Our Current Organizational Chart (FY 2023)

175.5 Full Time Employees (FTEs)

Executive Offices

Director and Librarian
Gloria Meraz

Assistant State Librarian
Tim Gleisner

Executive Office Staff: 9.0 FTEs

Administrative Services
Chief Operations and Fiscal Officer
Donna Osborne
Staff: 17.0 FTEs


Archives and Information Services
Jelain Chubb
Staff: 38.0 FTEs

Information Technology Services
Michael Ford
Staff: 10.0 FTEs

Library Development and Networking
Sarah Jacobson
Staff: 23.0 FTEs

State and Local Records Management
Craig Kelso
Staff: 34.0 FTEs

Talking Book Program
Ann Minner
Staff: 44.5 FTEs


Organization Chart

Page last modified: March 16, 2023