missions they were literally on borrowed time. Anyone who served a full tour and survived was remarkably lucky. Drawn from Lucky’s firsthand accounts, acclaimed war correspondent and bestselling author Kevin Maurer delves into this extraordinary tale, uncovering astonishing accounts of bravery during an epic clash in the skies over Nazi Germany”– Provided by publisher. Unrated. 2022.


LB           13892    LION OF MARS  HOLM, JENNIFER L.         

Bell has spent his whole life–all eleven years of it–on Mars. When a virus breaks out in their colony and the grown-ups all fall ill, Bell and the other children are the only ones who can help. For grades 3-6. 2021.

New Large Print Books Added in June 2022


LB           13800    DARKEST PLACE                MARGOLIN, PHILLIP       

Defense attorney–and former MMA fighter–Robin Lockwood is becoming known for her innovative and successful defense strategies. As a favor to a judge, she takes on a pro bono case. But this case has deep implications that will lead her to going home and getting involved in another case. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13801    THIRD GRAVE    JACKSON, LISA 

Crime writer Nikki and her police detective husband Reed are at odds over Nikki’s need to involve herself in police business after a hurricane reveals a hidden grave site. When DNA reveals the two bodies are of missing sisters, Nikki must find the third sister. Violence and strong language. 2021. Variant title: 3rd grave.   

LB           13799    WITH LOVE FROM LONDON         JIO, SARAH         

When Valentina Baker was only eleven years old, her mother, Eloise, unexpectedly fled to her native London, leaving Val and her father on their own in California. Now a divorced librarian in her thirties, Val receives word that Eloise has died, leaving Val her mother’s apartment and bookshop. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13802    SECRET OF SNOW            SHIPMAN, VIOLA            

When Sonny Dunes, a California meteorologist, is replaced by a virtual meteorologist that will never age or renegotiate its contract, the only station willing to give the fifty-year-old another shot is her northern Michigan hometown. She will have to get reacquainted with the freezing winters and face painful memories. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13803    MAGIC OF FOUND OBJECTS         DAWSON, MADDIE         

Phronsie Linnelle was conceived at Woodstock in a serendipitous liaison between a free-spirited hippie and a farmer’s son and was born with magical wonder flickering in her DNA and rationality knit into her bones. All her life she’s been torn between the two. But now that she’s been betrayed by both love and the mother she once idolized, her rational side is winning. So when her best friend from childhood proposes that they give up on romance and marry each other, Phronsie agrees. Who better to spend your life with than your best friend? Unrated. 2022.

LB           13804    SAINTS OF SWALLOW HILL            EVERHART, DONNA        

During the Great Depression, wretched labor camps crop up in remote areas of the expansive pine forests throughout the American South. Destitute workers live and toil under terrible conditions to harvest pine gum, hacking into tree trunks, drawing out the sticky sap that gives the Tar Heel State its nickname, and hauling it to stills to be refined into turpentine. Subsistence living means racking up huge debts they are forced to work off, creating an endless cycle of labor and debt. But for the most desperate among America’s vast unemployed, these camps are often the last and only option. Unrated. 2022.        

LB           13805    DEATH & TEXAS: A NOVEL OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER                 JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

The great state of Texas is a land of opportunity. For outlaws. And horse thieves. And cattle rustlers. Not to mention bank robbers, train robbers, and anything-that-ain’t-nailed-down robbers. The state’s governor, Richard B. Hubbard, is at the end of his rope. He wants to clean up Texas once and for all–and he’s desperate enough to try something crazy: hire a man who can do what the Texas Rangers can’t. Unrated. 2022.       

LB           13807    SHADOW BOX    RICE, LUANNE  

After artist Claire Beaudry Chase is attacked and left for dead in her home, she trusts no one–especially her governor-candidate husband, Griffin. The art installation she was preparing before the attack included an item that clearly accused Griffin of a twenty-five-year-old violent crime. Violence and strong language. 2021.         

LB           13808    VIOLENT STORM               JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

There’s a storm brewing in Oklahoma Territory, and this time, it’s deadly serious. Local cattle ranches are being targeted by Texas rustlers–and the only man who can keep it from turning into a bloodbath is U.S. Deputy Marshal Will Tanner. The newly married lawman hates to leave his beautiful bride Sophie, but duty calls–for better or worse. In Tanner’s experience, it’s usually worse. An unexpected confrontation with outlaws is just the bloody beginning. Then an escaped convict catches wind of the fact that Tanner killed his brother. Now Will’s really in the crosshairs. Tanner knows he’s riding straight into a perfect storm of vengeance and slaughter, with only one way to end it–a hailstorm of hot lead. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Johnstone, J.A., author.    

LB           13809    WHISPERING HEARTS     ANDREWS, V.C. (VIRGINIA C.)    

Renowned for her singing across the English countryside, Emma is tired of performing only in pubs and at church services. She’s determined to leave her misty hometown for the dazzling streets of New York City. She’ll become a Broadway star, or die trying. Her father, stubborn and full of rage, disowns her on the spot. But with her heart set on a glittering future that she’ll do anything to achieve, she walks out of the door and into a new life. But when she arrives, her fate is not what she imagined. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13811    ENEMY AT THE GATES    FLYNN, VINCE, 1966-2013             

CIA operative Mitch Rapp is tasked with a special assignment to protect the world’s first trillionaire, Nicholas Ward, while luring in the mole who is targeting Ward. Rapp and CIA director Irene Kennedy are dragged into the secretive world in which governments, multinational corporations, and the hyper-wealthy trade in power. Sequel to Total Power (DB 100955). Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Variant title: At head of title: Vince Flynn. Related names:  Mills, Kyle, 1966- author.   

LB           13810    HONOR                 UMRIGAR, THRITY N.     

Indian American journalist Smita has reluctantly returned to India to cover a story. As she follows the case of Meena–a Hindu woman attacked for marrying a Muslim man–Smita comes face to face with a society where tradition carries more weight than one’s own heart. Violence and strong language. 2022.

LB           13812    MAGICIAN          TOIBIN, COLM, 1955-     

Fictional biography of writer Thomas Mann. In a provincial German city at the turn of the twentieth century, Thomas grows up with a conservative father and an unpredictable Brazilian mother. Young Mann hides his artistic aspirations from his father and his homosexual desires from everyone. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13813 CHASE     FOX, CANDICE  

In response to a hostage situation, more than six hundred inmates from the Pronghorn Correctional Facility–including those on death row–are released into the Nevada Desert. One, John Kradle, is searching for the truth behind what happened to his wife and son. Evading law enforcement, he tries to prove his innocence. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13814    LISTENING STILL                GRIFFIN, ANNE, 1969-   

Jeanie Masterson has a gift: she can hear the recently dead and give voice to their final wishes and revelations. Inherited from her father, this gift has enabled the family undertakers to flourish in their small Irish town. Yet she has always been uneasy about censoring some of the dead’s last messages to the living. Unsure, too, about the choice she made when she left school seventeen years ago: to stay or leave for a new life in London with her charismatic teenage sweetheart. So when Jeanie’s parents unexpectedly announce their plan to retire, she is jolted out of her limbo. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13817    TIDE OF THE MERMAID TEARS    MCCLURE, MARCIA LYNN           

Ember Taffee had always lived with her mother and sister in the little cottage by the sea. Her father had once lived there too, but the deep had claimed his life long ago. Still, her existence was a happy one, and Ember found joy, imagination, and respite in the sea and the trinkets it would leave for her on the sand. Unrated. 2022.     


October 1944: In the long, narrow undressing rooms in Auschwitz-Birkenau, prisoner Jakub Bak toils under the scrutiny of SS guards. Like other members of the Sonderkommando, Jakub was selected on arrival for an unthinkable job: sorting through the clothes of the dead and moving their bodies from the gas chambers to the crematoriums. In this hell within a hell, Jakub clings to the promise he made to his murdered father–to live, at any cost–and to the moments he is able to spend in the company of Anna, imprisoned in the women’s camp. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13819    LAST GREEN VALLEY: A NOVEL    SULLIVAN, MARK T.        

In late March 1944, as Stalin’s forces push into Ukraine, young Emil and Adeline Martel decide they must run in retreat from their land with murderous Nazi officers they despise to escape the Soviets and go in search of freedom. Strong language and some violence. 2021.           

LB           13820    ACCOMPLICE: A NOVEL LUTZ, LISA          

Charmingly privileged Owen Mann and cautiously secretive Luna Grey become best friends in college. They are so close, people wonder why they aren’t a couple. They’re still best friends when Luna finds Owen’s wife brutally murdered. Luna must confront secrets of their past to find the truth. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13821    FASTEST WAY TO FALL   WILLIAMS, DENISE, 1982-             

Britta Colby works for a lifestyle website, assigned to write about her experience with a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal coaching. It’s an opportunity to prove she should write for the site full time, but her coach is the CEO of the company behind the app. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13822    LIVING AND THE LOST    FELDMAN, ELLEN, 1941-               

Millie (Meike) Mosbach and her brother, David, manage to escape to the States just before Kristallnacht, leaving their parents and little sister in Berlin. Millie attends Bryn Mawr on a special scholarship for non-Aryan German girls and graduates to a magazine job in Philadelphia. David enlists in the army and is eventually posted to the top-secret Camp Ritchie in Maryland, which trains German-speaking men for intelligence work. Unrated. 2022.


Luke Ransom was just eighteen years old when he answered an ad in a St. Louis newspaper that would change his life forever. The American Fur Company needed one hundred enterprising men to travel up the Missouri River–the longest in North America–all the way to its source. They would hunt and trap furs for one, two, or three years. Along the way, they would face unimaginable hardships: grueling weather, wild animals, hunger, exhaustion, and hostile attacks by the Blackfeet and Arikara. Luke Ransom was one of the brave men chosen for the job — and one of the few to survive… Unrated. 2021.         

LB           13825    TO HAVE AND TO HOAX                 WATERS, MARTHA, 1988-             

Five years ago, Lady Violet Grey and Lord James Audley met, fell in love, and got married. Four years ago, they had a fight to end all fights, and have barely spoken since. Unrated. 2021.         

LB           13826    ISLAND      MCKINTY, ADRIAN    

After moving from a small country town to Seattle, Heather Baxter marries Tom, a widowed doctor with a young son and teenage daughter. A working vacation overseas seems like the perfect way to bring the new family together, but once they’re deep in the Australian outback, the jet-lagged and exhausted kids are so over their new mom. When they discover remote Dutch Island, off-limits to outside visitors, the family talks their way onto the ferry. But as soon as they set foot on the island, which is run by a tightly knit clan of locals, everything feels wrong. Then a shocking accident propels the Baxters from an unsettling situation into an absolute nightmare. Unrated. 2022.       


Contains “The Buffalo Trace” by Larry D. Sweazy, “Two Old Comanches” by Johnny D. Boggs, “Fire Mountain” by Michael Zimmer, and “Bloodline” by Matthew P. Mayo. Unrated. 2021.  

LB           13823    AMERICAN ODYSSEY: A GHOST RIFLE WESTERN                  MCCOY, MAX    

Ten years have passed since Jack Picaro lost his Ghost Rifle — the firearm he invented, the one that never missed its target. The loss of the rifle calmed the hellraiser in his soul. Instead of returning to the gambling halls and whiskey bars of St. Louis, Jack has spent the last decade as a fur trapper in Wyoming’s Wild River Range, married to Sky, the daughter of an Arikara war chief, and father of two. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13599    CITY OF THE DEAD                      KELLERMAN, JONATHAN 

Two burly movers are heading back into Los Angeles from the dusty wasteland of Ojai when they hit a man–a naked man who appears out of nowhere. Master detective Milo Sturgis is called to the scene and senses immediately that something is amiss. Milo realizes there’s no way to identify this body. There’s no ID. The victim could be anybody. And that’s when Milo calls upon psychologist Alex Delaware. Unrated. 2022. 

LB           13598    COWBOY AND THE SCALLYWAG                 TYLER, BEN        

Coley Briggs is a 34-year-old cattleman in 1881 Kansas who finds himself faced with mounting debts at his Circle B Ranch. The former Dodge City lawman must quickly find a way to fill the ranch’s coffers or lose the spread. Briggs’s fortunes take an unexpected turn when he encounters a young woman named Anna Holden who is on a dangerous personal mission. Anna makes Briggs an offer that could be the solution to his problems, but can he trust the beautiful, secretive Anna? Unrated. 2021.            


Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is returning to Virginia as the chief medical examiner. Neglect and corruption plague the agency, but her attention is soon captured by the murder of a woman close to her own neighborhood. A catastrophe in outer space causes her to be called to the White House. Strong language and some violence. 2021.               

LB           13604    BLACK CAKE        WILKERSON, CHARMAINE           

In present-day California, Eleanor Bennett’s death leaves behind a puzzling inheritance for her two estranged children, Byron and Benny: a traditional Caribbean black cake and a voice recording. In the message, she shares the story of escaping her island home under suspicion of murder. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022. 

LB           13605    DISAPPEARED: A JOE PICKETT NOVEL       BOX, C.J.             

Wyoming’ s new governor has a job for Joe Pickett that is extremely delicate. A prominent female British executive never came home from a high-end guest ranch, and the British Embassy is pressing hard. Meanwhile, Joe’s friend Nate Romanowski has asked him to intervene with the feds on behalf of falconers. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2018.


Elphaba’s granddaughter, Rain, washes ashore on a foreign island. Comatose from crashing into the sea, Rain is taken in by a community of single women committed to obscure devotional practices. As the mainland of Maracoor sustains an assault by a foreign navy, the island’s civil-servant overseer struggles to understand how an alien arriving on the shores of Maracoor could threaten the stability and wellbeing of an entire nation. Is it myth or magic at work, for good or for ill? Unrated. 2021.

LB           13597    BURNING QUESTIONS: ESSAYS AND OCCASIONAL PIECES, 2004-2021         ATWOOD, MARGARET, 1939-               

A new collection of essays from Margaret Atwood, the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13593    FAMILY YOU MAKE          SHALVIS, JILL     

During a huge snowstorm, Levi is stranded on a ski lift with a beautiful stranger named Jane. Thinking he is going to die, he calls his mother and impulsively tells her Jane is his girlfriend. When they survive the storm, Levi convinces Jane they need to pretend to be together. Unrated. 2022.            

LB           13607    FIND ME                        BURKE, ALAFAIR    

She calls herself Hope Miller, but she has no idea who she actually is. Fourteen years ago, she was found in a small New Jersey town thrown from an overturned vehicle, with no clue to her identity. Doctors assumed her amnesia was a temporary side effect of her injuries, but she never regained her memory. Hope eventually started a new life with a new name in a new town that welcomed her, yet always wondered what she may have left behind, or been running from… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13594    EVERY   EGGERS, DAVE 

When the world’s largest search engine/social media company, The Circle, merges with the planet’s dominant e-commerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous-and, oddly enough, most beloved-monopoly ever known: The Every. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13591    ONE NIGHT ON THE ISLAND               SILVER, JOSIE              

For her thirtieth birthday, dating columnist Cleo Wilder has booked a stay on a remote Irish island, where she can think about her love life and her career. Unfortunately, a mix-up with the bookings means Mack Sullivan also is expecting to stay at the one-room hideaway. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13592    GAME OF FEAR                  TODD, CHARLES

Spring, 1921. Scotland Yard sends Inspector Ian Rutledge to the sea-battered village of Walmer on the coast of Essex, where amongst the salt flats and a military airfield lies Benton Abbey, a grand manor with a storied past. The lady of the house may prove his most bewildering witness yet. She claims she saw a violent murder–but there is no body, no blood. She also insists she recognized the killer: Captain Nelson. Only it could not have been Nelson because he died during the war. Some violence and some strong language. 2022.

LB           13608    HORSEWOMAN: A NOVEL            PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

Maggie Atwood and her daughter Becky McCabe, both champion horse riders, vowed never to go up against each other in competitions–until the ones leading to the Paris Olympics. Both share the same dream to be the best horsewoman in the world. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022. Related names: Lupica, Mike, author.         

LB           13584    STEAL    PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

When the son of the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund is thought to have committed suicide, but a body hasn’t been found, his father, believing that he is still alive, turns to Dylan Reinhart for help, drawing him into a world of multi-million-dollar secrets and danger. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.      

LB           13590    SILVERVIEW       LE CARRE, JOHN, 1931-2020        

Julian Lawndsley has left a high-flying job in the city for a simpler life running a bookshop in a small English seaside town. A few months later, he is approached by a Polish emigre with dangerous knowledge of Julian’s family. Julian is soon approached by a spy chief. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13620    RECITATIF: A STORY         MORRISON, TONI           

In this short story, two childhood best friends find each other again as adults. Despite contrasting perspectives on everything, the bond of their shared experiences persists. While racial identity is crucial in their relationship, coding to allow readers to identify which woman is white and which is Black is removed. Unrated. 1983. Related names: Smith, Zadie, writer of introduction.     

LB           13615    MIDIGHT LOCK: A LINCOLN RHYME NOVEL            DEAVER, JEFFERY             

When a woman wakes to find that her supposedly impregnable door lock was picked and her personal items rearranged while she slept, the police learn the act is a message of forthcoming carnage. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are brought in to investigate, but they run into roadblocks. Unrated. 2021.


The Rio Grande Valley of the New Mexico Territory and the High Plains of Texas for decades were the domain of Comancheros and marauding bands of renegade Indians. Frank Rule, his wife, Ellen, and their family live in the lawless land near the Rio Grande. Frank is not the average cowboy. Short, bald, and bespectacled, he could easily be mistaken for a clerk in some unsuccessful dry-goods store in a dried-up, godforsaken town… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13621    RUN, ROSE, RUN               PARTON, DOLLY

Every song tells a story. She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her. She’s also on the run. Find a future, lose a past. Nashville could be the place she claims her destiny-or where her yesterdays collide with her tomorrows. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2022. Related names:  Patterson, James, 1947- author.       

LB           13616    NINE LIVES          SWANSON, PETER, 1968-              

Nine strangers receive a list with their names on it in the mail. Nothing else, just a list of names on a single sheet of paper. None of the nine people know or have ever met the others on the list. They dismiss it as junk mail, a fluke–until very, very bad things begin happening to people on the list. Could there be some dark secret that binds them all together? Or is this the work of a murderous madman? Unrated. 2022.  


Silver Cloud, Montana. A mining town welcome to all seeking to make their fortune. And a place where a lawman has to watch his back before some hardcase empties his pistol into it. Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremiah Halstead is escorting notorious outlaw John Hudson across the territory for trial when he’s ambushed by a pack of Hudson’s men anxious to rescue their partner from his custody. Unrated. 2022.     

LB           13835    MURDER IN THE EAST END           ASHLEY, JENNIFER          

When young cook Kat Holloway learns that the children of London’s Foundling Hospital are mysteriously disappearing and one of their nurses has been murdered, she can’t turn away. She enlists the help of her charming and enigmatic confidant Daniel McAdam, who has ties to Scotland Yard, and Errol Fielding, a disreputable man from Daniel’s troubled past, to bring the killer to justice. Their investigation takes them from the grandeur of Mayfair to the slums of the East End, during which Kat learns more about Daniel and his circumstances than she ever could have imagined. Unrated. 2020. 

LB           13834    HADLEY AND GRACE        REDFEARN, SUZANNE  

Needing to escape her abusive marriage, Hadley flees with her two kids, knowing it might be her only chance. A woman who can’t even kill a spider, Hadley soon finds herself pushed to the limits as she fights to protect her family. Unrated. 2022. 


Autumn, 1864. Rebel bushwhackers have seized and looted a small town in Missouri. Wounded and left for dead by his half-brother, seventeen-year-old Owen Wainwright is captured and conscripted by the Confederate Army. As the troops’ blacksmith, he witnesses the horrors of war firsthand: the savagery of General Selby’s Iron Brigade, the massacres of Union troops, the bloody battles at Lexington, Westport, and Mine Creek. Against all odds, Owen survives with the help of an unlikely ally–a new friend in arms and the only person he trusts. But if fate is cruel, war can be crueler… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13600    CHOCTAW TRAIL               LEWIS, PRESTON             

Killing time in his garden outside Fort Smith, Arkansas retired US Marshal Doyle Hardy has softened up some. The brutal double murder in Shacktown shapes him up fast. Suddenly, re-deputized, he follows a trail that snakes from owlhoot whorehouses to moonshine shacks, dogged by vicious outlaws with old scores to settle. Riding the treacherous Choctaw Trail, he is sworn to ferret out the heartless killer, the hell-raiser who will force him to face the hardest truth and make the toughest choices. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13618    PARIS APARTMENT         FOLEY, LUCY (NOVELIST)              

Jess needs a fresh start. She’s broke and alone, and she’s just left her job under less than ideal circumstances. Her half-brother Ben didn’t sound thrilled when she asked if she could crash with him for a bit, but he didn’t say no, and surely everything will look better from Paris. Only when she shows up–to find a very nice apartment, could Ben really have afforded this–he’s not there. The longer Ben stays missing, the more Jess starts to dig into her brother’s situation, and the more questions she has… Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.   

LB           13609    INVISIBLE            STEEL, DANIELLE              

As a child, Antonia Adams learned that the only way to feel safe is to be invisible. Her love of the movies turns into a summer job at a Hollywood studio. There, a famous British filmmaker notices her, and suddenly she can remain invisible no longer. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13583    VIOLETA               ALLENDE, ISABEL             

Violeta comes into the world on a stormy day in 1920, the first girl in a family of five boisterous sons. From the start, her life will be marked by extraordinary events, for the ripples of the Great War are still being felt, even as the Spanish flu arrives on the shores of her South American homeland almost at the moment of her birth… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13612    LOUISIANA LUCKY           PENNELL, JULIE

Lexi, Callie, and Hanna Breaux grew up in small-town Louisiana, and have always struggled to make ends meet. For years, they’ve been playing the lottery, fantasizing about how much better life would be if they had the money. When the incredible happens and the Breaux sisters hit it big–$204 million dollars big–all their dreams come true. Or so they think. Unrated. 2022.           

LB           13595    VIOLIN CONSPIRACY       SLOCUMB, BRENDAN    

Ray McMillian loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician. Not his mother, who thinks he should get a real job, not the fact that he can’t afford a high-caliber violin, not the racism inherent in the classical music world. And when he makes the startling discovery that his great-grandfather’s fiddle is actually a priceless Stradivarius, his star begins to rise… Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13614    MAID: A NOVEL                 PROSE, NITA      

Twenty-five-year-old Molly Gray doesn’t interact well with the world and misses her gran who codified it for her. She has gotten a job as a hotel maid and revels in her orderly duties. When she discovers a dead body in a room, Molly must unravel the real killer’s identity. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           13586    WAHALA              MAY, NIKKI        

A debut novel of female friendship following three Anglo-Nigerian best friends and the lethally glamorous fourth woman who infiltrates their group. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13619    PARIS DETECTIVE: THREE DETECTIVE LUC MONCRIEF THRILLERS                  PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-               

Three stories featuring French detective Luc Moncrief who transfers to the NYPD for a fresh start in “French Kiss.” In “The Christmas Mystery,” he must uncover the thief behind the disappearance of priceless paintings. Moncrief investigates the sudden deaths of women in department stores in “French Twist.” Unrated. 2021. Related names:  DiLallo, Richard, author.

LB           13582    TOBACCO WIVES              MYERS, ADELE  

In 1946 North Carolina, seamstress Maddie Sykes, a dressmaker for Bright Leaf’s most influential women–the wives of powerful tobacco executives, uncovers dangerous truths about this lucrative industry in a place where everyone depends on Big Tobacco to survive. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13611    MAGNOLIA PLACE           DAVIS, FIONA   

Eight months since losing her mother in the Spanish flu outbreak of 1919, twenty-one-year-old artists’ model Lillian Carter’s life has completely fallen apart. When her modeling work dries up and she needs a safe haven, Lillian takes a job as a private secretary for the wealthy Frick family. Unrated. 2022.      



How to Stitch an American Dream recounts Jenny Doan’s journey from raising a family and crafting a life built on faith, love, and laughter to fulfilling her dream of launching the Missouri Star Quilt Company–and revitalizing a small town along the way. 2022. Related names:  Dagostino, Mark, author. 

LB           13815    HAPPY-GO-LUCKY                SEDARIS, DAVID

Back when restaurant menus were still printed on paper, and wearing a mask—or—not was a decision made mostly on Halloween, David Sedaris spent his time doing normal things. As Happy-Go-Lucky opens, he is learning to shoot guns with his sister, visiting muddy flea markets in Serbia, buying gummy worms to feed to ants, and telling his nonagenarian father wheelchair jokes. But then the pandemic hits, and like so many others, he’s stuck in lockdown, unable to tour and read for audiences, the part of his work he loves most. Strong language. Bestseller. 2022.        


For the last fifty years, we have been fighting a losing war on food. We have cut fat, reduced carbs, eliminated sugar, and attempted every conceivable diet only to find that eighty-eight million American adults are prediabetic, more than a hundred million have high blood pressure, and nearly half now qualify as obese. The harder we try to control what we eat, the more unhealthy we become. Why? Unrated. 2022.        

LB           13827    POET WARRIOR                 HARJO, JOY        

In the second memoir from the first Native American to serve as US poet laureate, Joy Harjo invites us to travel along the heartaches, losses, and humble realizations of her “poet-warrior” road. Unrated. 2022.           


It was the signature attraction of Atlantic City’s Steel Pier from the 1930s to the 1970s, the golden age of “America’s Favorite Playground” Doc Carver’s High Diving Horses. Four times a day, seven days a week, a trained horse wearing only a harness ran up a ramp, a diving girl jumped on its back, and they both sailed forty feet through the air, plunging into a ten-foot-deep tank of water. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13829    KING RICHARD: NIXON AND WATERGATE: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY           DOBBS, MICHAEL, 1950-               

In January 1973, Richard Nixon had just been inaugurated after winning re-election in a historic landslide. But by April 1973, his presidency had fallen apart as the Watergate scandal metastasized into what White House counsel John Dean called “a full-blown cancer.” Unrated. 2021.

LB           13601    CALL US WHAT WE CARRY: POEMS           GORMAN, AMANDA, 1998-         

A collection of more than seventy poems written by National Youth Poet Laureate and New York Times bestselling author Amanda Gorman. Reflects on the past, present, and future, exploring history, language, identity, grief, and hope. Includes The Hill We Climb, which was read during the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, in 2021. Bestseller. 2021.


How can you connect better with others? How can you make sense of your frustration, fear, and anxiety? What can you do to live a happier life? The answers lie in understanding your emotions. Journeying from the labs of pioneering scientists to real-world scenarios that have flirted with disaster, Mlodinow shows us how our emotions can help, why they sometimes hurt, and what we can learn in both instances. Unrated. 2022.   


The author of Rising Strong (DB 82324) looks at eighty-seven of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human. As she maps the necessary skills and an actionable framework for meaningful connection, she gives readers tools to access a universe of new choices. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.


From John Douglas–the legendary FBI criminal profiler, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and inspiration for the Netflix show Mindhunter–comes a chilling journey inside the mind and crimes of Larry Gene Bell, one of the most dangerous serial killers Douglas confronted, and the desperate effort to identify and catch him. Unrated. 2022.   

LB           13589    SOUTH TO AMERICA       PERRY, IMANI, 1972-      

The author of May We Forever Stand (DB 96961) journeys through the history, rituals, and landscapes of the American South, providing arguments for why understanding the South is crucial to understanding America. She relays the stories of immigrant communities, artists, enslaved peoples, unsung heroes, and others. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.               


Nearing the age at which his mother had migrated to the U.S., part of the wave of non-Europeans who arrived after immigration quotas were relaxed in 1965, Albert Samaha began to question the ironclad belief in a better future that had inspired her family to uproot themselves from their birthplace. As a rising tide of inequality and discrimination threatened to engulf her, her brother Spanky–a rising pop star back in Manila, now working as a luggage handler at San Francisco airport, his singing carrying no farther than a restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf–and others of their generation, he wondered whether their decision to abandon a middle-class existence in the Philippines had been worth the cost. Unrated. 2021.  


Biologist presents her experiences researching forests in Australia, the United States, Scotland, Malaysia, India, and Ethiopia. Discusses the work she does as a field researcher, the role of trees and forests in combatting climate change, and the different types of arboreal ecosystems. 2021. Variant title: Life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us.            


The authors of Killing Reagan (DB83693) and Killing the SS (DB 92889) recount the clashes between Native Americans and encroaching settlers that raged for decades. They describe Jackson’s battles with the Creek Nation, Monroe’s “sea to shining sea” policy, the Trail of Tears, and more. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2020. Related names: Dugard, Martin, author.               


The first African American actor to win an Oscar recalls his idyllic childhood in the Bahamas, his move to Florida at age fifteen, his early struggles to establish an acting career, and his later successes. Poitier reflects on the family values, ethics and integrity that sustain him. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2007.      


In the 1960s, Edgar Smith, on New Jersey’s death row for the murder of teenager Victoria Zielinski, struck up a correspondence with National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr., beginning a bizarre, tragic tale of midcentury America. Sarah Weinman’s Scoundrel leads readers through the twists of fate and fortune that brought Smith to freedom, celebrity, and eventually prison for attempted murder of another woman. 2022.            

LB           13617    LOST & FOUND: A MEMOIR         SCHULZ, KATHRYN          

Eighteen months before Kathryn Schulz’s beloved father died, she met the woman she would marry. In Lost & Found, she weaves the stories of those relationships into an exploration of how all our lives are shaped by loss and discovery–from the maddening disappearance of everyday objects to the sweeping devastations of war, pandemic, and natural disaster; from finding new planets to falling in love. Unrated. 2022.          


LB           13585    THREE KEYS: A FRONT DESK NOVEL          YANG, KELLY      

Mia Tang is excited about the new school year. Her family just purchased the Calivista Motel and Mia gets to run the front desk with her best friend, Lupe in her spare time! But as it turns out, sixth grade is no picnic. Sequel to Front Desk (DB 91215). 2020.

New Braille Books Added in June 2022


BT           13418    MOVIE STAR MYSTERY: BOXCAR CHILDREN #69              WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER, 1890-1979

When a famous movie star is filming nearby, lots of odd things start to happen. It’s another mystery for the Boxcar Children to solve! For grades 4-7. Unrated. 1999. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                               

BT           13419    AMUSEMENT PARK MYSTERY     WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER, 1890-1979        

The Aldens search for carousel horses that have disappeared from an amusement park. Commercial audiobook. For grades 4-7. 1992. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.             


When Lulu’s parents go on vacation, the formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky comes to babysit. Lulu behaves as badly as possible to get her to leave, until Ms. Solinsky reveals her secret. For grades 2-4. 2014. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                          

BT           13421    ERNIE’S LITTLE LIE            ELLIOTT, DAN    

What should Ernie do when all his Sesame Street friends think that he painted a picture which wasn’t really his? Unrated. For preschool-2 grade. 1983. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.                                                                                                                   

BT           13422    DON’T CRY BIG BIRD       ROBERTS, SARAH            

When Big Bird feels he’s too big to play with his Sesame Street friends, they put their heads together to solve the problem! Unrated. For preschool-2 grade. 1981.  Related names: Children’s Television Workshop. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.                                                                                                                               

BT           13423    ERNIE’S BIG MESS                   ROBERTS, SARAH     

Bert and Ernie argue over Ernie’s messiness, so Ernie looks for another place to live on Sesame Street. Unrated. For preschool-2 grade. 1981. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.                                                                                                                              


Twelve-year-old Daniel Martin is a slow learner who escapes his classmates’ cruel jokes by spending time in the outdoors. When a van crash plunges them into a river, Daniel could use his survival skills to save himself–or risk everything to try to rescue the bullies, too. For grades 6-9. Unrated. 2005. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                          

BT           13424    HERO TWO DOORS DOWN           ROBINSON, SHARON, 1950-        

Eight-year-old Steve Satlow is thrilled when Jackie Robinson moves into his Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1948, although many of his neighbors are not, and when Steve actually meets his hero he is even more excited–and worried that a misunderstanding over a Christmas tree could damage his new friendship. For grades 3-6. Unrated. 2016.  Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                 

BT           13425    COOKCAMP       PAULSEN, GARY

1944. A young boy travels alone on the train from Chicago to northern Minnesota to stay with his Norwegian grandmother, who is the cook for a crew of road builders. The boy’s father is a soldier, and his mother has brought home a man she says is an uncle–but the boy knows better. Grandmother shows him how to help her in the cook trailer, and the large, loud men take him on their huge road-building machines. For grades 5-8. 1991. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                      

BT           13426    SAVING WINSLOW              CREECH, SHARON       

When his father brings home an ailing newborn donkey, Louie names the animal Winslow and decides to take care of him. But everyone worries that Winslow is not going to survive. Commercial audiobook. For grades 3-6. 2018. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                 

BT           13428    CLASS CLOWN   HURWITZ, JOHANNA     

Lucas Cott, the most obstreperous boy in the third grade, finds it very hard to turn over a new leaf when he decides to become the perfect student. For grades 3-6. Unrated. 1987. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                

BT           13429    CLASS PRESIDENT             HURWITZ, JOHANNA     

The campaign is on for president of the fifth-grade class, and the leading contenders are Lucas Cott, the class clown, and Cricket Kaufman, who plans to be the first woman president of the nation. Julio Sanchez, who would love to run for the office but figures he has no chance of winning, is Lucas’s campaign manager. But when Julio shows his leadership abilities, a surprise is in the offing. For grades 3-6. 1990. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                 

BT           13430    BURTON AND DUDLEY    SHARMAT, MARJORIE WEINMAN            

Dudley Possum, who loves to walk, persuades his reluctant friend Burton Possum to join him for a hike. The hike proves to be a test for their friendship and reveals some surprise as well. For preschool-2 grade. 1975. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.                                                                                                                                               

BT           13431    CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE           SELDEN, GEORGE, 1929-               

Befriended by a young man named Mario, a country cricket and his musical talent turn a newsstand in the Times Square subway station into a concert hall for commuters. For grades 3-6. 1960. Newbery Honor book 1961. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                

BT           13432    BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE             DICAMILLO, KATE            

Ten-year-old India Opal and her preacher dad move to a new town in Florida during the summer. Opal is lonely until she adopts a big stray dog she names Winn-Dixie. The two soon make friends with the local librarian, the pet store manager, and a nearly-blind elderly neighbor. For grades 3-6. 2000. Newbery Honor Book. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                             

BT           13434    BRIAN’S RETURN              PAULSEN, GARY

Back in society, going to school and trying to fit in, Brian savagely beats a bully who attacked him. With the help of Caleb, a blind counselor, Brian realizes that he needs to go where he belongs–in the wilderness again. Sequel to “The River” (RC 34751, BR 8844). For grades 6-9 and older readers. 1999. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                 

BT           13441    BAD BEGINNING              SNICKET, LEMONY          

The Baudelaire siblings – Violet, fourteen; Klaus, twelve; and Sunny, a teething toddler – are charming and clever, but “magnets for misfortune.” In short order, they are orphaned, denied access to their inheritance until Violet comes of age, and sent to live with a repulsive relative, Count Olaf. For grades 4-7. Bestseller. 1999. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                          

BT           13433    RAYMIE NIGHTINGALE   DICAMILLO, KATE            

Raymie hopes that if she wins a local beauty pageant her father will come home. As she practices twirling a baton and performing good deeds, she is drawn into an unlikely friendship with a drama queen and a saboteur. For grades 4-7. 2016. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                          

BT           13435    CLEMENTINE      PENNYPACKER, SARA, 1951-       

Third-grader Clementine’s disastrous week includes cutting her fourth-grade friend Margaret’s long hair, chopping off her own hair, and frequenting the principal’s office. Her little brother is the easy child, while Clementine, the difficult child, fears that her parents want to get rid of her. For grades 2-4. 2006. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                

BT           13436    CHARLOTTE’S WEB           WHITE, E.B. (ELWYN BROOKS), 1899-1985             

A little girl who can talk with animals is devoted to Wilbur, the foolishly smug pig, and Charlotte, the beautiful gray spider who works to save Wilbur’s life. A sensitive story for children of all ages as well as adults. For grades 3-6. 1952. Newbery Honor book 1953. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                         

BT           13437    MUDSHARK        PAULSEN, GARY

Principal Wagner confidently deals with a faculty washroom crisis, a psychic parrot, and a terrorizing gerbil, but when all the classroom erasers disappear, he turns to the school’s best problem solver and locator of lost items, twelve-year-old Lyle Williams, aka Mudshark. For grades 3-6. 2009. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                         

BT           13438    CYBIL WAR          BYARS, BETSY CROMER 

Simon learns some hard lessons about friendship when his oldest friend lies about him to Cybil Ackerman, the girl Simon has loved since she stood up to the teacher for him in second grade. For grades 4-7. 1981. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                      

BT           13439    TIME HACKERS  PAULSEN, GARY

When someone uses futuristic technology to play pranks on twelve-year-old Dorso Clayman, he and his best friend set off on a supposedly impossible journey through space and time trying to stop the gamesters who are endangering the universe. Unrated. 2005. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                     

BT           13443    CLEMENTINE, FRIEND OF THE WEEK         PENNYPACKER, SARA, 1951-       

Clementine proudly announces to her family that she was picked Friend of the Week in her third-grade classroom.  But she gets sidetracked from her special duties after fighting with her best friend Margaret and losing her kitten, Moisturizer. Sequel to Clementine’s Letter (DB/RC 67134). For grades 2-4. 2010. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                          

BT           13445    HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY            PATRON, SUSAN             

Hard Pan, California: population forty-three. Convinced that her guardian, Brigitte, wants to return to France, ten-year-old Lucky Trimble runs away during a sandstorm with her dog, HMS Beagle. Lucky encounters her five-year-old neighbor Miles, and the three of them have an adventure. For grades 4-7. 2006. Newbery Medal Winner. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.

JUVENILE NONFICTION                                                                                                               


A collection of 127 madcap poems. Subjects include acrobats, Band-Aids, dancing pants, and sleeping sardines. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 1974. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                         


Biographical sketches of people who showed moral, physical, or spiritual courage to achieve their goals. Profiles athletes, doctors, politicians, writers, lawyers, and entertainers including Eleanor Roosevelt, Norman Vincent Peale, Maya Angelou, Sandra Day O’Connor, Ben Carson, Bill Cosby, and Sammy Sosa. For grades 5-8. 2005. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.                                                                                                                                                


BT           13440    CAPTIVE!             PAULSEN, GARY

Roman Sanchez must overcome his fear and lead the fight for freedom when he and his friends are held hostage in a remote mountain cabin. For senior high readers. 1995. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.                                                                                                          

New Braille Books Added in May 2022


BT           13390    IF I WERE A HIPPO                          

Sturdy board book with fun things to feel throughout, including the animal’s fuzzy tail. For preschool-2 grade. 2013. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.  

BT           13391    IF I WERE A MONKEY                     

Sturdy board book with fun things to feel throughout, including the animal’s fuzzy tail on the back cover. For preschool-2 grade. 2013. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.               

BT           13393 HUMPTY DUMPTY              YOON, SALINA  

Poor Humpty Dumpty has a big fall, but this version ends with a happy twist that children will love! Preschool-2 grade. 2012. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.      

BT           13395    LITTLE BEE           GIBBS, EDWARD              

Simple rhyming text follows a bee through the jungle as a series of creatures, including a hungry frog, a mongoose, and a lion, flee from what frightens them. For preschool-2 grade. 2012. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.       

BT           13401    INFAMOUS RATSOS        LAREAU, KARA 

Rat brothers Louie and Ralphie Ratso try to prove they can be as rough and tough as their father in the Big City, but every time they try, the siblings end up performing good deeds instead. For preschool-2 grade. 2016. Contracted Braille in UEB.   


Sometimes puppy Rosco is a rascal, but he also uses his heroic nature to save his pals, James and Mandy. Unrated. For preschool-2 grade. 2014. Contracted Braille in UEB.         

BT           13400    LULU WALKS THE DOGS                 VIORST, JUDITH

Lulu needs help from a boy named Fleischman if she is to earn money walking her neighbors’ dogs, and she finds out that if she wants her business venture to succeed, she has to be nice. Unrated. For grades 2-4. 2012.  Contracted Braille in UEB.   

BT           13402    TORNADO           BYARS, BETSY CROMER 

Seeking shelter from an approaching tornado, a farm family retreats to the storm cellar. To distract the children from the danger outside, farmhand Pete regales the group with tales from his boyhood about a marvelous dog named Tornado, who could do card tricks and more. Bluebonnet Award Winner, 1998. For preschool-2 grade. 2016. Contracted Braille in UEB.            


Designed for young readers just starting out on their own, this heartwarming book features Pooh and all his friends. It’s harvest season and Rabbit asks all his friends to help him in the garden. For preschool-2 grade. Unrated. 2000. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.


Christmas at Henry and Mudge’s house means family, carols, presents, and good food (with lots falling on the floor for Mudge!) For preschool-2 grade. Unrated. 2004. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.


Five stories about the adventures of two friends: a solemn green frog and a funny brown toad. When Toad loses his button, Frog helps him find it. Later Frog is sick in bed looking green, and Toad brings him some tea and tells him a story. For preschool-2 grade. 1970. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.

BT           13409    MOUNTAIN TOP MYSTERY           WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER, 1890-1979        

The Alden children and their grandfather go for a day climb up Old Flat Top mountain. When a rock falls and cuts off their only way down, the family discovers the opening to a cave. After the Aldens are rescued, they help an elderly Indian woman retrieve a hidden treasure. For grades 4-7. 1964. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.               

BT           13406    ABE LINCOLN AND THE MUDDY PIG         KRENSKY, STEPHEN        

Young Abe can’t stand to see an animal in trouble, but if he stops to help the pig, he will get his new suit dirty. What should he do? For preschool-2 grade. 2002. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.         

BT           13410    BEST FRIENDS FOR FRANCES       HOBAN, RUSSELL             

When her friend will not let her join a boy’s baseball game, Frances the badger plans a “Best Friends Outing” allowing no boys. For preschool-2 grade. 1969. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.                    

BT           13413    WALT DISNEY’S 101 DALMATIANS                           

When Pongo and Perdy try to rescue their 10 puppies, they end up with 99! For grades 2-4. Unrated. 1981. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13415    POOH GETS STUCK          GAINES, ISABEL

In this classic story, Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit’s front door after eating too much honey! For preschool-2 grade. Unrated. 2000.  Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.  Related names: Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956. 

BT           13416    LAWN BOY          PAULSEN, GARY

A twelve-year-old boy decides to put his unusual birthday gift–his late grandfather’s riding mower–to use by cutting his neighbors’ lawns for money. Soon business is booming and he has his own employees, his own stockbroker, and sponsorship of a prizefighter. For grades 5-8. 2007.  Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.         


High school student Jacob Freisten thinks of himself as a loser, a wimp, a nobody, who’s perfected the art of near invisibility. But his attempts to avoid notice at all costs are foiled when his English teacher, Mrs. Hilsak, gives him the chance to earn extra credit and pass English by working on the school play. He will control the fog machine. Marie Tresser, on whom he has an intense crush, has a starring role. For grades 4-7. 1990. English Braille, American Edition. Contracted braille.          


BT           13389    BABY’S VERY FIRST TOUCHY-FEELY ANIMALS BOOK           FEARN, KATRINA             

Bright images and tactile patches depicting adorable animals will make this book a family favorite. For preschool-2 grade. Unrated. 2010. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.

BT           13392    ANIMAL NOISES                PEDLEY, JOE       

Based on the much-loved Farmyard Tales series, this board book has been especially devised to introduce very young children to animal sounds. For preschool-2 grade. 2019. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.


Children will love the tactile illustrations in this fun holiday book! For preschool-2 grade. Unrated. 2010. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille. 

BT           13396    ANIMAL FRIENDS: A TOUCH-AND-FEEL BOOK                     

Colorful illustrations and textured pages invite readers to learn about a variety of animals, including a fluffy lion, scaly fish, and smooth rhino. Unrated. For preschool-2 grade. 2015. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.

BT           13397    ON THE FARM: A TOUCH-AND-FEEL BOOK                           

This touch-and-feel book is perfect for the youngest of readers. They can pet a woolly lamb, a furry dog, a silky horse, and much more! For preschool-2 grade. 2015. Unified English Braille code. Uncontracted Braille. Print/Braille.     

BT           13398    ALPHABET PICTURE BOOK            ARROWSMITH, VICKY    

Young children will love naming the familiar things in this appealing picture book. The lovely illustrations will appeal to both children and adults, making this delightful book a pleasure to share. 2010. Uncontracted Braille in UEB, Print Braille.

BT           13399    SENSESATIONAL ALPHABET BOOK            ROFE, APRIL      

This alphabet book includes print, braille, sign, things to feel and smell, AND sounds! 2017. Uncontracted Braille in UEB, Print Braille.            


Johnny Appleseed was an important historical figure, well known for planting apple orchards across the new frontier. But he was also a master storyteller! In his own folksy voice, Johnny Appleseed tells his story to a couple of entranced children in this fictionalized Step 2 title. Readers learn how he started planting apple trees—and about some of the myths and true stories of his life. For grades 2-4. Unrated. 2001. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13411    BABE RUTH SAVES BASEBALL!     MURPHY, FRANK, 1966-

Batter up! It’s 1919 and baseball is in trouble! All across the country, people are throwing down their bats, and giving up America’s national pastime. It’s up to Babe Ruth to win back fans and save baseball! Can he do it, or will he strike out? For grades 2-4. Unrated. 2005. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.


An easy-reader about the 44th President of the United States. For grades 2-4. Unrated. 2009. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13414    HARRY HOUDINI, ESCAPE ARTIST               LAKIN, PATRICIA, 1944- 

Find out how a little boy named Ehrich Weiss became Harry Houdini — the greatest magician the world has ever known! For grades 2-4. Unrated. 2002. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

New Large Print Books Added in May 2022


LB           13515    JUDGE’S LIST      GRISHAM, JOHN              

Lacy Stoltz, from The Whistler (DB 86026), is thinking about leaving the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct when she’s contacted by Jeri Crosby. Jeri’s father was murdered twenty years ago and believes a current judge was behind it. Lacy must discover the truth. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13516    JEALOUSY MAN AND OTHER STORIES      NESBO, JO, 1960-             

Collection of twelve mystery and suspense short stories by the author of the Harry Hole series. In the title story, a detective from Athens is called to a holiday island to investigate a man suspected of murdering his twin. Unrated. 2021. Related names:  Ferguson, Robert, 1948- translator.           

LB           13517    JAILHOUSE LAWYER        PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

Attorney Martha Foster takes a new job as public defender for Douglas County, Alabama, after the apparent suicide of the previous officeholder. As she digs into her caseload, she discovers rotten happenings with the cases that appear before one judge. She soon ends up in jail. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names: Allen, Nancy (Lawyer), author.

LB           13518    IT’S BETTER THIS WAY: A NOVEL                MACOMBER, DEBBIE     

Six years after a difficult divorce, Julia is approaching sixty and downsizing into a condo that she hopes will be a new start. She doesn’t want a man in her life, but can’t help but be drawn to Heath, a new resident in her building. 2021.               

LB           13522    MATRIX                GROFF, LAUREN              

Cast out of the royal court by Eleanor of Aquitaine and deemed too coarse for marriage or courtly life, seventeen-year-old Marie de France is sent to England in 1158 to an impoverished abbey. She grows to love her new life and, as abbess, transforms the community. 2021.

LB           13523    LONE STAR LAW                L’AMOUR, LOUIS, 1908-1988       

Louis L’Amour and Elmer Kelton are among the 12 acclaimed Western storytellers whose work is collected in this anthology featuring stories about the Texas Rangers, spanning from the 1820s to the early part of the 20th century. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13525    ROBERT LUDLUM’S THE BOURNE TREACHERY      FREEMAN, BRIAN, 1963-               

Three years ago, Jason Bourne and his then partner Nova failed to stop the assassin known as Lennon. Nova has since died, and Bourne is called in for a new Treadstone mission–to prevent another assassination masterminded by Lennon. Sequel to The Bourne Evolution (DB 100514). Unrated. 2021. Variant title: Bourne treachery. Related names:  Ludlum, Robert, 1927-2001, creator.      

LB           13520    NOISE   PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

Sixteen-year-old Tennant and her eight-year-old sister Sophie live in the shadow of Mount Hood with their father. While out checking rabbit traps one day, they hear a strange vibration that scarily intensifies. Their father drops them into a storm cellar. Tennant and Sophie may be humanity’s only hope. Unrated. 2021. Related names:  Barker, J. D. (Jonathan Dylan), 1971- author.

LB           13519    NINE LIVES          STEEL, DANIELLE              

On her own and feeling a sense of adventure for the first time, Maggie Kelly embarks on a whirlwind trip around the globe–bringing her face-to-face with the very same irresistible, thrill-seeking man she’s spent thirty years trying to forget. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2021.               

LB           13514    LINCOLN HIGHWAY             TOWLES, AMOR

In June 1954, eighteen-year-old Emmett Watson is driven home to Nebraska by the warden of the juvenile work farm where he served time for involuntary manslaughter. He plans to head to California with his little brother, but two friends who escaped from the farm have their own plan. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.          

LB           13533    YOU CAN RUN: A NOVEL               CLEVELAND, KAREN       

CIA analyst Jill Bailey receives a call that changes everything. Her son has been kidnapped. All she has to do to save him is to endanger her country. She teams up with investigative journalist Alex Charles to uncover a vast conspiracy that threatens all. Unrated. 2021.             

LB           13528    VELVET WAS THE NIGHT               MORENO-GARCIA, SILVIA            

Mexico City, 1971. Maite is a secretary who lives for the next issue of Secret Romance. She envies the apparent intrigue and romance of her next-door neighbor Leonora. But when Leonora disappears, Maite searches for her. Maite’s path crosses with criminal Elvis, who is also hunting Leonora. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13530    TURNOUT           ABBOTT, MEGAN E., 1971-           

Sisters Dara and Marie Durant have been dancers since before they can remember. After their mother’s tragic, accidental death, they took over her studio and have been running it with Dara’s husband, Charlie. As the school’s annual performance of The Nutcracker approaches, their delicate balance is threatened. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13524    SLOW FIRE BURNING     HAWKINS, PAULA           

When a young man is gruesomely murdered in a London houseboat, three women who knew him find themselves embroiled in the investigation. Laura is the one-night stand last seen in the home. Carla is his grief-stricken aunt. Miriam is his nosy neighbor. Each has secrets she’s hiding. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13521    NIGHT MUSIC    MOYES, JOJO, 1969-       

The Spanish House is known to locals as a derelict architectural folly. When its reclusive owner dies without a will, the Spanish House is left to his city-dwelling niece. For the recently-widowed Isabel, the house is a potential lifeline. For her neighbor Matt McCarthy, the house is revenge. Unrated. 2008.          

LB           13490    WHAT STRANGE PARADISE          EL AKKAD, OMAR, 1982-               

Bodies wash up on the shores of a small island after another dilapidated ship sinks under the weight of its passengers. Syrians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Palestinians–all desperate to escape untenable lives in their homelands. But miraculously, nine-year-old Amir has survived the passage and is rescued by local teen Vänna. Unrated. 2021.     

LB           13750    LIGHTNING IN A MIRROR              KRENTZ, JAYNE ANN      

Olivia LeClair’s experiment with speed dating is not going well. First, there was the date from hell who tried to murder her; and now, the mysterious Harlan Rancourt sits down at her table and tells her she’s the only one who can help him locate the legendary Vortex lab. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13748    AFRAID                 JACKSON, LISA 

Lucy Champagne was sent to St. Cecilia’s after her movie-star mother was brutally attacked by her sleazy boyfriend, Ray Watkins. Lucy’s damning testimony landed Ray a twenty-five-year sentence. But now, Ray is free. And he’s going to find Lucy and make her pay, no matter how far and how fast she runs… Unrated. 2022.             

LB           13751    FEAR THY NEIGHBOR      MICHAELS, FERN             

At twenty-nine, Alison Marshall is ready to find a place to call home. When she reaches beautiful Palmetto Island, she thinks she may have found it. On a hunch, she contacts the island’s only realtor, and learns that an old beach house is on the market. At first, home is everything she hoped it would be. But as days turn into weeks, she uncovers a dark side to this supposedly peaceful haven. The locals have a secret, and once Alison discovers what it is, she faces a stark choice. She can stay and join them–or escape. But leaving brings its own risks, and Alison is starting to wonder if coming to Palmetto Island is the last mistake she’ll ever make. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13763    KILLING FLOOR          CHILD, LEE 

Transient Jack Reacher, a former military cop, is arrested in Margrave, Georgia, as a suspect in a double homicide. He learns that one of the victims is his brother, a U.S. Treasury Department agent. After being cleared he stays in town to seek revenge. Violence and strong language. 2010.          

LB           13761    CANDY HOUSE                   EGAN, JENNIFER              

The Candy House opens with the staggeringly brilliant Bix Bouton, whose company, Mandala, is so successful that he is “one of those tech demi-gods with whom we’re all on a first name basis.” Bix is 40, with four kids, restless, desperate for a new idea, when he stumbles into a conversation group, mostly Columbia professors, one of whom is experimenting with downloading or “externalizing” memory. It’s 2010. Within a decade, Bix’s new technology, “Own Your Unconscious”–that allows you access to every memory you’ve ever had, and to share every memory in exchange for access to the memories of others–has seduced multitudes. But not everyone. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13762    END OF GETTING LOST                   KIRMAN, ROBIN

The year is 1996 — a time before cell phones, status updates, and location tags — when you could still travel to a remote corner of the world and disappear, if you chose to do so. This is where we meet Gina Reinhold and Duncan Lowy, a young artistic couple madly in love, traveling around Europe on a romantic adventure. It’s a time both thrilling and dizzying for Gina, whose memories are hazy following a head injury — and the growing sense that the man at her side, her one companion on this strange continent, is keeping secrets from her. Unrated. 2022.   

LB           13764    FAMILY AFFAIR CARR, ROBYN    

Anna McNichol is at the peak of her career and ready to focus on her future. But when her husband dies suddenly, Anna’s carefully constructed world falls apart. The mysterious young woman at the memorial service confirms her husband had been keeping secrets, and Anna is determined to get to the truth. For once, she doesn’t have the answers. Her kids are struggling with their grief, her mother’s health is in decline and Anna needs closure. Faced with one challenge after another, she finds support from an unexpected source. And as she puts her life back together, Anna realizes the McNichols may not be perfect but they’ll always be family, and family is forever. Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13767    THEY CAN’T TAKE YOUR NAME       JUSTICE, ROBERT         

What happens to a dream deferred–especially when an innocent man’s life hangs in the balance? Langston Brown is running out of time and options for clearing his name and escaping death row. Wrongfully convicted of the gruesome Mother’s Day Massacre, he prepares to face his death. His final hope for salvation lies with his daughter, Liza, an artist who dreamed of a life of music and song but left the prestigious Juilliard School to pursue a law degree with the intention of clearing her father’s name. Unrated. 2022.  

LB           13768    TACOS FOR TWO              ST. AMANT, BETSY          

Rory Perez, a food truck owner who can’t cook, is struggling to keep the business she inherited from her aunt out of the red–and an upcoming contest during Modest’s annual food truck festival seems the best way to do it. The prize money could finally give her a solid financial footing and keep her cousin with special needs paid up at her beloved assisted living home. Then maybe Rory will have enough time to meet the man she’s been talking to via an anonymous online dating site. Unrated. 2021.                    

LB           13770    UNDER COLOR OF LAW                 CLARK, AARON PHILIP   

Black rookie cop Trevor “Finn” Finnegan aspires to become a top-ranking officer in the Los Angeles Police Department and fix a broken department. A fast-track promotion to detective in the coveted Robbery-Homicide Division puts him closer to achieving his goal. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13771    SILENT SISTERS                  DUGONI, ROBERT           

After a harrowing escape from Russian agents on his last mission, Charles Jenkins thinks he’s finally done with the spy game. But then the final two of the seven sisters–American assets who have been deep undercover in Russia for decades–cut off all communication with their handlers. Are they in hiding after detecting surveillance? Or have they turned and become double agents? It’s Jenkins’s duty to find out, but he’s been added to a Russian kill list. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13772    SHELTER IN THE STORM                 BLOUNT, LAUREL             

Unspeakable tragedy strikes the Amish hamlet of Johns Mill when an unstable Englischer opens fire in the Hochstedler General Store…Joseph Hochstedler struggles to hold his shattered family together…Born with a serious heart defect, optimist Naomi Schrock has always longed to live a life of service. She rolls up her sleeves, determined to help Joseph cope with this terrible crisis. But dare she hope that his friendship will finally deepen into love? Unrated. 2022.   

LB           13769    YONDER               ASIM, JABARI, 1962-       

Cato and William meet at the Placid Hall plantation. Subject to the whims of their tyrannical and eccentric captor, Cannonball Greene, they never know what harm may befall them: inhumane physical toil in the plantation’s quarry by day, a beating by night, or the sale of a loved one at any moment. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. 2022.    

LB           13774    AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER                    BEHARRIE, THERESE        

Successful romance author Gaia Anders has a secret: anything she dreams at night is magically written into her bestselling novels. After a lonely childhood in foster care, her dream life is the only one she trusts. Gaia’s waking life just can’t compare–until she gets caught in one utterly surprising, crazy-passionate, real-life kiss… Workaholic businessman Jacob Scott has had a crush on his brother’s best friend, Gaia, since forever–but he never expected to literally share her dreams. Unrated. 2021.            

LB           13778    CRIMSON SUMMER        GRAHAM, HEATHER       

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Amy Larson and FBI agent Hunter Forrest investigate a bloody massacre in Seminole territory that appears to be tied to South American drug cartels and a Doomsday cult. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13780    RELATIVE MURDER    DEVERAUX, JUDE  

Novelist Sara Medlar’s best skill is sharing stories about other people; she always hoped the truth of her own family would stay hidden. She is soon drawn into another murder investigation with her niece Kate and friend Jack Wyatt. It turns out a mysterious stranger connected to the murder has ties to Sara’s family. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13781    ONE STEP TOO FAR: A NOVEL     GARDNER, LISA

On a bachelor party weekend, groom Timothy O’Day goes missing. Frankie Elkin volunteers to help with the last search for him. The rescue team is reluctant, but once they enter the woods where Tim disappeared, Frankie realizes there’s something more dangerous than nature stalking them. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2022. Variant title: 1 step too far.

LB           13777    MOSAIC OF WINGS             DUFFY, KIMBERLY       

In 1885, determined to uphold her father’s legacy, Nora Shipley joins an entomology research expedition to India. In this spellbinding new land, Nora is torn between saving a young Indian girl and saving her career, and between what she’s always thought she wanted and the man she’s come to love. Unrated. 2020.             

LB           13779    BRIGHT BURNING THINGS            HARDING, LISA 

Haunted by her failed acting career and lingering trauma from her childhood, Sonya fell deep into an alcoholic abyss. What kept her from losing herself completely was Tommy, her son. But her love for Tommy rivaled her love for the bottle. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13783    BOUNTY: A FOX AND O’HARE NOVEL       EVANOVICH, JANET       

FBI agent Kate O’Hare and charming criminal Nick Fox face off against the shadowy international organization known as the Brotherhood in the search for a buried train filled with Nazi gold. They must turn to their respective fathers for help in order to succeed. Unrated. 2021. Related names:  Hamilton, Steve, 1961-, author.

LB           13784    MISS KOPP INVESTIGATES            STEWART, AMY

Winter 1919; the war is over. Norma is summoned home from France, Constance is called back from Washington, and Fleurette puts her own plans on hold as the sisters rally around their recently widowed sister-in-law and her children. To help support them, Fleurette does clandestine legal work for a former colleague of Constance’s. When one client’s suspicious behavior uncovers a much larger crime, Fleurette investigates. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13782    ATTIC ON QUEEN STREET              WHITE, KAREN (KAREN S.)           

Melanie Trenholm is dealing with her husband’s devastating request of separation. Despite the pressures of twin toddlers, a stepdaughter heading off to college, and a home still under renovation, she is determined to win him back. But ghosts, helpful and malicious, interfere with their plans. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13791    HEART PRINCIPLE             HOANG, HELEN

Violinist Anna Sun accidentally achieved career success with a viral YouTube video, but is currently burned out and artistically paralyzed. When her longtime boyfriend announces he wants an open relationship, she attempts to have a one-night stand with tattooed, motorcycle-riding Quan Diep. Some strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 2021.           

LB           13793    WARRIOR’S HEART          BELLER, MISTY M.           

On assignment to help America win the War of 1812, Evan MacManus is taken prisoner by Brielle Durand-the key defender of her people’s secret French settlement in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. But when his mission becomes at odds with his growing appreciation of Brielle and the villagers, does he dare take a risk on the path his heart tells him is right? Unrated. 2021.

LB           13796    MARRYING MATTHEW                   LONG, KELLY      

Everyone in Blackberry Falls knows that Tabitha Stolfus is heir to her daed’s wood carving company. To find a man who values more than her purse, Tabitha creates an ad and sends it far from home. But from her first meeting with handsome would-be groom Matthew King, Tabitha realizes this may not be the uncomplicated arrangement she expected. Matthew’s true desire is an apprenticeship, not a frau. Unrated. 2022.               


As Caroline Grant’s marriage is ending, her beloved great-aunt Lettie is dying. She leaves Caroline a box whose contents include a sketchbook and three keys. Traveling to Venice to scatter Lettie’s ashes, she uncovers mysteries stored away for more than sixty years. 2021.

LB           13786    HOPE CHEST       BROWN, CAROLYN, 1948-            

An inheritance has reunited three estranged cousins. Their grandmother Lucy left Nessa, Flynn, and April her home nestled in the woods near Blossom, Texas, as well as a hope chest to be unlocked after they complete a special task. Together, they must hand-stitch a cherished quilt Lucy left unfinished. Some strong language. 2021.

LB           13788    AT LOVE’S COMMAND   WITEMEYER, KAREN      

Ex-cavalry officer Matthew Hanger leads a band of mercenaries who defend the innocent, but when one of them nearly dies, they seek out help from Dr. Josephine Burkett. When Josephine’s brother is abducted and she is caught in the crossfire, Matthew may have to sacrifice everything to save her. Violence. 2020.        

LB           13789    SANKOFA                ONUZO, CHIBUNDU 

Searching through her mother’s belongings one day, Anna finds clues about the African father she never knew. His student diaries chronicle his involvement in radical politics in 1970s London. Anna discovers that he eventually became the president–some would say dictator–of a small nation in West Africa. Unrated. 2021.               

LB           13795    EIGHT PERFECT HOURS: A NOVEL              LOUIS, LIA          

Two strangers meet in chance circumstances during a blizzard and spend one perfect evening together, thinking they’ll never see each other again. But fate seems to have different plans. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13798    SUMMER AFFAIR             HILDERBRAND, ELIN       

Glass artist Claire Crispin, married mother of four, cochairs the Nantucket’s Children Summer Gala. Claire enlists her high school rock-star ex-boyfriend to entertain and begins sculpting artwork for donations, all while embarking on an affair with a married man. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2008.



From the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters and authors of A Very Stable Genius (DB 98392), a behind-the-scenes story of President Trump’s final year in office. Focusing on the key players in the Trump administration, the authors cover impactful events such as the coronavirus threat, the protest movement, and the breach of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Rucker, Philip, author.

LB           13532    YOU GOT ANYTHING STRONGER?: STORIES           UNION, GABRIELLE         

Actress and author of We’re Going to Need More Wine (DB 89701) returns with more stories from her life. She tells of how she became a mother through surrogacy, her marriage to NBA star Dwyane Wade, and her experiences as an African American woman in Hollywood. Unrated. 2021.


New York Times bestselling authors Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe chronicle the rise and fall of the Vanderbilts, legendary American family of which journalist Cooper is a descendant. Explores the story of the Vanderbilt family, its ties to American capitalism and high society, and the private tension and rifts that came from such wealth. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Howe, Katherine, 1977- author.

LB           13535    WILL      SMITH, WILL, 1968-         

Smith tells his story of going from a West Philadelphia kid to one of the biggest rap stars of his era, and then one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. But he also talks about the impact of fame on his family and how he gained balance and inner happiness. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Manson, Mark, author.

LB           13527    POWER PLAY: TESLA, ELON MUSK, AND THE BET OF THE CENTURY             HIGGINS, TIM (JOURNALIST)               

Journalist chronicles the story of Elon Musk and the evolution of his car company, Tesla, from its founding in the early 2000s. Topics include the development of the car’s technology, comparisons between the technology and car industries, and Musk’s behavior and its impact on the business. Unrated. 2021.  


Explores the little-known true story of the kidnapping of thirteen-year-old Jemima Boone, Daniel Boone’s daughter, by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party and the ensuing battle with reverberations that nobody could predict. Unrated. 2021.


Resistance tracks a set of dynamic women voters, activists and politicians who rose up when Donald Trump took the White House and fundamentally changed the political landscape. From the first Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration to the Blue Wave in the 2018 midterms to the flood of female presidential candidates in 2020 to the inauguration of Kamala Harris, women from across the ideological spectrum entered the political arena and became energized in a way America had not witnessed in decades. Unrated. 2021.            


In March 1942, at the age of 25, kindergarten teacher Magda Hellinger was deported from her hometown in Slovakia along with 998 other young women. The SS soon discovered that by putting prisoners in day-to-day charge of the accommodation blocks and even the camps at large, they could both reduce the number of guards required to use these ‘leaders’ to deflect attention away from themselves. Magda was one such Jewish prisoner selected for leadership. Like many others during the war she found herself constantly treading a fine line: how to save lives–if only a few at a time–while avoiding being too ‘soft’ and likely sent to the gas chambers. Unrated. 2022.


Gupta argues that we need to prepare for a new era where pandemics will be more frequent, and possibly even more deadly. As the doctor who’s been holding America’s hand through the crisis with compassion, clarity, and well-earned wisdom, he gives you the unvarnished story behind the pandemic, including insights about the novel virus’s behavior, and offers practical tools to ready ourselves for what lies ahead. Unrated. 2022


This book tells the untold true story of Monty Parker, a British rogue nobleman who, after being dared to do so by Ava Astor, the so-called “most beautiful woman in the world,” headed a secret 1909 expedition to find the fabled Ark of the Covenant. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13773    SEA STATE: A MEMOIR                   LASLEY, TABITHA             

In her mid-thirties and newly free from a terrible relationship, Tabitha Lasley quit her job at a London magazine, packed her bags, and poured her savings into a six-month lease on an apartment in Aberdeen, Scotland. She decided to make good on a long-deferred idea for a book about oil rigs and the men who work on them. Why oil rigs? She wanted to see what men were like with no women around. Unrated. 2022.          


Queen Elizabeth II is in her mid-nineties, Prince Charles is in his seventies, and all eyes are turned increasingly toward William and Harry. Christopher Andersen picks up where he left off in Diana’s Boys, covering everything that has happened to the brothers as they have grown up, gotten married to two remarkable women, and had children-all while facing continual waves of controversy and questions about the ways their relationship has shifted. Unrated. 2022.    


The authors recount the Texas Battle of the Alamo, examining and dispelling the many myths that surround the conflict. They discuss the conflict’s origins, the role of Tejanos in the fight, Texas’s struggle for independence, and more. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Stanford, Jason, author. Tomlinson, Chris, author.

LB           13787    BLACK OPS: THE LIFE OF A CIA SHADOW WARRIOR            PRADO, RIC        

A CIA officer reflects on his difficult childhood and eventual career with the CIA that ended with his retirement as the CIA equivalent of a two-star general. He discusses some of the missions he served on, his efforts to develop assets, and his team’s role in the War on Terror. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.         


Examination of the grocery store and related support industries. Topics include the early days of Trader Joe’s with the original Trader Joe, the business lives of long-haul truckers, the standards for the labels of “fair trade” and “free range,” and labor practices with regards to migrant workers. Unrated. 2020.        


On the front lines of the Second World War, a contingent of female journalists were bravely waging their own battle. Barred from combat zones and faced with entrenched prejudice and bureaucratic restrictions, these women were forced to fight for the right to work on equal terms with men. Unrated. 2022.      


When the New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead relocated to her birth city, London, with her family in the summer of 2018, she was both fleeing the political situation in America and seeking to expose her son to a wider world. With a keen sense of what she’d given up as she left New York, her home of thirty years, she tried to knit herself into the fabric of a changed London. The move raised poignant questions about place: What does it mean to leave the place you have adopted as home and country? And what is the value and cost of uprooting yourself? Unrated. 2022.

LB           13797    AGATHA CHRISTIE: FIRST LADY OF CRIME                              

Agatha Christie was not only the most successful author of detective stories the world has ever known, she was also a mystery in herself, giving only the rarest interviews–declining absolutely to become any sort of public figure–and a mystery, too, in the manner in which she achieved her astonishing success. H.R.F. Keating brings together a dozen noted writers from both sides of the Atlantic to throw light on the ever-intriguing Dame Agatha. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Keating, H.R.F. (Henry Reymond Fitzwalter), 1926-2011, editor. 

New Braille Books Added in April 2022


BT           13376    WITHOUT REMORSE: A JOHN KELLY NOVEL #1        CLANCY, TOM, 1947-2013         

John Kelly can’t blame anyone when his pregnant wife is killed in a traffic accident by a runaway truck. But months later, when his new girlfriend is mowed down by her drug-dealing pimps, Kelly has a target for revenge. At the same time, he must don his “Clark” identity (from his Navy Seals days) and, once more, help his government out in Vietnam. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 1993. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13372    IF NOT FOR YOU: A NOVEL           MACOMBER, DEBBIE     

Eager to get away from her controlling mother, Beth moves to Portland, Oregon, to work as a music teacher. She agrees to a blind date with mechanic Sam, partly because she knows it would horrify her mother. An accident creates a bond between them. Bestseller. 2017.  Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.          

BT           13373    TROLL GARDEN AND SELECTED STORIES      CATHER, WILLA, 1873-1947    

This collection of short stories by Willa Cather includes the following: On the Divide, Eric Hermannson’s Soul, The Enchanted Bluff, and The Bohemian Girl, plus the seven stories from THE TROLL GARDEN (Flavia and Her Artists, The Sculptor’s Funeral, “A Death in the Desert”, The Garden Lodge, The Marriage of Phaedra, A Wagner Matinee, and Paul’s Case). Unrated. 2006. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.


BT           13374    MAGYK : SEPTIMUS HEAP, BOOK 1            SAGE, ANGIE     

The night his seventh son is born–dead, according to the midwife–Silas Heap brings home a newborn baby girl, Jenna. She turns out to be a princess in need of protection as villains and wizards abound in this magyk-filled adventure. And is the son, Septimus, really dead? For grades 4-7. 2005. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13375    SKY RAIDERS: FIVE KINGDOMS, BOOK 1          MULL, BRANDON, 1974-     

When Cole and a few fellow sixth-graders go into a haunted house, they find terrors beyond their wildest imagination. Kidnapped and whisked into a place known as the Outskirts, Cole must rescue the group of kids from slavery and find a way to return home. For grades 5-8. 2014. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.   


In Keeper of the Lost Cities twelve-year-old elf Sophie learns that she has secrets buried in her memory, for which some would kill. Sophie remains in danger in Exile, but helps train a precious, magical creature. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2013. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.         

BT           13366    MARK OF THE THIEF. BOOK ONE                NIELSEN, JENNIFER A.    

When Nic, a slave in the mines outside of Rome, is forced to enter a sealed cavern, he finds much more than gold and gemstones: he discovers an ancient bulla, an amulet that belonged to the great Caesar and is filled with a magic once reserved for the gods–magic some Romans would kill for. Nic must harness the magic within himself and defeat the empire’s most powerful and savage leaders. For grades 6-9. 2015. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted Text/Braille.


Six thousand years ago, twelve-year-old Torak and his guide, a wolf cub, go on a dangerous journey to fulfill an oath the boy made to his dying father–to travel to the Mountain of the World Spirit and destroy a demon-possessed bear that threatens all the clans. For grades 5-8. 2004. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted Text/Braille.


Thirteen-year-old orphan Otto Malpense, identified as a boy with a special talent for villainy, is kidnapped and taken to the remote Higher Institute of Villainous Education, or H.I.V.E., where he is enrolled in a six-year training program and immediately begins formulating a plan to escape. Unrated. 2006. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted Text/Braille.


The battleschool rejects Will because of his small size, but ranger Halt recognizes the fifteen-year-old’s special skills and chooses Will as his apprentice. What Will doesn’t know is that the rangers are the secret protectors of the kingdom, which evil Lord Morgarath is planning to attack. For grades 5-8. 2005. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted Text/Braille.          

BT           13388    I LOVE PETE THE KITTY   DEAN, JAMES, 1957-       

Pete the Kitty loves so many wonderful things-like birthday cake, books, and his mom and dad! For preschool to 2 grade. 2017. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.       

BT           13377    FEELY BUGS TO TOUCH AND FEEL              CARTER, DAVID A.           

Fuzzy bugs, feathery bugs, lacy bugs, and leathery bugs are among the tempting textures in this book of tactile fun! For preschool-grade 2. 2005. Unified English Braille code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13378    TOUCH AND FEEL BABY ANIMALS            

What does a baby elephant’s skin feel like? This touch and feel book allows the child to explore the different textures of the cutest baby animals. For preschool to 2 grade. 2012. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13379    NEVER TOUCH A TIGER!      GREENING, ROSIE    

The jungle animals love to go wild! Have fun touching the bumpy creatures! For preschool to 2 grade. 2020. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13381    PEPPA PIG: MY MOMMY                             

See the many reasons why Peppa and George love Mummy Pig, from comforting cuddles to splashes in muddy puddles. For preschool-grade 2. 2014. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13382    VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR       CARLE, ERIC       

A hungry caterpillar eats his way through plums, cheese, sausage, and other food and gets a stomachache. When he builds a small house for himself, something wonderful happens. For preschool to 2 grade. 2019. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille.

BT           13383    FROM HEAD TO TOE       CARLE, ERIC       

Eric Carle’s delightful animals invite young readers to copy their antics as they play. Can you do it? For preschool to 2 grade. 1999. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13384    IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE               NUMEROFF, LAURA JOFFE          

When a small boy offers a passing mouse a cookie, the mouse asks for a glass of milk, then a straw, then a look in a mirror…and a whole series of activities that ends with a cookie, of course. For preschool to 2 grade. 2010.  Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13385    BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?            MARTIN, BILL, 1916-2004              

A brown bear sees a red bird. What does the red bird see? Each animal sees another colorful animal until a goldfish sees a teacher, the teacher sees her class, and the class sees each one of the animals again. For preschool to 2 grade. 2004. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.    

BT           13386    KINDNESS MAKES US STRONG                    BEER, SOPHIE    

This board book shows various children as they extend kindness in all kinds of situations: on the playground, at lunchtime, on a bike path, and on a neighborhood street. For preschool to 2 grade. 2019. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

BT           13387    GOODNIGHT MOON       BROWN, MARGARET WISE, 1910-1952    

A little bunny already tucked into his bed says goodnight to the familiar things in his room as the light dims gently until all is dark. For preschool to 2 grade. 2013. Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.  


BT           13380    DREAM BIG, LITLE ONE  HARRISON, VASHTI        

This book showcases diverse women who changed the world and is the perfect goodnight book to inspire big dreams.  For preschool to grade 2. 2018.  Unified English Braille Code. Contracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.


BT           13370    BOOK THIEF        ZUSAK, MARKUS             

Death narrates the tale of nine-year-old Liesel from 1939 to 1943 in Nazi Germany. Liesel copes with a foster family, air raids, her friend Rudy, and a hidden Jew, sustained by the books she steals. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers. 2006. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille. PRINT/BRAILLE.

New Large Print Books Added in April 2022


LB           13624    VORTEX: AN FBI THRILLER             COULTER, CATHERINE   

Investigative journalist Mia Briscoe discovers photos from a frat party that ended in a fire–and the disappearance of her best friend. With FBI agent Sherlock, she works to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s husband and fellow FBI agent Savich deals with the case of an attacked CIA agent. Unrated. 2021.      

LB           13625    MAN OF HONOR              BRADFORD, BARBARA TAYLOR, 1933-     

Opening five years before the start of A Woman of Substance [DB 13727], A Man of Honor begins with 13-year-old Blackie O’Neill facing an uncertain future in rural County Kerry. Orphaned and alone, he has just buried his sister, Bronagh, and must leave his home to set sail for England, in search of a better life with his mother’s brother in Leeds. There, he learns his trade as a navvy, amid the grand buildings and engineering triumphs of one of England’s most prosperous cities, and starts to dream of greater things… Unrated. 2021.               


The town of Darling, Alabama, is hosting the Dixie Regional Barbershop Quartet Competition. But a member of Darling’s very own Lucky Four Clovers quartet meets with an unlucky accident right before its start. The Dahlias plan on uncovering the truth as Sheriff Buddy Norris investigates moonshine bootleggers. Some violence, some strong language, and some descriptions of sex. 2017.    

LB           13630    HER HIDDEN GENIUS      BENEDICT, MARIE           

Rosalind Franklin has always been an outsider–brilliant, but different. She knows if she just takes one more X-ray picture, she can unlock the building blocks of life. When the double helix structure of DNA reveals itself to her, Rosalind never could have predicted what would happen next. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13632 WILLING MURDER              DEVERAUX, JUDE            

Retired romance author Sara Medlar, her previously estranged niece Kate, and irritating Jackson Wyatt make unlikely roommates in Sara’s newly acquired mansion in Lachlan, Florida. When two skeletons are accidentally uncovered in the quiet town, the trio decides to work together to solve the mystery. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2018.

LB           13635    RED RIVER VENGEANCE JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

Incurring the wrath of three outlaws after killing their leader in a daring rescue attempt, Perley Gates and waitress Becky Morris must get safely across the Red River before the three vengeful devils make it flow with their blood. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Johnstone, J.A., author.

LB           13638    ANOTHER KIND OF EDEN: A NOVEL          BURKE, JAMES LEE, 1936-             

1962. Aspiring novelist Aaron Holland Broussard travels the American West via boxcar in search of inspiration and odd jobs. In Denver, he meets Jo Anne McDuffy. Their connection is immediate, but their romance is complicated by Jo Anne’s involvement with a shady professor involved with a drug-addicted cult. Unrated. 2021.


Liesl Weiss enjoys her work in the rare books department of a large university. But after her boss has a stroke and she’s put in charge, she discovers one of the collection’s most prized manuscripts is missing. Liesl tries to sound the alarm, but is told to keep quiet. When another colleague goes missing, Liesl must dig for the truth. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13633    WHEN THE SUMMER WAS OURS               VELETZOS, ROXANNE    

Hungary, 1943: As war encroaches on the country’s borders, willful young Eva Cesar arrives in the idyllic town of Sopron to spend her last summer as a single woman on her aristocratic family’s estate. Longing for freedom from her domineering father, she counts the days to her upcoming nuptials to a kind and dedicated Red Cross doctor whom she greatly admires. But Eva’s life changes when she meets Aleandro, a charming and passionate Romani fiddler with a love for painting. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13636    MOON, THE STARS, AND MADAME BUROVA        HOGAN, RUTH, 1961-     

Madame Burova–beloved Tarot reader, palmist, and clairvoyant–is retiring and leaving her booth on the Brighton seafront. After inheriting her mother’s fortune-telling business as a young woman, Imelda Burova has spent her life on the Brighton pier practicing her trade. She and her trusty pack of Tarot cards have seen the lovers and the liars, the angels and the devils, the dreamers and the fools. Now, after a lifetime of keeping other people’s secrets, Madam Burova is ready to have a little piece of life for herself. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13637    MATCH                 COBEN, HARLAN, 1962- 

Wilde has returned to the Ramapo Mountains, feeling more secure in the wilderness. But after an online ancestry database returns a DNA match, Wilde hopes to track down his father. He reaches out to his apparent cousin, but the man’s disappearance leads to more questions than answers. Violence and strong language. 2022.              


Three times, Adam Bain and his twin sister, Eve, escape capture by attacking Indians; once by Adam and his brother, Noah, jumping off a hundred-foot-high bluff into the Llano River. But the day comes when their luck runs out, and Adam and Eve are captured by Mescalero Apaches. Because of Adam’s flaming red hair, the Indians name him Rojo Pelo. Eve is named Castaäno Rojizo because of her auburn hair. They are carried to the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico Territory where Adam is adopted by the chief, Elkhorn, and enters training to become an Apache warrior with five Apache boys. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13641    EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM WILL SOMEDAY BE DEAD          AUSTIN, EMILY R.            

Gilda, a twenty-something animal-loving lesbian atheist, cannot stop ruminating about death. Desperate for relief from her panicky mind, she responds to a flyer for free therapy at a local Catholic church, and finds herself being greeted by Father Jeff, who assumes she’s there for a job interview. Unrated. 2021.         

LB           13647    AND THE DEVIL MAKES FIVE        RICHARDS, DUSTY           

It begins with a spectacular train robbery–a brilliantly planned, brutally executed heist masterminded by a shadowy gang of conspirators with far deadlier motives than money or gold. Their mission: to steal the train’s shipment of powerful explosives. Their goal: to assassinate Mexico’s legendary resistance leader Benito Juarez. As a lifelong patriot himself, Joe O’Malley understands the struggle for freedom. As a proud Texan, he knows the importance of fighting for your land and your liberty. But as patriarch of the O’Malley clan, he also believes that his family comes first–and any outsider who brings their war to his turf will have to face another deadly force of resistance…named the O’Malleys. Unrated. 2022.           

LB           13644    NOTHING MAN       HOWARD, CATHERINE RYAN

At the age of twelve, Eve Black was the only member of her family to survive an encounter with serial attacker the Nothing Man. Now an adult, she is obsessed with identifying the man who destroyed her life. Supermarket security guard Jim Doyle has just started reading The Nothing Man–the true-crime memoir Eve has written about her efforts to track down her family’s killer. As he turns each page, his rage grows. Because Jim’s not just interested in reading about the Nothing Man. He is the Nothing Man… Unrated. 2020.

LB           13655    DREAM TOWN                  BALDACCI, DAVID           

Private Investigator and ex-World War II veteran Aloysius Archer heads to Los Angeles, the city where dreams are made and shattered, and is ensnared in a lethal case. Unrated. 2022.       

LB           13657    WHEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE                   JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

It’s one of the great mysteries of the Old West. The unexplained disappearance of a hunting party of Prussian nobles who entered the American wilderness and never returned. Now, years later, the Prussian government demands an explanation. In response, the U.S. Army hires Preacher and Jamie MacCallister to join their search party along with a band of Prussian soldiers led by the sinister Baron Adalwolf von Kuhner. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Johnstone, J.A., author.

LB           13654    OLGA DIES DREAMING                   GONZALEZ, XOCHITL, 1977-         

In 2017, Olga is wedding planner for Manhattan’s power brokers, while her brother Prieto is a popular congressman representing their gentrifying Latinx neighborhood in Brooklyn. Despite their alluring public lives, behind closed doors things are far less rosy–especially as their radical mother comes barreling back into their lives. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13651    BOOK OF FORM AND EMPTINESS              OZEKI, RUTH, 1956-        

One year after the death of his beloved musician father, thirteen-year-old Benny Oh’s mother has become a hoarder, and Benny begins to hear voices from the things around him. The voices drive him to seek refuge in the silence of the public library, where he meets his own Book. Unrated. 2021.       

LB           13652    VIRAL    COOK, ROBIN, 1940-       

While searching for normalcy during the Covid-19 pandemic, Brian Murphy and his family vacation on Cape Cod. When his wife Emma develops flu-like symptoms, they hurry home to New York City. But Emma has contracted eastern equine encephalitis–and their young daughter is also showing symptoms. 2021.

LB           13653    WISH YOU WERE HERE: A NOVEL              PICOULT, JODI, 1966-     

Diana believes her boyfriend Finn is planning to propose on a romantic getaway to the Galápagos. When a virus hits New York, Finn has to stay behind but urges Diana to go on the trip alone. She arrives just as the borders close, and her isolation gives her time to think. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13497    BURNING            KELLERMAN, JONATHAN             

Deputy Coroner Clay Edison is called to a murder scene. As he investigates, he is horrified to discover a link to his brother Luke. Luke is fresh out of prison and has disappeared. Clay must find his brother before anyone else does. Unrated. 2021. Related names:  Kellerman, Jesse, author.

LB           13491    BETTER OFF DEAD: A JACK REACHER NOVEL          CHILD, LEE          

While walking in the desert headed west, Jack Reacher comes across a Jeep crashed into the only tree for miles around. The driver–army veteran-turned-FBI agent Michaela Fenton–has been searching for her twin brother. Reacher agrees to help her despite knowing she has secrets of her own. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Child, Andrew, 1968- author.

LB           13494    AWAKENING: THE DRAGON HEART LEGACY, BOOK 1         ROBERTS, NORA              

Breen Kelly is debt-ridden and working a job she hates when she discovers her mother has been hiding money left to her by her long-lost father. She treats herself to a trip to Ireland and falls through a portal to a magical land where she has a dangerous destiny. Unrated. Bestseller. 2020.

LB           13496    BUTLER                 STEEL, DANIELLE              

Joachim von Hartmann and his identical twin were raised by their German mother in Buenos Aires. When Joachim moves to Paris with his mother, his twin stays behind and enters a dark world. Joachim trains as a butler, taking a job helping Olivia open her Parisian apartment. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13495    ACTUAL STAR     BYRNE, MONICA, 1981-

Through the epic saga of three reincarnated souls, this book takes readers on a journey over thousands of years and six continents where it demonstrates the entanglements of tradition and progress, sister and stranger, love and hate. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13660    MITFORD VANISHING    FELLOWES, JESSICA        

Louisa Cannon, former lady’s maid and now a private detective, is enjoying life with her policeman husband, Guy Sullivan. They are surprised when they receive a call from Louisa’s former employer, Nancy Mitford, asking for help in finding her missing sister Jessica in civil war-ravaged Spain. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2021. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13659    UMBRELLA LADY               ANDREWS, V.C. (VIRGINIA C.)    

Left on the train platform of some strange village, eight-year-old Saffron Faith Anders is certain her father will return shortly, just like he promised. She holds out hope as the hour grows late and the station sets to close. She clings to her suitcase like a life raft. When a peculiar old woman carrying a large umbrella approaches and inquires about her situation, Saffron doesn’t immediately trust the imposing do-gooder, but eventually does agree to rest at her house while they wait for her father together. Saffron’s stay was supposed to be for a few minutes, hours at most. But confined to a house not unlike one Hansel and Gretel might have encountered, Saffron will undergo months-and then years-of transformation at the hands of the Umbrella Lady. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13502    DARK SKY: A JOE PICKETT NOVEL               BOX, C.J.             

Game warden Joe Pickett is coerced by Wyoming’s governor to take a tech baron into the wilderness on an elk hunting trip. But as they venture further away from society, Joe realizes they are the ones being hunted. Nate Romanowski and his daughter Sheridan follow Joe to help. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13501    FEAR NO EVIL     PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

Dr. Alex Cross and Detective John Sampson are preparing for a trip out west when Alex is called in to consult when the body of a CIA agent is found. They do continue on the trip, but know they will be prey. Teams of assassins hunt them. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13511    HOW HIGH WE GO IN THE DARK                NAGAMATSU, SEQUOIA

In 2030, a grieving archeologist arrives in the Arctic Circle to continue the work of his recently deceased daughter at the Batagaika Crater, where researchers are studying long-buried secrets now revealed in melting permafrost, including the perfectly preserved remains of a girl who appears to have died of an ancient virus. Once unleashed, the Arctic plague will reshape life on Earth for generations to come… Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13507    HAMNET              O’FARRELL, MAGGIE, 1972-        

In 1580s England, the plague is sweeping across the land. Young Hamnet goes in search of his mother and older sister when his twin, Judith, falls ill. But as Hamnet begins to fight against the illness, his parents’ strained marriage is revealed–and he will become Hamlet. Unrated. 2020.

LB           13505    HARLEM SHUFFLE            WHITEHEAD, COLSON, 1969-      

Ray Carney has worked hard to build a life for himself and his family. But it’s a life in which the cracks of his family’s criminal past are widening. When his cousin Freddie falls in with a vicious crew, he volunteers Ray as a fence, drawing Ray in even deeper. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13504    HER HEART FOR A COMPASS       FERGUSON, SARAH        

Expected to make an advantageous marriage, Lady Margaret Montagu Scott rebels shortly before her betrothal is announced and flees, throwing herself into charitable work and befriending a group of similarly-minded, independent women. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13512    HIDEAWAY          ROBERTS, NORA              

Nine-year-old child star Caitlyn Sullivan was abducted from her family’s estate during a game of hide-and-seek. She escapes, and is found by teenage neighbor Dillon Cooper. As an adult, Cate still lives with the trauma and betrayal of that event, even as she gets close to Dillon once again. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2020.

LB           13489    DEAR SANTA      MACOMBER, DEBBIE     

Feeling low after her boyfriend cheated on her, Lindy Carmichael heads home to Wenatchee, Washington, for Christmas. Her mother encourages her to write a grown-up letter to Santa, which ultimately brings her hope and joy, not to mention a chance at love with a handsome former classmate. 2021.

LB           13503    COMPLICATIONS: A NOVEL          STEEL, DANIELLE              

After four years of renovations and the death of its beloved manager, Paris’s Hotel Louis XVI is set to reopen its doors. New manager Olivier and his assistant Yvonne strive to continue the hotel’s tradition of excellence, but the reopening will have some unexpected surprises. Some violence and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 2021.         

LB           13500    FLYING ANGELS: A NOVEL             STEEL, DANIELLE              

Audrey Parker’s life changes forever when Pearl Harbor is attacked on December 7, 1941. Fresh out of nursing school with a passion and gift for helping others, Audrey and her friend Lizzie enlist in the Army and embark on a new adventure as flight nurses. Some violence and some strong language. 2021.          

LB           13508    FRIENDS LIKE THESE: A NOVEL       MCCREIGHT, KIMBERLY             

Ten years after their college graduation, a group of five friends gathers in the Catskills. They lost one member of the group years before and fear losing anyone else. But the longer they’re together, the more secrets are revealed. Shared love soon turns dangerous. Unrated. 2021.



Author of How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps (DB 100573) argues that the rise in authoritarianism in the U. S. has come from the political left, not the political right. He considers examples from pop culture, social media, and history to demonstrate that the left’s authoritarian actors are threatening American ideology. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.


For two decades, the water in the taps and wells of Mingo County didn’t look, smell, or taste right. Could it be the root of the health problems–from kidney stones to cancer–in this Appalachian community? Environmental lawyer Kevin Thompson certainly thought so. For seven years, he waged an epic legal battle against Massey Energy, West Virginia’s most powerful coal company, helmed by CEO Don Blankenship. Working with fellow lawyers and a crew of young activists, Thompson would eventually uncover the ruthless shortcuts that put the community’s drinking water at risk. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13634    MADE IN CHINA: A MEMOIR OF LOVE AND LABOR             QU, ANNA          

As a teen, Anna Qu is sent by her mother to work in her family’s garment factory in Queens. At home, she is treated as a maid and suffers punishment for doing her homework at night. Her mother wants to teach her a lesson: she is Chinese, not American, and such is their tough path in their new country. But instead of acquiescing, Qu alerts the Office of Children and Family Services, an act with consequences that impact the rest of her life. Nearly twenty years later, estranged from her mother and working at a Manhattan start-up, Qu requests her OCFS report. Unrated. 2021.


A renowned naturalist, in conversation with co-author Abrams, talks about the need for hope in dark times. She outlines her own four reasons she continues to have hope: the amazing human intellect, the resilience of nature, the power of young people, and the indomitable human spirit. Includes supplemental material. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Related names:  Abrams, Douglas Carlton, author. Hudson, Gail, author.

LB           13642    CUBA: AN AMERICAN HISTORY      FERRER, ADA 

In Cuba, the passing of Fidel Castro from this world and of Raúl Castro from power have raised urgent questions about the island’s political future. In the United States, Barack Obama’s opening to Cuba, the reversal of that policy during Donald Trump’s administration, and Joseph Biden’s apparent willingness to reinitiate open relations have made the nature of the historic relationship between the two nations a subject of debate once more. In both countries, the time is ripe for a new reckoning with Cuba’s history and its relationship to the United States. Unrated. 2021.   


The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line takes you inside the lives and experiences of 15 unknown women heroes from the Greatest Generation, the women who served, fought, struggled, and made things happen during WWII-in and out of uniform, for theirs is a legacy destined to embolden generations of women to come. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13645    THOSE WE THROW AWAY: A REFUGEE’S SEARCH FOR HOME                        DOGON, MONDIANT     

The author, a Bagogwe Tutsi born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, recounts his experiences after being forced to flee his home for Rwanda when he was a child. He details life in the UN tent cities, his time as a child soldier, and his struggle to forge a better life. Unrated. 2021. Related names: Krajeski, Jenna, author.


A memoir of three Black girls who grew up in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, the destination of hundreds of thousands fleeing the Jim Crow South. The author explores the role of race, opportunity, friendship, sisterhood, and overwhelming societal forces in these girls’ lives. 2021.  


The author of The American Story: Conversations with Master Historians (DB 97695) returns with another set of conversations with prominent figures on the ever-evolving American experiment. Topics include immigration, reconstruction, civil rights, innovation, and more. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13649    FACE THE MUSIC: A MEMOIR      DUCHIN, PETER

Peter Duchin is among the great American bandleaders. His six decades of performing have taken him to the world’s most exclusive dance floors and concert halls. He has played for presidents, kings, and queens, as well as for civil rights and cultural organizations. But in 2013, Duchin suffered a stroke that left him with limited use of his left hand, severely impacting his career. Days of recuperating from his stroke-and later from a critical case of COVID-19-inspired Duchin to consider his complicated past. Unrated. 2021.               

LB           13650    THIS WILL ALL BE OVER SOON: A MEMOIR            STRONG, CECILY, 1984- 

A memoir from the Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong about grieving the death of her cousin-and embracing the life-affirming lessons he taught her-amid the coronavirus pandemic. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13656    FUZZ: WHEN NATURE BREAKS THE LAW                 ROACH, MARY  

Author of Grunt (DB 86098) analyzes the investigation and crafting of policy around human-wildlife interactions and conflicts. Roach highlights the work of animal-attack forensics investigators, human-elephant conflict specialists, bear managers, and “danger tree” faller blasters. She discusses the ways conservation efforts are influenced by human impact. Strong language and some violence. 2021. Variant title: When nature breaks the law.


Drawing on advice and knowledge she gleaned from conversations with loved ones, spiritual practices, and life experiences, Robin offers a window into how she feeds her own mind, spirit, and soul and invites readers to do the same. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13498    BOYS: A MEMOIR OF HOLLYWOOD AND FAMILY                 HOWARD, RON, 1954-   

In a joint memoir, brothers Ron and Clint Howard share their experiences coming of age in Hollywood. With two supportive actors for parents, the brothers both found early success on TV shows as children–Ron on The Andy Griffith Show and Clint on Gentle Ben. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2021.        

LB           13499    BOURDAIN: THE DEFINITIVE ORAL BIOGRAPHY                    WOOLEVER, LAURIE       

Former assistant of chef and travel writer Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018) presents an examination of his life gathered through interviews with his closest friends and colleagues. Explores his life, including childhood experiences, his early career as a chef, and his later career as a writer and television personality. Unrated. 2021. Variant title: Definitive oral biography.

LB           13493    ALL IN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY                      KING, BILLIE JEAN            

Autobiography from a tennis legend who won more than thirty-nine grand-slam titles in the 1960s and 1970s. She describes the myriad challenges she’s hurdled–entrenched sexism, an eating disorder, near financial peril after being outed–on her path to publicly acknowledging her sexual identity at the age of fifty-one. Includes supplemental material. Unrated. 2021. Related names:  Howard, Johnette, author. Vollers, Maryanne, author.


Particle physicist draws on his research with the Large Hadron Collider to explain the basic building blocks of the universe and the research into their origins. Topics include operations at the CERN facility that houses the LHC and neutrinos. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13513    HERE, RIGHT MATTERS: AN AMERICAN STORY                     VINDMAN, ALEXANDER S.           

Retired U. S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council staffer who testified against President Trump before Congress, presents an account of his childhood, family, and career, all leading to this moment of truth before the nation. Presents how this decision affected his life and reinforced his commitment to integrity. Unrated. 2021.              


Collection of profiles of nurses specializing in emergency medicine. Stories are divided into the day, night, and flight shifts. Nurses share stories of moments that are humorous, saddening, and empathetic. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Variant title: ER nurses. Emergency room nurses. True stories from America’s greatest unsung heroes. Related names:  Eversmann, Matt, author.


LB           13626    FRONT DESK       YANG, KELLY      

Recent immigrants from China and desperate for work and money, Mia Tang’s parents take a job managing a rundown motel in Southern California. Even though the owner, Mr. Yao, is mean and exploits their family, Mia plans on following her dreams. For grades 4-7. 2018.

LB           13628    DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE DEEP END                  KINNEY, JEFF     

In the family’s cross-country camping trip, Greg Heffley and his family find themselves stranded at a sad RV park. When the rain starts to fall, the Heffleys wonder if they can save their vacation. For grades 3-6 and older readers. 2020. Variant title: Deep end.

LB           13534    DRAGONET PROPHECY: WINGS OF FIRE     SUTHERLAND, TUI, 1978-          

Determined to end a generations-long war among the seven dragon tribes, a secret movement called the Talons of Peace draws on a prophecy that calls for a great sacrifice, compelling five appointed dragonets to fulfill a painful destiny against their will. For grades 4-7. 2012.


LB           13627    SCYTHE                 SHUSTERMAN, NEAL     

In a future world where natural death has been eliminated, the only way to die is to be randomly killed or gleaned by professional reapers known as scythes. Teens Citra and Rowan are chosen for a scythe apprenticeship–a position neither of them wants. For senior high and older readers. 2016.  Texas Lone Star Reading List 2018.           

New Braille Books Added in March 2022


BT           13360    ALEXANDER’S BRIDGE    CATHER, WILLA, 1873-1947          

Bartley Alexander, a construction engineer, is a middle-aged man torn between Winifred, his demanding American wife, and Hilda Burgoyne, his alluring British mistress. Alexander’s relationship with Hilda erodes his sense of honor and eventually proves disastrous when a bridge he is constructing begins to collapse. Unrated. 1988. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13358    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, MR. PUTNAM!      PUTNAM, PETER              

Blinded in a shooting accident while a student at Princeton, the author recounts with humor his experiences at the Seeing Eye school at Morristown, New Jersey. During the strenuous training, he and the other students learn to have the courage of their guide dogs’ convictions.  1952. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted Text/Braille.



When Arthur hears his sister singing a catchy tune, he wonders if he could call that jingle his own and enter it in the Crunch Cereal Contest. For preschool-grade 2. Unrated. 1998. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13363    LOCKED IN THE LIBRARY!              BROWN, MARC TOLON 

Although Arthur and Francine aren’t speaking to each other, they must find a way to set aside their differences when they are locked in the library after it closes. For preschool-grade 2. Unrated. 1998. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.


Ten-year-old Ha writes poems to chronicle the life-changing year of 1975, when Ha, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama. For grades 4-7. National Book Award. 2011. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13364    BLACKBERRY RAMBLE    HURD, THACHER              

When spring comes to Farmer Clem’s farm, Baby Mouse loves to go exploring. For preschool-grade 2. Unrated. 1989. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13352    I LOVE YOU, STINKY FACE              MCCOURT, LISA

When Mama tucks her little boy into bed, he has a few questions. He wants to know what she would do if he were a big scary ape, a smelly skunk, a meat-eating dinosaur, or maybe a green alien. Mama, of course, assures him she will love him no matter what.  Unified Uncontracted Text/Braille.


Alexander’s father has a new job far away. But Alexander is determined not to move and leave behind his best friend, his great sitter, his soccer team, and the cleaner who saves the gum wrappers from Alexander’s pants pockets. Then his parents give Alexander some reasons to stay with his family. Unified Uncontracted Text/Braille.



Her reign of 63 years and seven months is known as the Victorian Era, a period of industrial, cultural, scientific, and political change that was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire. But Victoria was raised under close supervision and near isolation until she became Queen of the United Kingdom at the young age of 18. She married her first cousin, Albert, and had nine children who married into families across Europe. Publicly, she became a national icon, but privately, Who Was Queen Victoria? For grades 2-4. Unrated. 2014. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.

BT           13365    HOW MONKEYS “TALK”                 BANKS, MARTIN              

Explains how monkeys and other primates communicate, by means of facial expressions, vocal sounds, scents, and body language. Grades 2-4. 1998.  Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.


Describes the life cycle of the butterfly, from the hatching of the caterpillar, through its struggle to survive, to its metamorphosis into a butterfly and the laying of its own eggs. 1999. Unified Uncontracted Text/Braille.

BT           13355    POLAR MAMMALS           BRIMNER, LARRY DANE

Describes such animals as the polar bear, ringed seal, caribou, arctic hare, and wolverine and the ways they have adapted to life in the frigid arctic regions. Unified Uncontracted Text/Braille.

BT           13356    HOW INSECTS WORK TOGETHER               BAILEY, JILL        

“This book describes the lives of social insects – such as ants, wasps, honeybees, and termites – and tells how they work together and communicate in order to survive. The book is divided into a series of two-page chapters covering such topics as living together, the pecking order, baby-sitters, castles and combs, hunters and gatherers, and defense and attack. Such terms as pheromones, caste, and metamorphosis are clearly explained and described within the text itself. There is also a glossary and bibliography. Overall, an attractively designed and useful volume.” – Linnea Hendrickson, Children’s Literature, Braille Bookstore. Unified Uncontracted Text/Braille.


BT           13359    CROSSOVER       ALEXANDER, KWAME    

Twin fourteen-year-old basketball stars Josh and Jordan wrestle with highs and lows on and off the court, as their father ignores his declining health. Told in hip-hop style verse. For senior high and older readers. 2014. Newbery Medal Winner. Unified English Braille Code. Uncontracted braille.