Dome Interior

The seal of the Republic of Texas is featured on the entry doors to our Lorenzo de Zavala Building in Austin. The seal is also our profile picture for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

 Photo Mosaic

This is a photo mosaic of the Lone Star Flag in our historic flag collection. The tiles are photos from our Flickr photostream.

2013 Statesman Social Media Awards

The Austin American-Statesman ranked our social media program one of the Top 10 in Austin for 2013.

Other ways to connect:

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Social Media Overview

TSLAC's social media program advances the agency's mission to preserve yesterday, inform today, and inspire tomorrow through content that is educational and engaging to a broad audience and that documents the agency’s activities in Austin and around Texas. This webpage provides an overview of our social media properties and how they’re utilized.


Our Facebook page delivers a mix of content focused mainly on Texas history, Texas libraries, and related trends and websites.


Our Twitter feed is used largely to share agency news, recent posts from the agency's active blogs, items from the State Archives, to live tweet during agency events and special occasions.


Our Flickr photostream documents the agency’s events and activities in Austin and around Texas.


Our YouTube channel provides videos of special occasions, and features content highlighting Texas history and libraries.

Mentions & Recognitions

We are honored to have received the following mentions and recognitions for our social media program:

Terms of Use

Our social media properties are governed by terms of use that we recommend you become acquainted with as you engage with us on social media. Access the terms of use here.

For PDF documents - obtain free Adobe PDF reader here.

Page last modified: December 5, 2014