Calling All Texas Public Libraries: Take the 2024 TSLAC Public Library Speed Test!

For the month of May 2024, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission is collecting data about Internet speeds from all Texas public libraries (both mains and branches) with an online speed test. The test measures how much Internet speed (how fast things load from the Internet) patrons can receive from their library location and automatically sends the results to us at the State Library. The data will be invaluable in our planning and help us determine further statewide needs for broadband.

Logo for Texas Public Library Speed Test

Please use the link from the email and conduct your test at the library location(s) by Friday, May 31. The title of the email is “Record Your Library’s Internet Speed to Help Texas Public Libraries.”  TSLAC is collecting internet speeds at main libraries and branch libraries. 

If you do not receive the invitation of May 6, please contact TSLAC Digital Opportunity Program Coordinator Henry Stokes at, 512-463-6624.

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