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  1. Fairfield Library Board of Directors have expressed interest in using the library facility for more children’s educational and supportive programing. The opportunity to view efforts in other larger, better funded locations with their communities will foster the Board’s interest in these community areas of need for educational and programing for the Fairfield community. Grants and continuing education opportunities will support this interest.

  2. I live in a community where we have a small library to foster reading and overall to improve the standard of education on children and youths in my community. Most parents are not really educated to the level where they can understand the importance of education. English could be a barrier since it is a second language. So I believe if i have the opportunity to study online with your institution I can get a fair knowledge and ideal of how to handle children in my community on how to effectively use the community library. We have support from the government but the problem is the person to operate should be someone who has the skill and knowledge to effectively operate it. I have successfully completed a Certificate in Library
    and Information Studies at our regional university (University of the South Pacific ). Further training is much needed to add skills.

  3. I am a second generation educator, retired, in my family and will be joining our local library board in 2019. I have had a library card continuously for 55 years. I am particularly interested in increasing the number of families using our local library and making more current books and magazines accessible, and read, by utilizing electronic media. Any success stories from around the country will be greatly appreciated. Our local library is doing great things from Homework assistance to programs geared to the elderly. I am looking forward to being a part and helping to build upon the success our library board and staff are alteady having.

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