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Map of Texas
Date: 1847
Publisher: Colton, J.H.. Engraved by Stiles, Sherman and Smith, New York.
Cartographer: Randel, Jesse F. and Richard S. Hunt,...
Hunt, Richard S. and Jesse F. Randel,...
Scale: 1 inch = 20 miles
Size: 80 cm x 61 cm
Type of Map: general
Format: color, engraved, lithographed, printed
Language: English
AC Number: 00908
Photo Media: 8.5x11 b&w litho neg., photo no. 1995/1-28-1
File Size: 73.87 MB

Map of Texas Image:

[Cart., cont.] ... Compiled from surveys on record in the General Land Office of the Republic, to the year 1839 Shows rivers, mountainous and forested areas, colonies, counties, towns, routes and trails--including the Old San Antonio Road, proposed railroads, forts, battlegrounds, and Indian tribes and villages. There are notes on topographic features. Inset: Map of the Rio Grande and Country West to the Pacific. Earlier editions of this map are map nos. 906 and 909. Long. of map 93 - 101 deg.; of inset 94 - 127 deg. 7/26/82 Revised 10/15/97

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