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Archives and Information Services (ARIS) Fee Schedule (PDF) - for FY2020, September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020.

ARIS fees are charged in accordance with the Office of the Attorney General’s rules concerning Cost of Copies of Public Information (1 Tex. Admin. Code §§ 70.1 - 70.12 (TAC)) and the agency’s Public Record Fees (13 TAC § 2.51). Fee schedule includes descriptions of charges, PIA rates, and research request rates. For more information contact our reference desk at reference.desk@tsl.texas.gov or call 512-463-5455.

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Records Management Fees to Government Agencies and Local Governments - Records Center Storage Services Fees

The State Records Center provides state agencies and local governments with cost-effective storage of non-current, infrequently used state records in hard copy, electronic and microfilm formats. Agencies are provided with controlled access to their hard copy records that are stored in a facility specifically designed for high-density, low-cost maintenance of records. The electronic and microfilm records are stored in vaults specifically designed to protect these documents and mediums. For more information contact the State Records Center at records@tsl.texas.gov or call 512-475-5155.

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Page last modified: May 15, 2020