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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is a state agency that provides a wide variety of informational, library, archival, and records management services. We serve a diverse customer base of individuals, along with state and local agencies and institutions.

Services of the State Library and Archives Commission

  • Grant funding, technical assistance, and continuing education support for the establishment, expansion, and improvement of public library services statewide
  • Technical assistance for state and local records managers
  • Recorded books and magazines for Texans who are blind or physically handicapped
  • Safe, economical storage of print and electronic records for state agencies
  • Preservation of historically significant state records and documents
  • Access to state and federal government documents
  • Access to specialized genealogical materials
  • Support for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing programs among all types of libraries.

Service Principles and Goals

The State Library and Archives Commission is dedicated to the highest standards of customer service. The Library regularly tests customer satisfaction with services and the manner in which services are delivered, and make improvements based on customer feedback.

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Service Objectives and Standards

We endeavor to respond to 90 percent of customer requests for technical or reference assistance within three workdays. When requests require research or in-depth investigation for longer than twenty work days, we try to inform the customer of the anticipated timeframe. Due to the volume of requests and staffing limitations, requests for copies of Confederate Pension Applications, Texas Adjutant General Service Records, or similar archival documents may take as long as 4 to 10 weeks for processing.

Information, Suggestion and Complaint Process

The Library and Archives Commission welcomes all requests for information and suggestions. We will provide a timely response to complaints. Feedback or comments made anonymously will also be valued and taken into consideration.

Suggestions or requests for information may be submitted in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or in writing to the Customer Service Representative or to any unit of the agency. When appropriate, the suggestion and any follow-up will be acknowledged.

The agency's formal complaint procedures are detailed in the Texas Administrative Code (Title 13, Section 2.53). These complaints will be acknowledged within five working days, and a written response will be provided within twenty working days.

Informal complaints regarding the Commission's services, staff, or facilities may be directed to our Customer Service Representative.

Customer Service Representative:

Chief Operations and Fiscal Officer Donna Osborne
1201 Brazos Street, Austin, Texas
P.O. Box 12927
Austin, Texas 78711-2927

Phone: 512-463-5440 Fax: 512-463-3560
E-mail: Human_Resources@tsl.texas.gov

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Page last modified: January 10, 2024