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Welcome to the Texas State Library and Archives!

Gloria Meraz, Director and Librarian

While there has been an official library and archives of the state of Texas since the days of the Republic, our agency was officially formed in 1909. For over a century, our mission has been to ensure that citizens have access to the information they need to lead informed, productive, and fulfilled lives.

We accomplish this mission through four main areas:

  • Preserving the archival record of Texas (Archives and Information Services)
  • Enhancing the service capacity of Texas public, academic, and school libraries (Library Development and Networking)
  • Assisting public agencies in the maintenance of their records (State and Local Records Management)
  • Meeting the reading needs of Texans with disabilities (Talking Book Program)

We live in an information-based economy and the continued success of the state depends on the access to information that is provided through these four programs for virtually every citizen in the state of Texas regardless of age, geographic location, or physical ability.

As we move into the digital age, all our programs are moving to increasingly digital content, including the creation of the Texas Digital Archive as a repository of state government information in electronic format; the immensely popular TexShare and TexQuest programs bringing digital content to virtually every citizen of the state through their libraries; and the rising use of digital recorded books by patrons of our Talking Book Program.

We hope you visit our website often to discover the many services we offer and the treasures we preserve and make available. And visit us in person as well whenever you are in Austin or Liberty.

Thank you for reading!

Gloria Meraz
Director and Librarian
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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