BARD Mobile iOS Version 2.2.2 Release!

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) is releasing BARD Mobile iOS version 2.2.2 this week, introducing enhanced features and improvements.

BARD Mobile enables NLS patrons to download and listen to audiobooks and magazines directly from their iOS devices. Registered Texas Talking Book patrons will need a BARD account and a device running iOS versions 14 through 17 to use this updated version of the app.

Among the highlights:

Siri shortcuts (voice user interface):

The app can now be operated by voice commands for playback and navigation, including stopping and resuming playback, fast-forward and rewind by various intervals, and setting a sleep timer or a bookmark. Users can add Siri shortcuts in the app’s settings.

International language search:

Set up to four languages in the app’s settings and then filter search results by selecting a preferred language.

Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users:

We have boosted color contrast between selected and unselected search categories. This update enhances visibility with Smart Invert, Classic Invert, and Dark Mode on.

Multiword search for Search/Search music

Bug fixes, including:

  • Garbled credentials error fixed
  • Switch from tone to speed is fixed on iOS 17
  • Get Books and Bookshelf now return only titles matching the type selected in the Show Me setting, i.e. Audio Only / Braille Only / Both Audio and Braille

The app supports iOS versions 14 through 17.

This is a phased release, and the version will be available to all users by February 29.