Our Executive Office
Mark Smith, director and librarian
Ed Seidenberg, deputy director/assistant state librarian

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The Executive Office (EXEC) at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission provides leadership for the operating divisions and works closely with the agency commission. The director and librarian serves as the agency’s chief executive officer, and the assistant state librarian serves as the chief operating officer. The Executive Office coordinates strategic planning and budgeting efforts; provides information to the governor, Texas Legislature and Legislative Budget Board; and ensures that the mission, goals and objectives of the agency are fulfilled.

The Executive Office also includes the executive assistant, the communications officer and the graphics designer. Communication responsibilities include electronic publication of an employee blog, Angelina, preparation of all agency publications and information items, distribution of agency press releases and support of internal and external communications.

The agency’s operating divisions include Administrative Services (ADMIN), Archives & Information Services (ARIS), Information Resources Technologies (IRT), Library Development and Networking (LDN), State & Local Records Management (SLRM) and the Talking Book Program (TBP). Its division leaders report to the director and librarian and the assistant state librarian.


Executive Office fax number: (512) 463-5436

Director and Librarian—Mark Smith
e-mail: director.librarian@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5460

Deputy Director/Assistant State Librarian—Ed Seidenberg
e-mail: deputydirector@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5460

Executive Assistant—Tracy Lash
e-mail: tlash@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5460

Communications Officer—Stephen Siwinski
e-mail: ssiwinski@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5514

Graphic Designer—Suzanne Holman
e-mail: sholman@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5447

Webmaster—Michael Avila
e-mail: webmaster@tsl.texas.gov
telephone: (512) 463-5462

Friends of Libraries & Archives of Texas
Development Director—Vacant
e-mail: friends@tsl.texas.gov
telephone:(512) 936-2505

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