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  1. Hi Susan! I wonder if you’re also familiar with our Talking Books Program, which runs a phone-in Book Club. The participants are same folks served by our state’s Talking Books Program – Texans who cannot read standard print due to qualifying visual, physical, or reading disabilities. We also have a Disability and Information Referral Center, a service assisting Texans with questions pertaining to disabilities (variety of sample questions available at the link).

    The program and services are all free, of course. We hope the folks at your organization are aware of these resources for Texans, and parts of your organization working in Texas. Accessibility to library services and inclusion of the members making up our statewide population and local library communities is great work. I’m glad you found our blog, and hope you’ll find it useful. If you ever want to get in touch to talk about the services we provide in more detail, we’re here and eager to connect with you.

  2. Interested in learning more about successful programs and reaching out to varied populations to promote reading and continued learning.

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