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Welcome to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Mark Smith, Director and Librarian

Welcome! State leaders over 100 years ago created our agency to ensure that citizens have access to the information they need to lead informed, productive, and fulfilled lives.

In the first agency biennial report in 1911, State Librarian E. W. Winkler wrote the following: “The State Library is a place for information. . .It should have the information needed by the historian to portray truthfully the history. . .of this state.” Two years later in 1914, Winkler quoted another librarian in saying, “The state Library is a business institution with a missionary spirit. . .It seeks to extend the benefits of great and well classified collections of books to the greatest number of people and to encourage them to take advantage of the knowledge thus to be obtained. . .It should send out library organizers to hold library institutes for the stimulation of interest in libraries and to assist in the training of librarians.”

There you have it: virtually all our priorities 100 years later expressed in the first five years of the agency. With very little change, these statements of why we exist would encompass our four areas of work: archives and information services, library development and networking, state and local records management, and the Talking Book Program.

We live in an information-based economy and, in a very real way, the continued success of the state depends on the access to information that is provided through these four programs for virtually every citizen in the state of Texas regardless of age, geographic location, or physical ability.

We hope you visit our website often to discover the many services we offer and the treasures we preserve and make available. And visit us in person as well whenever you are in Austin or Liberty.

Thank you for reading!

Mark Smith
Director and Librarian
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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